Part Number: ASEMB-25.000MHZ-LY-T

Manufacturer: ABRACON

Description: Standard Clock Oscillators 25.0 MHZ CMOS

Shipped from: Shenzhen/HK Warehouse

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Technical Specifications of ASEMB-25.000MHZ-LY-T

Datasheet  ASEMB-25.000MHZ-LY-T datasheet
Category Crystals and Oscillators
Family Oscillators
Manufacturer Abracon LLC
Series Pure Silicon? ASEMB
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Type MEMS (Silicon)
Frequency 25MHz
Function Standby (Power Down)
Output CMOS
Voltage – Supply 1.8 V ~ 3.3 V
Frequency Stability ±10ppm
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C
Current – Supply (Max) 16mA
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Size / Dimension 0.126″ L x 0.098″ W (3.20mm x 2.50mm)
Height 0.035″ (0.90mm)
Package / Case 4-SMD, No Lead (DFN, LCC)
Current – Supply (Disable) (Max) 15μA

ASEMB-25.000MHZ-LY-T Description

The ASEMB-25.000MHZ-LY-T is a crystal oscillator that has been developed to deliver timing signals that are accurate and dependable. By the time you’ve finished reading this tutorial, you will have a complete comprehension of what the ASEMB-25.000MHZ-LY-T is and its characteristics, features, and applications. This guide will offer you the information you need to make educated judgments regarding this product, regardless of whether you are a designer, an engineer, or a technical professional. This article will provide the information you need to get started, regardless of whether you are interested in purchasing the ASEMB-25.000MHZ-LY-T for your next project or simply want to understand its capabilities.

ASEMB-25.000MHZ-LY-T Features

  • Low Power Consumption: 10 mA.
  • Outstanding Stability +/- 10 ppm Over Temperature at -40 to +105°C.
  • Plastic QFN Packaging that is small.

Features Description

The ASEMB-25.000MHZ-LY-T is a highly efficient and dependable clock oscillator with remarkable performance in compact and cost-effective packaging. Its name comes from the fact that it operates at a frequency of 25.000 megahertz. This oscillator was developed for use in a broad variety of applications, and it is the perfect choice for those looking for a solution with a low power consumption while maintaining an amazing level of stability.

The ASEMB-25.000MHZ-LY-T has a relatively low power consumption, rated at less than 10mA, making it one of the most notable aspects of this product. Because of this, it is an ideal option for applications powered by batteries or power-sensitive applications since it helps decrease the amount of power consumed and increases the amount of time a battery can last.

The ASEMB-25.000MHZ-LY-T is further distinguished by its outstanding stability, as it maintains a tolerance of +/- 10ppm throughout a broad temperature range of -40 to +105°C. Because of this, it is ideally suited for usage in tough or demanding situations, such as those in which temperature variations can hinder the accuracy of the operation of other clock oscillators.

The ASEMB-25.000MHZ-LY-T comes in a convenient and space-saving QFN plastic container, another one of its standout characteristics. This not only makes it simple to integrate into a broad variety of applications, but it also helps to minimize the overall size of the device and the cost of purchasing it. Additionally, plastic packaging offers powerful protection against environmental variables such as moisture, dust, and vibration in the surrounding environment.

The ASEMB-25.000MHZ-LY-T is an extremely effective and dependable clock oscillator that combines low power consumption, outstanding stability, and small packaging. Its name comes from the frequency at which it operates, 25.000 megahertz. This oscillator will satisfy your requirements, regardless of whether you need a solution for a battery-powered application or a tough environment.

ASEMB-25.000MHZ-LY-T Specifications

The ASEMB-25.000MHZ-LY-T is a clock oscillator that has been created to conform to the stringent requirements imposed by the sector. This comprehensive information presents an in-depth look at the ASEMB-25.000MHZ-LY-T and its corresponding specifications.

  • Compliance: The ASEMB-25.000MHZ-LY-T complies with the EU RoHS Directive and is categorized as having an Export Control Classification Number of EAR99 by the United States Department of Commerce. Additionally, it does not contain any lead, so it is safe for the environment.
  • The ASEMB-25.000MHZ-LY-T has been assigned the commodity code 8541.60.00.80 by the United States Customs and Border Protection.
  • This clock oscillator was developed specifically for use in the manufacturing sector of the automotive industry.
  • PPAP, as well as Type: There is no information available regarding the PPAP status of the ASEMB-25.000MHZ-LY-T, a clock oscillator type.
  • Standard Frequency: The ASEMB-25.000MHZ-LY-T utilizes a frequency of 25 MHz as its standard frequency.
  • Stability of Frequency: The ASEMB-25.000MHZ-LY-T has a frequency stability of 10 ppm in terms of its frequency.
  • The frequency ageing of the ASEMB-25.000MHZ-LY-T is approximately five hertz (1st).
  • Load Capacitance: The load capacitance of the ASEMB-25.000MHZ-LY-T is 15 pF. This value may be found on the datasheet.
  • Maximum Symmetry: The ASEMB-25.000MHZ-LY-T has 55% maximum symmetry, according to its specifications.
  • Level of Output: The ASEMB-25.000MHZ-LY-T has LVCMOS functioning as its output level.
  • Operating Supply Voltage The ASEMB-25.000MHZ-LY-T has a minimum operating supply voltage of -0.3V, a maximum operating supply voltage of 4V, and a typical operating supply voltage of 1.8|2.5|3.3V. The minimum operating supply voltage is specified in volts.
  • Temperature: The ASEMB-25.000MHZ-LY-T can operate from -40 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius. The lowest operational temperature is -40 degrees Celsius.
  • Tape and Reel is the type of packaging used for the ASEMB-25.000MHZ-LY-T product.
  • Mounting: The ASEMB-25.000MHZ-LY-T is intended to be mounted using the Surface Mount technique.
  • The ASEMB-25.000MHZ-LY-T has a package width of 2.5 inches and a package length of 3.2 inches. These are the dimensions of the packaging. There are four layers to the PCB.
  • Standard Package Name and Supplier Package The ASEMB-25.000MHZ-LY-T comes in a QFN package, which is the standard for both the package name and the supplier package.
  • Count of Pins and Lead Shape: The ASEMB-25.000MHZ-LY-T has 4 pins, but the lead shape is not specified.
  • The ASEMB-25.000MHZ-LY-T is a high-performance clock oscillator developed specifically to fulfil the requirements of the automotive sector. It combines low power consumption with great stability and compact packaging, making it an attractive option.


Looking for a clock oscillator that can support the demands of your sector and be dependable and effective? Choose the ASEMB-25.000MHZ-LY-T without a second thought. This low-cost option offers several advantages that make it ideal for usage in demanding settings like the automotive industry.

The ASEMB-25.000MHZ-LY-T is created to fulfil the demanding criteria of the industry with its low power consumption, remarkable stability, and small packaging. With a standard frequency of 25 MHz and frequency stability of 10 ppm, it is guaranteed to work accurately and consistently under all circumstances. Additionally, you can rely on it to provide the dependable performance you require with a maximum symmetry of 55%.

The ASEMB-25.000MHZ-LY-T is an environmentally friendly option for your company because it complies with EU RoHS and is categorized under US export control. It comes with tape and reel packaging for surface mounting, is simple to install and has a QFN container with 4 pins for easy use.

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