Part Number: BCM56340A0KFSBLG

Manufacturer: Broadcom Limited

Description: 48GE + 4X 10GE + STACK

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The BCM56340A0KFSBLG is a game changer in enterprise and embedded deployments. This sophisticated switch is designed to give more than 100 Gb/s of linear performance, making it an excellent solution for a variety of applications ranging from DSLAMs and blade servers to enterprise semiconductor device.  and top-of-rack switches. We will go deeply into the characteristics and applications of the BCM56340A0KFSBLG in this detailed guide to help you realize its full potential.

Key Features of the BCM56340A0KFSBLG

Integrated 5000 DMIPS Dual-Core CPU:

  • The BCM56340A0KFSBLG is powered by a dual-core CPU with 5000 DMIPS of processing capability. This strong CPU ensures that the switch can handle complicated tasks efficiently, giving it a reliable option for data-intensive applications and network administration.

Nonblocking 130-Gb/s Switching Core:

  • The BCM56340A0KFSBLG has a nonblocking switching core with a capacity of 130 Gb/s. Even in high-traffic areas, this ensures that data flows smoothly and without blockages. It is a critical aspect for guaranteeing the smooth running of the network.

Support for GbE and 10GbE standards:

  • This switch supports both Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) and 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE), keeping up with modern networking requirements. This adaptability allows you to connect several devices and systems while still delivering enough bandwidth for bandwidth-hungry applications.
  • Flexible Unified Forwarding Table: The BCM56340A0KFSBLG has a flexible unified forwarding table that allows you to easily manage and handle network traffic. This feature improves overall network performance by simplifying network administration and optimizing traffic flow.

● Unified Wired/Wireless Switching with CAPWAP Tunnel Port:

  • This switch’s CAPWAP tunnel port, which provides unified wired and wireless switching, is a notable feature. This feature simplifies the integration of wireless and wired infrastructure, decreasing management complexity and increasing network efficiency.
  • Network HiGigTM Support: Network HiGigTM support means that the BCM56340A0KFSBLG may connect to high-performance network systems with ease. This interoperability ensures that the switch can be integrated into a range of networking scenarios.

GRE Tunneling at Layer 2:

  • Layer 2 GRE tunneling increases the switch’s adaptability. It enables you to create safe and efficient connections between network segments, making it excellent for complex network configurations and data isolation.
  • XGS Smart Buffer Support: When it comes to optimizing data flow and network speed, the XGS Smart Buffer support is a game changer. This function manages buffering intelligently, lowering latency and guaranteeing a smooth and responsive network experience.

The BCM56340A0KFSBLG is an outstanding networking solution that has been built to fulfill the needs of modern companies and embedded deployments. This switch is a formidable tool for network experts aiming to develop resilient and high-performance networks, thanks to its inbuilt 5000 DMIPS dual-core CPU, nonblocking 130-Gb/s switching core, and a slew of other advanced capabilities. The BCM56340A0KFSBLG is an excellent solution for data centers, enterprise LANs, and other networking environments.

Applications Across Industries

● The BCM56340A0KFSBLG: Your Versatile Networking Solution

The BCM56340A0KFSBLG is a flexible networking switch that is designed to meet the requirements of a wide variety of businesses and applications. In the following section, we will discuss the primary business sectors and application areas where the BCM56340A0KFSBLG can be most effectively utilized. We will explore how this advanced switch may become a useful tool in a variety of scenarios, ranging from DSLAMs to blade servers, enterprise LAN switching, line cards, routers, and top-of-rack switches.

● DSLAMs (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer):

DSL Access Multiplexers (DSLAMs) are critical nodes in telecommunications networks because they act as a connection point for end customers and internet service providers. Because it enables high-speed communication and smooth data handling, the BCM56340A0KFSBLG is an essential component of DSL Access Multiplexers (DSLAMs). The nonblocking 130-Gb/s switching core that it possesses ensures that DSLAMs are capable of providing subscribers with high-speed internet access in an effective manner.

● Blade Servers:

Blade servers are commonly used in enterprise contexts and data centers due to their reputation for high processing power and small form factors. The BCM56340A0KFSBLG is the ideal accessory for blade servers since it provides high-speed connectivity as well as effective data routing. Because it guarantees the seamless operation of data-intensive applications on blade servers, it is an excellent option for contemporary data centers.

● Enterprise LAN Switching:

Internal communication that runs smoothly is made possible only with the help of a dependable LAN (local area network), which is necessary for businesses of any size. Because it supports both GbE and 10GbE connectivity based on industry standards, the BCM56340A0KFSBLG performs exceptionally well in this area. Because of this, organizations will be able to rely on it for high-performance LAN switching, which will support a variety of functions, including video conferencing and file sharing.

● Line Cards:

Line cards are components that are absolutely necessary for equipment used in telecommunications and networking. These cards are responsible for managing the connection between subscriber lines and the equipment used by the network. Because it assures that line cards are capable of properly handling high-speed data transfer, the BCM56340A0KFSBLG is an extremely important tool for both network providers and telecommunications firms.

● Routers:

Routers are crucial components of the internet since they are responsible for channeling data flow between various networks. One of the most important capabilities that routers can have, Layer 2 GRE tunneling, is supported by the BCM56340A0KFSBLG. Because it enables the safe and effective transfer of data across a variety of network segments, it is an outstanding option for routers in complicated network topologies.

● Top-of-Rack Switches

In order to connect servers and storage devices, data centers often make use of a type of switch known as a top-of-rack switch. The nonblocking switching core, support for Network HiGigTM, and support for XGS Smart Buffer provided by the BCM56340A0KFSBLG ensure that top-of-rack switches are capable of meeting the rigorous requirements of data centers and delivering dependable and expedient connection for mission-critical applications.


Unlocking a realm of unparalleled performance and adaptability, the BCM56340A0KFSBLG transcends the definition of a mere switch. Within this comprehensive guide, we delve deep into its multifaceted attributes, diverse applications, and undeniable advantages. This will empower you with an extensive comprehension of how to fully harness its capabilities for your enterprise or embedded deployments.

Whether your quest is for top-tier networking prowess to empower DSLAMs, blade servers, or elevate your enterprise LAN switching, the BCM56340A0KFSBLG stands as the ultimate solution.

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