Part Number: BQ24104RHLR

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

Description: Battery Management Synch Swmode,Li-Ion LiPol Charge Mgmt IC

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Technical Specifications of BQ24104RHLR

Datasheet  BQ24104RHLR datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family PMIC – Battery Chargers
Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Series bqSWITCHER?
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Battery Chemistry Lithium-Ion/Polymer
Number of Cells 1 ~ 2
Current – Charging Constant – Programmable
Programmable Features Current, Timer
Fault Protection Over Temperature, Over Voltage
Charge Current – Max 2A
Battery Pack Voltage 8.4V
Voltage – Supply (Max) 16V
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C (TA)
Package / Case 20-VFQFN Exposed Pad
Supplier Device Package 20-VQFN (3.5×4.5)


Portable electronic devices have become an essential part of our lives in today’s fast-paced digital environment. These products, ranging from smartphones to smartwatches, rely on efficient and safe battery charging solutions to maintain optimal performance and customer satisfaction. The BQ24104RHLR, a precision Li-Ion/Li-Polymer battery charging device developed to fulfill the rigorous needs of single-cell and two-cell applications, is one such exceptional solution. In this complete tutorial, we’ll look at the BQ24104RHLR charging solution’s features, operation, and benefits.

Understanding the BQ24104RHLR

The BQ24104RHLR is a smart battery charging IC with a number of advanced features that allow for safe and efficient charging in a variety of applications. The battery detection technique, which allows the gadget to automatically identify the presence or absence of a battery, is one of its notable features. This automatic method simplifies the charging procedure and guarantees that the battery is only charged when it is connected, improving safety and battery life.

Charging Phases for Optimal Battery Health

The BQ24104RHLR supports three separate charging phases, each of which is designed to deliver the optimal charging experience for the battery:

  • Precharge Phase: The device prepares the battery for fast charging during this phase by supplying a controlled low current. This method ensures that the battery voltage gradually rises, avoiding potential harm from large current bursts.
  • Constant Current Phase: During this phase, the charging current, also known as the fast-charge current, is regulated to a constant amount. This method enables quick charging while also monitoring the battery’s response to current flow.
  • Constant Voltage Phase: As the voltage of the battery approaches its full capacity, the BQ24104RHLR enters constant voltage regulation mode. This phase guarantees that the battery is fully charged without overcharging, preserving its health and increasing its lifespan.

Customizable Charging Profiles

The versatility in battery charging profile configuration is one of the BQ24104RHLR’s major advantages. Users can change settings including precharge, constant current, and termination current using the ISET1 and ISET2 pins. Because of this customisation, the device may accommodate a wide range of battery kinds and capacities, making it appropriate for a variety of devices with varying power requirements.

Ensuring Battery Safety

The BQ24104RHLR excels in terms of safety when it comes to battery charging solutions. The device includes built-in fault monitors to protect both the battery and the device itself:

  • Battery Short Detection (VSHORT): This feature detects battery short circuits quickly, reducing device damage and assuring user safety.
  • Thermal Shutdown: The inbuilt thermal shutdown mechanism, in conjunction with the TSHTDWN and TS pins, protects the device during charging from overheating, reducing the risks associated with high temperatures.
  • Safety Timer Expiration (TTC): The safety timer function ensures that charging stops after a predetermined period of time, preventing overcharging and its associated risks.

Real-time Charging Status

Through its status pins, the BQ24104RHLR improves the user experience by giving real-time charging status updates:

  • STATs 1 and 2: These pins represent the current charging phase, allowing users to track the charging process’s progress.
  • PG (Power Good): The PG pin transmits the condition of the input voltage, indicating if an AC adapter is connected and working properly.

Battery Detection and Automation: Enhancing Safety and Efficiency

The BQ24104RHLR distinguishes itself with a unique battery detecting technique that adds intelligence to the charging process. This approach not only simplifies charging but also improves safety and efficiency, ensuring that battery charging is as seamless and optimized as feasible.

Intelligent Battery Detection Scheme

The ability of the BQ24104RHLR to automatically identify the presence or absence of a battery is at the heart of its battery charging mechanism. This is accomplished through the use of a clever circuit that constantly examines the status of the battery connection. When a battery is connected, the gadget immediately identifies it and begins charging. If no battery is discovered, the charging process is stopped, preventing any wasteful energy use or potential safety issues.

Advantages of Automatic Battery Detection

Energy efficiency is ensured by the automated detection technique, which ensures that the charging process begins only when a battery is properly connected. This avoids any power waste that could occur if the charging circuit remained active in the absence of a battery to charge.

  • Safety Improvement: By only charging when a battery is detected, the BQ24104RHLR reduces the possibility of electrical shorts and other potential hazards caused by a defective battery or improper connection.
  • Battery Protection: Ensuring that charging only occurs when a battery is present protects the battery from overcharging or other negative effects that could occur if charging were tried without a battery.
  • User Convenience: The automated detection eliminates the requirement for users to commence charging or validate the presence of a battery. This user-friendly approach simplifies gadget operation.

Optimizing Charging Workflow

Consider the following scenario: a portable device is connected to a charger overnight, but the battery is not correctly installed. In a traditional method, the charger would keep drawing power, potentially resulting in energy loss and device overheating. The battery sensing method of the BQ24104RHLR prevents such instances by ensuring that charging occurs only when it is both safe and required.

The BQ24104RHLR incorporates this intelligent battery detection technique to deliver a charging solution that maximizes efficiency, protects against potential hazards, and improves user experience. In the following sections, we’ll look more closely at the BQ24104RHLR’s multi-phase charging method, adjustable charging profiles, and suite of integrated safety features, all of which contribute to its exceptional performance in the field of precision battery charging.


The BQ24104RHLR shines as a light of dependability and efficiency in the field of precision Li-Ion/Li-Polymer battery charging. Its automatic battery sensing, adjustable settings, and integrated safety measures position it as the perfect choice for device creators. The BQ24104RHLR employs a sophisticated battery detection method to ensure that charging occurs only when a battery is safely connected. This energy-saving and safety-focused strategy ensures optimal charging conditions.

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