Part Number: CC430F5137IRGZR

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


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Technical Specifications of CC430F5137IRGZR

Datasheet  CC430F5137IRGZR datasheet
Category RF/IF and RFID
Family RF Transceiver ICs
Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Packaging Digi-Reel?
Part Status Active
Type TxRx + MCU
RF Family/Standard General ISM < 1GHz
Modulation 2FSK, 2GFSK, ASK, MSK, OOK
Frequency 300MHz ~ 348MHz, 389MHz ~ 464MHz, 779MHz ~ 928MHz
Data Rate (Max) 500kBaud
Power – Output 13dBm
Sensitivity -117dBm
Memory Size 32kB Flash, 4kB SRAM
Serial Interfaces I2C, IrDA, JTAG, SPI, UART
Voltage – Supply 2 V ~ 3.6 V
Current – Receiving 15mA ~ 18.5mA
Current – Transmitting 15mA ~ 36mA
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C
Package / Case 48-VFQFN Exposed Pad


The TI CC430 family of ultra-low-power system-on-chip (SoC) microcontrollers stands out as a versatile and highly efficient solution for a wide range of applications. The CC430F5137IRGZR stands out as a powerful member of the family, integrating a cutting-edge sub-1 GHz RF transceiver with the MSP430 CPUXV2, as well as up to 32KB of in-system programmable flash memory, up to 4KB of RAM, and an array of integrated peripherals. This article is the definitive guide to understanding and utilizing the CC430F5137IRGZR’s capabilities.

Introduction to CC430F5137IRGZR

The CC430F5137IRGZR is a member of the CC430 family, which is distinguished by its genuine System-on-Chip (SoC) architecture, which is optimized for low-power wireless communication applications. This outstanding microcontroller’s key characteristics include:

True SoC Integration

  • The CC430F5137IRGZR integrates its microcontroller core, peripherals, software, and RF transceiver tightly. This connection streamlines development while improving overall system performance.

Ultra-Low Power Consumption

  • The CC430F5137IRGZR excels at increasing battery life in portable measurement applications thanks to its many power-saving modes. It provides power modes such as CPU Active Mode, Standby Mode, and Off Mode, all of which consume little power and ensure efficient energy utilization.


  • The gadget includes the powerful MSP430 16-bit RISC CPU, which includes 16-bit registers and constant generators for optimal code efficiency and execution speed.

Comprehensive Peripherals

  • It includes timers, an ADC, a comparator, USCIs (Universal Serial Communication Interfaces), an AES security accelerator, a hardware multiplier, a DMA (Direct Memory Access) module, an RTC (Real-Time Clock) module, and an LCD driver (unique to the CC430F61xx).

High-Performance RF Transceiver

  • The CC430F5137IRGZR includes the CC1101 sub-1 GHz RF transceiver core, which supports a wide voltage range, customizable data rates, high sensitivity, outstanding selectivity, and flexible packet-oriented system support.

Key Specifications for The CC430F5137IRGZR:

● Supply Voltage Range

The CC430F5137IRGZR operates in the 3.6 V to 1.8 V supply voltage range, making it adaptable to a variety of power supply circumstances.

● CPU Active Mode (AM)

The microcontroller consumes a relatively low 160 A of electricity per MHz of computing power in CPU Active Mode. This is critical for optimizing power consumption while active.

● Standby Mode

The CC430F5137IRGZR draws only 2.0 A of current when in Standby Mode with the RTC (Real-Time Clock) enabled. This mode is ideal for situations requiring short wake-up times.

● LPM4 RAM Retention

The microcontroller’s power consumption lowers to 1.0 A when in Off Mode with RAM retention. This mode is good for preserving battery life when inactive for extended periods of time.

● Radio in RX

The microcontroller consumes 15 mA of electricity during radio reception (RX) mode at 250 kbps and 915 MHz. Power consumption efficiency is critical for wireless communication applications.

● 16-Bit RISC CPU

The CC430F5137IRGZR has a 16-bit RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) CPU with a clock speed of up to 20 MHz. This fast CPU guarantees that activities are completed efficiently.

● Memory

The microcontroller includes up to 32KB of programmable flash memory that can be used to store program code and data. It also includes up to 4KB of RAM for temporary data storage, which speeds up data processing.

● Peripherals

The microcontroller includes timers, an analog-to-digital converter (ADC), a comparator, Universal Serial Communication Interfaces (USCIs), an AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) security accelerator, a hardware multiplier, Direct Memory Access (DMA), a Real-Time Clock (RTC) module, and an LCD driver for CC430F61xx devices. These peripherals expand the microcontroller’s capabilities and allow it to communicate with numerous sensors and devices.

● RF Transceiver

The integrated sub-1 GHz RF transceiver core has a wide supply voltage range, adjustable data rate, excellent sensitivity, and flexible packet handling, among other advantages. This RF transceiver is critical for wireless communication because it enables long-distance and reliable data transmission in a variety of applications.

Because of these critical qualities, the CC430F5137IRGZR is an excellent solution for low-power wireless communication applications that require effective power management, processing capabilities, and RF communication. Whether you’re creating battery-powered IoT devices, remote monitoring systems, or sensor networks, the CC430F5137IRGZR has the tools you need to create high-performance, energy-efficient solutions.


● Wireless Sensor Networks:

For wireless sensor networks, the CC430F5137IRGZR is an ideal solution. Its low power consumption and integrated RF transceiver make it excellent for power-efficient sensor node deployment. These nodes can collect data from multiple sensors and wirelessly transmit it, allowing for applications such as environmental monitoring, agriculture, and smart cities.

● Remote Monitoring:

Real-time data gathering and transmission are critical in remote monitoring systems. Because of its efficient power management and RF capabilities, the CC430F5137IRGZR is well suited for applications such as remote weather stations, asset tracking, and telemetry systems.

● IoT Devices:

Internet of Things (IoT) devices frequently require extended battery operation. The low-power characteristics and RF transceiver of this microcontroller enable the development of IoT devices with long battery life. These gadgets have applications in smart homes, agriculture, and industrial IoT.

● Home Automation:

Reliable and low-power communication is required for smart home devices. The CC430F5137IRGZR can help to improve home automation solutions by facilitating communication between various smart home devices such as thermostats, lighting controls, and security systems.

Healthcare: The CC430F5137IRGZR’s low power consumption and wireless capabilities benefit wearable healthcare devices and patient monitoring systems. It can capture vital signs and send them to healthcare providers or caregivers, ensuring continuous monitoring and timely replies.

● Industrial Automation:

Energy efficiency and reliable communication are critical in industrial automation and control systems. This microcontroller is suitable for low-power industrial applications such as monitoring and controlling machinery, optimizing energy usage, and improving manufacturing processes.

● Environmental Sensing:

Collecting environmental data is critical for research and monitoring. The low power modes of the CC430F5137IRGZR are useful for long-term data collecting in environmental sensing applications such as climate monitoring, pollution tracking, and wildlife tracking.

To summarize, the versatility and low-power capabilities of the CC430F5137IRGZR make it a great tool in a wide range of applications. Its combination of a strong microcontroller and a high-performance RF transceiver core makes it ideal for projects requiring efficient energy utilization and dependable wireless connectivity. This microcontroller provides the functionality and flexibility required for success whether you’re working on a wireless sensor network, an IoT device, or any other application where power efficiency and RF communication are critical.


The CC430F5137IRGZR from the TI CC430 family represents a pinnacle of low-power system-on-chip solutions. Its integration of a powerful microcontroller, extensive peripherals, and a high-performance RF transceiver makes it an ideal choice for a broad spectrum of applications. Whether you’re designing IoT devices, remote monitoring systems, or wireless sensor networks, this versatile microcontroller offers the efficiency and power savings required for success.

Harness the capabilities of the CC430F5137IRGZR, and dive into the world of ultra-low-power wireless communication with confidence and innovation. As technology continues to advance, the CC430 family remains a trusted companion for engineers and developers seeking to create efficient, battery-powered solutions in the rapidly evolving landscape of wireless communication applications. To unlock the full potential of the CC430F5137IRGZR and dive into the world of ultra-low-power wireless communication, contact ICRFQ today to seamlessly integrate this versatile microcontroller into your project.

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