Part Number: BTS50085-1TMA

Manufacturer: Infineon Technologies

Description: IC PWR SWITCH N-CHAN 1:1 TO220-7

Shipped from: Shenzhen/HK Warehouse

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Technical Specifications of BTS50085-1TMA

Datasheet  BTS50085-1TMA datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family PMIC – Power Distribution Switches, Load Drivers
Manufacturer Infineon Technologies
Series PROFET?
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Switch Type General Purpose
Number of Outputs 1
Ratio – Input:Output 1:1
Output Configuration High Side
Output Type N-Channel
Interface On/Off
Voltage – Load 5 V ~ 58 V
Voltage – Supply (Vcc/Vdd) Not Required
Current – Output (Max) 38A
Rds On (Typ) 7.2 mOhm
Input Type Non-Inverting
Features Auto Restart
Fault Protection Current Limiting (Fixed), Open Load Detect, Over Temperature, Over Voltage
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 150°C (TJ)
Package / Case TO-263-8, D2Pak (7 Leads + Tab), TO-263CA
Supplier Device Package PG-TO220-7


Power electronics is a field where ingenious and cost-effective answers are of the utmost importance. The BTS50085-1TMA stands out as a prominent contender in this space due to its extensive feature set and adaptability. In-depth information about the BTS50085-1TMA, including its features, applications, and advantages, will be provided in this guide.

Understanding the BTS50085-1TMA

The BTS50085-1TMA is a spectacular Field-Effect Transistor (FET) coupled with charge pump technology that utilizes an N-channel vertical power configuration. It is designed to offer current-controlled input and diagnostic feedback capabilities, all within the compact limits of a Smart SIPMOS chip-on-chip technology. The diagnostic feedback capabilities are a first for this technology. This advanced chip has built-in protective mechanisms, which makes it a flexible option for a wide variety of different applications.

Key Features

Protection and efficiency are of the utmost importance in the rapidly evolving electronic landscape of today. The Smart SIPMOS BTS50085-1TMA is a multipurpose component that is bringing about a sea change in the way power management is carried out across a vast array of different uses. In this article, we will investigate the outstanding features of the BTS50085-1TMA, focusing on how each feature contributes to the BTS50085-1TMA’s overall reliability and performance across a variety of application areas.

● Overload Protection

The BTS50085-1TMA includes overload protection as a standard component in its design. It assures that the equipment is capable of withstanding large currents without compromising its performance or safety. This is absolutely necessary in systems where current surges are frequently experienced.

● Current Limitation

The function that limits the current provides extremely fine control over the amount of current that travels through the device. It is of incalculable value for applications in which the provision of a constant and well-regulated power source is essential.

● Short Circuit Protection

Electronic systems are vulnerable to severe harm if they experience short circuits. The BTS50085-1TMA has the capability to identify and quickly remedy any issues involving a short circuit, hence reducing the amount of time needed for repairs and the associated costs.

● Over Temperature Protection

Electronic components are susceptible to damage when subjected to an excessive amount of heat. This FET is equipped with over-temperature protection, which guarantees that it will continue to function normally even when placed in situations with high temperatures.

● Over Voltage Protection

This device protects against overvoltage occurrences, ensuring the integrity of the system even when it is subjected to external disturbances such as voltage surges and load dumps, both of which are frequent in many applications.

● Clamp of Negative Voltage at Output

Electronic systems are susceptible to damage when subjected to negative voltage transients. Negative voltages at the output are effectively clamped by the BTS50085-1TMA, preventing damage as well as malfunctions in the system.

● Fast Deenergizing of Inductive Loads

When de-energized, inductive loads such as motors and solenoids have the potential to cause voltage spikes. In order to prevent damage to the system, the BTS50085-1TMA is capable of de-energizing these loads in a quick and effective manner.

● Low Ohmic Inverse Current Operation

The use of low ohmic inverse current provides efficient performance and minimizes energy losses. This feature is especially useful for power control and conservation.

● Diagnostic feedback based on load current sensing

The use of diagnostic feedback in conjunction with load current sensing enables real-time monitoring and optimization of system performance, improving control and efficiency.

● Open Load Detection via Current Sense

Open loads might cause problems with system functionality. The gadget can identify open loads via current sensing, allowing for speedy detection and correction of problems.

● Loss of Vbb Protection

The BTS50085-1TMA protects the system in the event of a Vbb (voltage supply) failure, ensuring that it remains resilient even under unfavorable situations.

● Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Protection

ESD can damage electronic components. The electrostatic discharge protection feature protects the device and the system from electrostatic discharge incidents.

● Green Product (RoHS Compliant)

Environmental concerns are becoming increasingly relevant. The BTS50085-1TMA is an environmentally friendly product that adheres to RoHS compliance requirements, which limit the use of hazardous compounds in electronics.

● AEC Qualified

AEC accreditation indicates that the gadget meets stringent automobile industry quality, durability, and reliability standards. As a result, it is a solid choice for automotive applications.

Finally, the Smart SIPMOS BTS50085-1TMA is an outstanding power FET that is redefining safety and performance in electronic systems. Its feature set makes it an excellent candidate for a wide range of applications, from consumer electronics to automotive systems, where precision, dependability, and protection are critical. With the BTS50085-1TMA at the heart of your designs, you can ensure that your systems run smoothly even in adverse conditions.


The BTS50085-1TMA’s flexibility provides up a world of possibilities for its application. Here are some significant applications for this high-power FET:

● Power Switch with Current Sense Diagnostic Feedback

It is an excellent choice for power switches since it provides current sensing diagnostic feedback. As a result, it is well suited for applications needing fine control over power distribution.

● Grounded Loads

The BTS50085-1TMA is well-suited for grounded load applications due to its capacity to bear loads up to 48V DC.

● High Inrush Currents

Loads with high inrush currents, such as lamps and motors, can benefit from the current restriction and overload protection features of the BTS50085-1TMA.

● Versatility

FETs can be used in place of electromechanical relays, fuses, and discrete circuits, simplifying design and increasing dependability.


The BTS50085-1TMA is an extremely powerful and adaptable solution for modern electronics and power distribution systems. It provides better safety, efficiency, and performance thanks to its multitude of protection measures and clever control systems. The BTS50085-1TMA is an excellent choice for automotive applications, industrial automation, or any system that requires precision and dependability. With this cutting-edge Smart SIPMOS chip, you can embrace the future of power electronics and open a world of possibilities for your ideas.

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