Part Number: BTS4140N

Manufacturer: Infineon Technologies

Description: IC PWR SWTCH N-CHAN 1:1 SOT223-4

Shipped from: Shenzhen/HK Warehouse

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Technical Specifications of BTS4140NHUMA1

Datasheet  BTS4140NHUMA1 datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family PMIC – Power Distribution Switches, Load Drivers
Manufacturer Infineon Technologies
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Switch Type General Purpose
Number of Outputs 1
Ratio – Input:Output 1:1
Output Configuration High Side
Output Type N-Channel
Interface On/Off
Voltage – Load 4.9 V ~ 60 V
Voltage – Supply (Vcc/Vdd) Not Required
Current – Output (Max) 200mA
Rds On (Typ) 1 Ohm
Input Type Non-Inverting
Features Auto Restart
Fault Protection Current Limiting (Fixed), Over Temperature, Over Voltage
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 150°C (TJ)
Package / Case TO-261-4, TO-261AA
Supplier Device Package PG-SOT223-4


The BTS4140N is made by Infineon Technologies. It is a high-performance Power Distribution Switch and Load Driver. It is made for general-purpose uses and has many features, such as fault protection, current regulating, over-temperature protection, and over-voltage protection. This in-depth guide will go into detail about the BTS4140N’s features, uses, and benefits, giving you a full picture of this cutting-edge integrated circuit.

Understanding the BTS4140N Power Distribution Switch

The BTS4140N is an N-Channel Load Driver with one output and a 1:1 split between input and output. It is made to work in high-side configurations, so it can be used in a wide range of industry and automotive settings. The device has a low Rds On of 1 Ohm, which lets current move well and keeps power losses to a minimum.

Key Features of BTS4140N

Auto Restart

  • The BTS4140N has a function called “auto restart” that automatically gets things back to normal after a problem is fixed. This is very useful in situations where system stability is very important.
  • If there is a temporary problem, like too much current or too high of a temperature, the device will automatically reset and go back to regular operation without anyone having to do anything.
  • This function cuts down on downtime and makes the system more reliable overall, so it can be used for mission-critical applications.

Fault Protection

  • The BTS4140N is equipped with comprehensive fault protection mechanisms, including over-temperature, over-voltage, and current limiting.
  • Over-temperature protection prevents the device from overheating and potential damage in high-temperature environments or during prolonged overload conditions.
  • Over-voltage protection guards against excessive voltage levels that could harm the load or the device itself.
  • Current limiting ensures that the output current remains within a safe range, protecting both the load and the BTS4140N from excessive currents that could lead to failure.
  • These fault protection features enhance the safety and reliability of the entire system, preventing potential damage or hazards.

Current Limiting (Fixed)

  • The BTS4140N has fixed current limiting, which prevents the output current from rising above a predetermined maximum.
  • The BTS4140N guarantees that the load runs within safe limits, preventing overloading and potential damage to linked components, in applications where accurate current control is essential.
  • When it comes to motor control, actuator control, and other uses where stable and safe current levels are required, this fixed current limiting function is especially useful.

Advantages and Benefits

Increased System Reliability

  • By automatically recovering from failures, lowering the need for user intervention, and improving overall system reliability, the auto restart feature reduces system downtime.
  • A more dependable system is made possible by fault prevention features that defend against potential damage and shield the load and the BTS4140N from dangerous situations.

Enhanced Safety

  • The system is kept operating within safe parameters and protected from potentially dangerous scenarios thanks to the complete fault protection features, which also include over-temperature, over-voltage, and current limiting.
  • By preventing excessive currents, the fixed current limiting lowers the possibility of overheating, short circuits, and probable component failure.

Versatile Applications

  • The BTS4140N can be used in a variety of applications with different voltage requirements thanks to its broad input voltage range (4.9V to 60V).
  • The BTS4140N offers a versatile solution for effective load control and is suitable for both low-power applications and higher voltage industrial systems.

Simplified System Integration

  • The BTS4140N can be more easily integrated into existing circuits thanks to its non-inverting input interface, which simplifies control and lowers design complexity.
  • The BTS4140N can be used in a variety of applications thanks to its user-friendly interface.

Emphasis on Wide Input Voltage Range and Non-Inverting Input Interface

The BTS4140N is appropriate for a wide range of applications, from automotive systems with lower voltages to industrial applications needing higher voltage handling due to its wide input voltage range of 4.9V to 60V. Because of its versatility, the BTS4140N can be used in a variety of projects without the need for additional voltage regulation circuitry, which lowers system complexity and costs.

The non-inverting input interface also makes it easier to control and run the BTS4140N in circuits. Engineers may quickly incorporate the device into their designs and effectively handle load control without the need for complicated additional circuitry because it offers a simple control mechanism. The BTS4140N’s user-friendliness is improved by its streamlined interface, making it the go-to option for applications where controllability is crucial.

Applications of BTS4140N

Due to its reliable characteristics and adaptable performance, the BTS4140N finds use in a variety of sectors. Key areas of application include:

  • Automotive: The BTS4140N is a popular component for power distribution, motor control, and actuator applications in automotive electronics.
  • Pumps, valve actuators, and other devices are controlled by industrial automation systems.
  • Robotics: The device is a great option for robotics applications, providing effective and dependable load control thanks to its high-side design and ability to auto-restart.
  • Power management: By providing a dependable switching mechanism, the BTS4140N is essential in power management circuits.

Operating Conditions of BTS4140N

The operating temperature range of the BTS4140N is -40°C to 150°C (TJ). It is ideally suited for a variety of demanding settings and automotive applications because to its wide working temperature range. Let’s see how the device’s performance and dependability in these circumstances are improved by the wider temperature range:

Challenging Environments

● Applications in Industry

Equipment must frequently function in hostile environments with high temperatures. The BTS4140N is suitable for use in cold locations such refrigeration units, outdoor installations, or industrial facilities located in colder regions because it can operate dependably in temperatures as low as -40°C.

● Environments with High Temperatures

Some industrial processes produce a lot of heat, which subjects electronic components to high temperatures. With a maximum operating temperature of 150 °C, the BTS4140N is guaranteed to be stable and functional even in these high-temperature settings, preventing any performance degradation or failure.

Automotive Applications

● Conditions Under the Hood

Automotive electronics are subjected to a range of temperatures, particularly in the engine compartment, where operating temperatures can soar dramatically. The BTS4140N’s broad temperature range enables it to function well even in difficult operating conditions inside automobiles, where heat dissipation might be difficult.

Automotive systems must contend with cold starts, particularly in colder areas or throughout the winter. The BTS4140N’s capacity to function at -40°C means that it can dependably operate during cold starts, which helps the electronics and power management in automobiles run smoothly.

● Robustness and Reliability

The BTS4140N’s wide temperature range tolerance is a testament of its strong construction and the use of premium materials, which can tolerate temperature changes without sacrificing performance.

The likelihood of thermal stress-induced failures is reduced by the device’s ability to withstand severe temperatures, which also guarantees dependable load control in a variety of climatic circumstances.

● Extended Lifecycle

Components that can function effectively throughout a wide temperature range frequently have longer life cycles and are more reliable. In applications where dependability is crucial, the BTS4140N’s ability to withstand a wide temperature range adds to increased device longevity and lower maintenance costs.

Because of its wide operating temperature range of -40°C to 150°C (TJ), the BTS4140N is appropriate for use in demanding situations such abrasive automotive settings and industrial applications with high temperature ranges. Because of its consistency in load control, robustness, and longevity across such a broad temperature range, it is a dependable option for many demanding applications in the industrial and automotive sectors.


A high-performance Power Distribution Switch and Load Driver, the BTS4140N from Infineon Technologies is ideal for use in automotive, industrial, robotic, and power management settings. This flexible component guarantees dependable and efficient load control with features like auto-restart, fault protection, and a wide input voltage range. Get your hands on some BTS4140N right now from China’s leading electronic component distributor ICRFQ and give your designs a boost in speed, accuracy, and durability.

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