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Manufacturer: Renesas Electronics America Inc


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Technical Specifications of CA3140EZ

Datasheet  CA3140EZ datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family Linear – Amplifiers – Instrumentation, OP Amps, Buffer Amps
Manufacturer Intersil
Packaging Tube
Part Status Active
Amplifier Type General Purpose
Number of Circuits 1
Output Type
Slew Rate 9 V/μs
Gain Bandwidth Product 4.5MHz
-3db Bandwidth
Current – Input Bias 10pA
Voltage – Input Offset 5mV
Current – Supply 4mA
Current – Output / Channel 40mA
Voltage – Supply, Single/Dual (±) 4 V ~ 36 V, ±2 V ~ 18 V
Operating Temperature -55°C ~ 125°C
Mounting Type Through Hole
Package / Case 8-DIP (0.300″, 7.62mm)
Supplier Device Package 8-PDIP

CA3140EZ Description

The single-chip, monolithic integrated circuits CA3140A and CA3140 provide the advantages of both high-voltage PMOS and high-voltage bipolar transistors. The input circuit of the CA3140 and CA3140A BiMOS operational amplifiers uses gate-shielded MOSFET transistors to provide extremely high input impedance, extremely low input current, and high-speed performance.

The benefits of high-voltage PMOS and bipolar transistors are combined onto a single monolithic chip in operational amplifiers like the CA3140A and CA3140.  The gate-protected MOSFET transistors used in the input circuit of the CA3140 and CA3140A BiMOS operational amplifiers provide extremely low input current, exceptionally high input impedance, and high-speed performance.

The input stage’s common mode input voltage capability can be as low as 0.5V below the negative supply terminal thanks to using PMOS field effect transistors, a crucial feature for single supply applications. The output stage, which uses bipolar transistors and has built-in protection against short circuit damage from the load terminal to the supply rail or the ground, is likewise protected against short circuit damage. It is designed for the CA3140 and CA3140A to operate at supply voltages up to 36V (or about 18V).


Operational amplifiers are useful in various applications, and the CA3140EZ is one such device. These are a few of its main characteristics:

  • High input impedance: Because of the CA3140EZ’s high input impedance, it does not load the circuit to which it is attached. In weak input signal applications, like sensor applications, this is helpful.
  • Low input bias current: The CA3140EZ features a low input bias current, which aids in minimizing the impact of input offset voltage on the output signal. When the input signal is very tiny, this is especially crucial.
  • Low input offset voltage: The CA3140EZ’s low input offset voltage contributes to a reduction in output signal faults. This is crucial for applications like instrumentation and control where accuracy is required.
  • High output current: Because of its high output current, the CA3140EZ can drive loads with low impedance, such as motors and relays.
  • Wide supply voltage range: The CA3140EZ can function with a wide supply voltage range, ranging from 5V to 18V. Due to its suitability for a range of applications with various power requirements.

Overall, the high-performance operational amplifier CA3140EZ is a good choice for various applications. It is a popular option for many circuits due to its high input impedance, low input bias current, low offset voltage, high output current, and wide supply voltage range.

Typical Applications

The CA3140 uses a novel design based on the PMOS Bipolar technology to create a wide dynamic range of input and output characteristics with the most desirable high input impedance characteristics. Operation with a single supply down to 4V is possible thanks to the complementarity between the input common-mode voltage range and output swing capabilities.

This device is suitable for various single supply applications due to the wide dynamic range of these parameters, including those where the output signal’s phase sense must be maintained when one input is driven below Terminal 4’s potential, a crucial factor in comparator applications.

Operating Conditions

A general-purpose operational amplifier with a wide variety of operating conditions is the CA3140EZ. The following are a few suggested operation circumstances for this device:

  • Range of temperatures: From -55°C to +125°C, the CA3140EZ can function in a wide range of temperatures. The device’s performance and dependability may be impacted if the temperature range is exceeded, so it must be taken care of.
  • Voltage range: The CA3140EZ can run on various power supply voltages, ranging from 5V to 18V. The performance and dependability of the device may be impacted if the power supply voltage is outside of the acceptable range.
  • Range of the CA3140EZ’s input voltage: This device normally accepts input voltages between -0.3V and the power supply voltage. It is crucial to ensure the input voltage stays within this range to prevent harm to the device.
  • The CA3140EZ’s output voltage range normally ranges from -Vs. to +Vs, where Vs. is the power supply voltage. Ensuring that the output voltage stays within this range is crucial because doing so can also harm the device.
  • Resistance to loads: The CA3140EZ can drive loads with a 2k minimum resistance. The device’s performance and reliability may be impacted if the load resistance exceeds this range. Hence it is crucial to check.

The CA3140EZ is a reliable operational amplifier that can function in various settings. To ensure the item performs at its best and is reliable, running it under its recommended operating conditions is crucial.


A general-purpose operational amplifier with various features and advantages, the CA3140EZ is a flexible device. High input impedance, low input bias current, low offset voltage, high output current, and a wide supply voltage range are a few of its standout characteristics.

Eight pins make up the CA3140EZ’s pin arrangement, with pins 2 and 3 serving as inputs, pin 6 serving as an output, and pins 4 and 7 serving as power supply pins.

Voltage followers, non-inverting amplifiers, and inverting amplifiers are just a few of the uses for the CA3140EZ. It is perfect for use in sensor applications due to its high input impedance and low input bias current, and its high output current makes it excellent for driving loads with low impedance.

The CA3140EZ’s specs provide a minimum load resistance of 2k and an input voltage range of -0.3V to the power supply voltage. The output voltage range is -Vs. to +Vs. It can function in various temperatures, from -55°C to +125°C, and power supply voltages, from 5V to 18V.

The CA3140EZ’s adaptability, high performance, and various working circumstances are only a few benefits. Its constrained bandwidth and high input offset voltage also have several drawbacks.


In conclusion, the CA3140EZ is an outstanding all-purpose operational amplifier with many functions and advantages. It is a dependable and adaptable part that may be utilized in various applications, such as motor drivers, control systems, audio amplifiers, and instrumentation.

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