Part Number: C8051F340-GQR

Manufacturer: Silicon Labs

Description: IC MCU 8BIT 64KB FLASH 48TQFP

Shipped from: Shenzhen/HK Warehouse

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Technical Specifications of C8051F340-GQR

Datasheet  C8051F340-GQR datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family Embedded – Microcontrollers
Manufacturer Silicon Labs
Series C8051F34x
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Core Processor 8051
Core Size 8-Bit
Speed 48MHz
Connectivity EBI/EMI, SMBus (2-Wire/I2C), SPI, UART/USART, USB
Peripherals Brown-out Detect/Reset, POR, PWM, Temp Sensor, WDT
Number of I/O 40
Program Memory Size 64KB (64K x 8)
Program Memory Type FLASH
RAM Size 4.25K x 8
Voltage – Supply (Vcc/Vdd) 2.7 V ~ 3.6 V
Data Converters A/D 20x10b
Oscillator Type Internal
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C (TA)
Package / Case 48-TQFP
Supplier Device Package 48-QFP (7×7)


If you’re new to the world of microcontrollers, the C8051F340-GQR is a good place to start. This article will walk you through the essential features and capabilities of this high-performance mixed-signal System-on-a-Chip (SoC) MCU.

Overview of the C8051F340-GQR Microcontroller

The C8051F340-GQR microcontroller is a wonderful piece of technology in the ever-changing world of embedded systems. It is a versatile System-on-a-Chip (SoC) solution that combines a wide range of characteristics that enable engineers and developers to construct new and efficient electronic applications. Let’s look at what makes the C8051F340-GQR such an important participant in the world of embedded systems.

What is the C8051F340-GQR?

The C8051F340-GQR is a microcontroller unit that is meant to add intelligence and functionality to electrical devices. It combines a high-speed processor core with a comprehensive set of peripherals and interfaces, resulting in a small but powerful platform for a wide range of applications.

Significance in the Embedded Systems Landscape

● Compact Powerhouse

The C8051F340-GQR is an embedded system Swiss Army knife. It has a strong microcontroller core that can execute instructions at up to 48 million instructions per second (MIPS). This computational prowess enables sophisticated applications that require rapid data processing and real-time reactions.

● Seamless Debugging

Debugging can be a time-consuming task in the field of embedded programming. With its in-system, non-intrusive debug interface, the C8051F340-GQR simplifies this process. This built-in functionality enables developers to quickly detect and resolve faults without interfering with the MCU’s operation.

● Enhanced Connectivity

In today’s technological devices, connectivity is critical. The C8051F340-GQR’s Universal Serial Bus (USB) Function Controller enables programs to exchange data seamlessly via eight configurable endpoint pipes. This USB feature allows devices to easily communicate with other systems.

● Precision Analog Processing

The microcontroller’s genuine 10-bit ADC and analog multiplexer provide outstanding precision when handling analog signals. This functionality is invaluable in situations requiring precise measurements or sensor data processing.

● Clock Precision and Energy Efficiency

Precision timing is crucial in embedded systems. With its calibrated oscillator and clock multiplier, the C8051F340-GQR provides clock precision. Furthermore, its low-frequency oscillator aids to power efficiency, which is critical in battery-powered devices.

● Memory and Peripherals

The MCU’s onboard memory, which includes up to 64 kB of Flash memory, meets the storage requirements of complicated programs. It simplifies communication with other devices and peripherals by providing Enhanced SPI, SMBus/I2C, and UART interfaces.

● Timer Management

The microcontroller’s general-purpose timers and the Programmable Counter/Timer Array (PCA) handle time-critical applications well. These capabilities allow for accurate timing and event control in applications.

● Reliability and Flexibility

The Power-On Reset, VDD Monitor, Missing Clock Detector, and Watchdog Timer on the MCU all work together to improve system reliability. Its interoperability with multiple operating voltages and packaging options gives even more design flexibility.

● High-Speed Core for Efficient Processing

The C8051F340-GQR MCU has a high-speed pipelined microcontroller core capable of 48 million instructions per second (MIPS). Because of its compatibility with the 8051 architecture, it assures efficient processing, making it an excellent solution for a wide range of applications.

High-Speed Processing

A high-speed pipelined microcontroller core, a true workhorse that propels this chip to amazing performance heights, is at the heart of the C8051F340-GQR microcontroller. Let’s go into the complexities of this core to see how it delivers up to 48 million instructions per second (MIPS) while remaining compatible with the tried-and-true 8051 architecture.

● The Advantages of Pipelined Processing

Consider a manufacturing assembly line where multiple activities are completed at the same time, resulting in an efficient and continuous production process. This analogy holds true for the C8051F340-GQR’s pipelined microcontroller core. It divides instruction execution into many phases, each of which is handled by a separate unit within the core. These phases run in parallel, allowing the core to process several instructions at the same time.

● Obtaining 48 MIPS

The word “MIPS” stands for “Million Instructions Per Second,” and it is used to measure the speed of a CPU. The pipelined microcontroller core of the C8051F340-GQR is designed to complete up to 48 million instructions in one second. This incredible speed enables speedy data handling, complicated calculations, and real-time answers in a variety of applications.

● 8051 Architecture Compatibility

While the C8051F340-GQR has a fast core, it is nevertheless compatible with the ancient 8051 architecture. This compatibility is critical for a number of reasons:

Developers that are familiar with the 8051 architecture can easily migrate to the C8051F340-GQR without encountering a steep learning curve. The pipelined layout of the core improves performance without losing familiarity.

  • Legacy Support: The 8051 architecture is used in many existing applications. The C8051F340-GQR enables developers to improve their apps by adding new features and capabilities while leveraging their existing knowledge.
  • Ecosystem Compatibility: The C8051F340-GQR is compatible with the enormous ecosystem of tools, libraries, and resources established around the 8051 architecture, making development more efficient.
  • Flexibility: The simplicity and efficiency of the 8051 design make it an excellent candidate for a wide range of applications. The core of the C8051F340-GQR retains this adaptability while adding current processing power.

The high-speed pipelined microcontroller core of the C8051F340-GQR demonstrates the marriage of superior processing capabilities with architectural compatibility. It epitomizes innovation by marrying the best of both worlds to produce outstanding performance while maintaining the dependability and familiarity of the established 8051 architecture. Developers can harness the potential of speed with the C8051F340-GQR while maintaining their existing skills and application needs.Top of Form


The C8051F340-GQR, in essence, is a dynamic MCU that excels in performance, connection, and efficiency. This article  highlights the characteristics that make the C8051F340-GQR an excellent choice, whether you’re a newbie or an expert. This MCU enables your projects with user-friendly debugging, integrated USB, analog prowess, and a large collection of peripherals. Contact ICRFQ, a leading electrical component distributor in China, for more information and to purchase this product. Elevate your projects with this amazing product—contact us today for more information and to place an order.

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