Part Number: C8051F800-GU

Manufacturer: Silicon Labs

Description: IC MCU 8BIT 16KB FLASH 24QSOP

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Technical Specifications of C8051F800-GU

Datasheet  C8051F800-GU datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family Embedded – Microcontrollers
Manufacturer Silicon Labs
Series C8051F80x
Packaging Tube
Part Status Active
Core Processor 8051
Core Size 8-Bit
Speed 25MHz
Connectivity SMBus (2-Wire/I2C), SPI, UART/USART
Peripherals Cap Sense, POR, PWM, Temp Sensor, WDT
Number of I/O 17
Program Memory Size 16KB (16K x 8)
Program Memory Type FLASH
RAM Size 512 x 8
Voltage – Supply (Vcc/Vdd) 1.8 V ~ 3.6 V
Data Converters A/D 16x10b
Oscillator Type Internal
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C (TA)
Package / Case 24-SSOP (0.154″, 3.90mm Width)
Supplier Device Package 24-QSOP


The field of embedded systems and microcontrollers has been expanding at a rapid pace, resulting in creative solutions that combine various features into a single integrated package. Among these developments, the C8051F800-GU stands out as a powerful mixed-signal system-on-a-chip microcontroller unit (MCU) with a slew of features that enable engineers and developers to build sophisticated applications. We delve into the complexities of the C8051F800-GU MCU in this detailed overview, analyzing its essential qualities, capabilities, and applications.

Key Features and Capabilities of the C8051F800-GU MCU

● High-Speed Microcontroller Core

The C8051F800-GU MCU is powered by a special high-speed pipelined 8051-compatible microcontroller core that can run at rates of up to 25 MIPS. This microcontroller core acts as the MCU’s brain, allowing it to perform complicated tasks and process data with great efficiency. This fast processing speed is especially useful for applications that require rapid data handling and real-time response.

● Non-Intrusive Debug Interface

The C8051F800-GU MCU comes with a cutting-edge in-system, full-speed, non-intrusive debug interface that totally changes the debugging method. This interface enables developers to view memory, edit registers, create breakpoints, and more without interfering with the MCU’s function. Engineers can effectively explore their code, detect and resolve errors, and enhance performance while the system remains operational.

● Capacitive Sense Interface

The C8051F800-GU MCU’s 16-input capacitive sensing interface is one of its most notable characteristics. This interface enables enthralling touch and proximity sensing applications. Developers can utilize this technology to design user interfaces that respond intuitively to touch, resulting in better user experiences. The capacitive sensing interface offers applications that bridge the gap between technology and human contact, from touchscreens to interactive control panels.

● Precision Analog Integration

The MCU is outfitted with a 10-bit, 500 ksps single-ended ADC and an analog multiplexer. This combination enables the MCU to execute exact analog-to-digital conversions, which is critical for applications requiring precision data acquisition. The embedded temperature sensor provides still another layer of utility. It enables the MCU to accurately detect temperature changes, making it perfect for temperature-sensitive measurements.

● Memory and Peripheral Capabilities

The MCU C8051F800-GU has a strong on-chip memory arrangement. Developers may reprogram the MCU even in-circuit with 16 KB of Flash memory, providing for non-volatile data storage and smooth field firmware changes. In addition, the 512 bytes of on-chip RAM provide plenty of room for data storage and manipulation. The hardware-implemented serial interfaces on the MCU, such as SMBus/I2C, Enhanced UART, and Enhanced SPI, simplify communication with external devices and allow for efficient data exchange.

● Timer and Counter Features

The MCU includes three general-purpose 16-bit timers to support time-based functions. These timers are useful tools that developers may use to accurately timing events, generate delays, and synchronize activities. The programmable Timer/counter array (PCA) with three capture/compare modules improves time-sensitive applications even further. This feature-rich component gives you unrivaled control over timing tasks and event synchronization.

● Comprehensive System Control

The C8051F800-GU MCU has extensive on-chip components that improve system control and dependability. Internal voltage reference, power-on reset, watchdog timer, and voltage comparator are among them. These components add to the MCU’s robustness by allowing it to manage crucial system functions autonomously while maintaining steady and dependable operation.

● Optimized Power Management

The enhanced power management capabilities of the MCU set it distinct. It enables developers to turn off individual peripherals selectively, saving power when those components are not in use. This functionality is especially useful for battery-powered applications, because increased power efficiency directly translates to longer battery life. The MCU contributes to the longevity of devices in a variety of portable applications by intelligently regulating power consumption.

● Efficient Debugging and LDO Regulation

The unique 2-Wire C2 Debug and Programming interface from Silicon Laboratories allows for easy in-circuit debugging. Engineers can use this interface to inspect memory, alter registers, and run debugging commands without using on-chip resources. Furthermore, by keeping the processor core voltage at 1.8V, the inbuilt Low Drop-Out (LDO) regulator assures steady and reliable operation. This dependability is critical for ensuring consistent functioning and avoiding potential disruptions.

● Wide Operating Range

The C8051F800-GU MCU is designed to work within a voltage range of 1.8V to 3.6V. This broad range allows for a variety of applications and situations, providing flexibility and versatility. This MCU is well-suited for a wide range of use cases, from energy-efficient applications that require lower voltage operation to more robust systems that require greater voltage.

The C8051F800-GU MCU exemplifies innovation and engineering excellence. Its extensive feature set, which includes everything from high-speed processing and capacitive sensing to precision analog integration and power management, presents it as a versatile option for a wide range of applications. The C8051F800-GU MCU is ready to drive breakthroughs and influence the future of embedded systems, whether in touch-sensitive devices, industrial automation, consumer electronics, or automotive systems.

Applications of the C8051F800-GU MCU

The broad feature set of the C8051F800-GU MCU lends itself to a wide range of applications across many industries:

  • Touchscreens, interactive panels, and capacitive buttons benefit from the capacitive sense interface, which improves user experiences through intuitive touch interactions.
  • Precision analog integration and configurable timers make it perfect for process control, sensor monitoring, and real-time industrial automation operations.
  • Consumer Electronics: Using its computing power, power efficiency, and integrated analog capabilities, it powers smart appliances, wearables, and creative consumer products.
  • car Systems: Suitable for car infotainment, control modules, and sensor data processing, with reliable performance and control.
  • IoT Devices: The MCU’s hardware-implemented serial interfaces simplify IoT device connectivity, allowing linked devices to exchange data in real time.
  • Medical Devices: Its precision and dependability help medical devices, wearable health trackers, and diagnostic equipment improve patient treatment.
  • Energy-Efficient Solutions: Ideal for battery-powered devices such as remote sensors, smart meters, and low-power data recorders, with power-saving capabilities that extend battery life.
  • Educational Projects: Facilitates educational discovery by providing a hands-on learning platform for microcontroller programming, embedded systems, and analog interfaces.

The versatility and advanced features of the C8051F800-GU MCU position it as a versatile solution across industries, from increasing user experiences to powering efficient industrial automation and driving innovation in consumer electronics.


The C8051F800-GU MCU represents a breakthrough in mixed-signal system-on-a-chip solutions, allowing for the rapid development of advanced applications. It exemplifies innovation, from fast computing to capacitive sensing and smart power management.

The C8051F800-GU accelerates advancement across industries thanks to its rigorous debugging, wide range, and extensive control. Engineers and developers looking to reinvent embedded systems can take advantage of its capabilities. Discover the features of the C8051F800-GU MCU and order it from ICRFQ, a leading Chinese electrical component wholesaler. Step into innovation—discover endless possibilities on a budget. Your visionary projects are waiting for you.

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