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Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics


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Technical Specifications of BTA12-600BW

Datasheet  BTA12-600BW datasheet
Category Discrete Semiconductor Products
Family Thyristors – TRIACs
Manufacturer STMicroelectronics
Series Snubberless?
Packaging Tube
Triac Type Alternistor – Snubberless
Voltage – Off State 600V
Current – On State (It (RMS)) (Max) 12A
Voltage – Gate Trigger (Vgt) (Max) 1.3V
Current – Non Rep. Surge 50, 60Hz (Itsm) 120A, 126A
Current – Gate Trigger (Igt) (Max) 50mA
Current – Hold (Ih) (Max) 50mA
Configuration Single
Mounting Type Through Hole
Package / Case TO-220-3
Supplier Device Package TO-220AB

BTA12-600BW Introduction

Looking for a triac that will work well and reliably for your AC switching applications? The BTA12-600BW is the only thing you need. With its low thermal resistance, high commutation capability, and SnubberlessTM technology, this medium current triac is the best choice for a wide range of applications, such as controlling motor speed, lighting, and AC power. The BTA12-600BW is a versatile and reliable choice that won’t disappoint you, whether you’re designing static relays, heating control systems, or induction motor starting circuits. Why then wait? Start looking into what the BTA12-600BW triac can do right away.

BTA12-600BW Description

The BTA12, BTB12, and T12xx Triac series can switch AC mains power and are available in either through-hole or surface mount packages. They can be used as ON/OFF switches in applications like static relays, heating control, and starting circuits for induction motors. They are also recommended for controlling the phase in light dimmers and speed controllers for appliance motors.

Because of their high commutation performance, the SnubberlessTM versions (W suffix and T12xx) are especially good for inductive loads. The SnubberlessTM series uses an internal ceramic pad to make an insulated tab (rated at 2500 VRMS) that meets UL standards .

BTA12-600BW Features

  • Medium current Triac.
  • With clip bonding, there isn’t much resistance to heat.
  • Ceramic insulation with low thermal resistance is used for insulated BTA.
  • High (3Q) or very high (4Q) commutation capability.
  • BTA series is approved by UL1557 (file ref: 81734).
  • The packages follow RoHS (2011/65/EU).

Detailed features

Medium-current triac BTA12-600BW switches AC power. Clip-bonded, it has low thermal resistance, making it an efficient and dependable AC switching component. Through-hole triacs are easy to add to existing circuits. High commutation capabilities allows the BTA12-600BW triac to switch high loads efficiently and reliably.

SnubberlessTM technology is crucial to the BTA12-600BW triac. This method saves energy when the triac switches off, making it ideal for inductive loads. A 2500 VRMS ceramic pad in the SnubberlessTM series creates an insulated tab. UL-compliant SnubberlessTM series.


The BTA12-600BW triac can handle up to 600V of voltage and 12A of current. Its gate trigger voltage (Vgt) is 1.5V and its gate trigger current (Igt) is 35mA. The triac can hold 30 mA of current and has a voltage of 1.7V when it is on.


The BTA12-600BW triac can be used for many different AC switching tasks. It can be used as an ON/OFF switch in circuits for static relays, controlling the temperature of a room, or starting an induction motor. The triac is also good for controlling the phase in light dimmers and motor speed controllers for appliances.

One of the most important ways the BTA12-600BW triac can be used is to control the speed of a motor. By controlling how much power goes to the motor with the triac, it is possible to change how fast the motor goes. This makes the triac great for various uses, such as power tools and heat control.

The BTA12-600BW triac can also be used to turn down the brightness of a lamp. By controlling the amount of power going to the lamp with the triac, it is possible to change how bright the lamp is. This makes the triac a good choice for a wide range of lighting uses, such as home and business lighting.

Triacs like the BTA12-600BW are also often used to control AC power. By using the triac to control how much power goes to a load, it is possible to control how much power the load puts out. Because of this, the triac can be used in a wide range of systems, such as HVAC, refrigeration, and industrial control systems.

Characteristics of the BTA12-600BW triac

  • Because of the high voltage rating of 600V that the BTA12-600BW triac possesses, it is suitable for use in various applications involving AC switching.
  • The remarkable current rating of 12A that the BTA12-600BW triac possesses enables it to effectively and efficiently manage loads that are even the most demanding.
  • Because the gate trigger voltage (Vgt) of the BTA12-600BW triac is only 1.5V, it is possible to utilize low-voltage control signals to perform straightforward on/off control.
  • The versatility of the BTA12-600BW triac’s gate trigger current (Igt), which is rated at 35 mA, allows it to be used in a wide variety of control circuits.
  • The holding current of the triac model BTA12-600BW is 30 milliamperes (mA). Once the triac has been activated, this helps to keep it in the “on” state so that it can continue to function.
  • The triac model BTA12-600BW has an on-state voltage of 1.7 volts (Vtm). This results in a decrease in power losses while the triac is conducted.
  • SnubberlessTM technology, which is incorporated into the BTA12-600BW triac, reduces the amount of energy that is wasted during shutdown. Because of this, it works wonderfully with electrical loads that have a magnetic attraction, making it an ideal choice for this application.
  • In AC switching, the BTA12-600BW triac can be used for a broad variety of purposes, such as static relays, light dimmers,  induction motor starting circuits, temperature regulation, and appliance motor speed controllers.
  • Due to the fact that it satisfies the requirements of the RoHS (2011/65/EU) rules, the BTA12-600BW triac is an alternative for switching AC power that is kind to the environment.

Simple incorporation into already-existing electrical circuits: Due of the triac’s through-hole packing, the BTA12-600BW may be effortlessly incorporated into designs that are already in existence. Because of its low thermal resistance and the ease with which it bonds with clips, it is an attractive choice for use in applications involving AC switching.


The BTA12-600BW triac is a high-performance device that can be used in a wide range of AC switching applications. Its high surge capacity, ability to switch, and easy-to-mount isolated tab make it a popular choice among designers and engineers who need a reliable and efficient way to switch AC power. The SnubberlessTM technology is especially useful for reducing the amount of energy lost when the triac turns off. This makes it perfect for use with inductive loads. Whether you’re designing a motor speed controller

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