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The CMV2000-3E5M1PP is a state-of-the-art global shutter CMOS image sensor that gives imaging technology a lot of new options. This sensor was made to meet the needs of high-quality imaging. It has a wide range of features, such as support for full HD, high frame rates, and a programmable design. In this detailed guide, we’ll look at all the different parts of the CMV2000-3E5M1PP, including its most important features, functions, and uses.

Understanding the CMV2000-3E5M1PP

A 2/3-inch optical format image sensor with a size of 2048 by 1088 pixels is at the heart of the CMV2000-3E5M1PP. Each pixel is 5.5 microns by 5.5 microns, which makes it perfect for capturing small details in pictures. The global shutter technology of the sensor makes sure that fast-moving scenes don’t distort too much. This makes it a great choice for uses where motion blur needs to be kept to a minimum.


● Unveiling the Power of CMV2000-3E5M1PP

The CMV2000-3E5M1PP is a global shutter CMOS image sensor that is state-of-the-art and has a lot of great features that make it stand out from the rest. Let’s look at what makes this camera such a big deal in the world of imaging technology:

● Pipelined Global Shutter with CDS

The CMV2000-3E5M1PP has correlated double sampling (CDS) and a global shutter device that works in a pipeline. This unique combination lets exposure happen during readout, which reduces fixed patterns and dark noise and makes for a very high-quality picture.

● High Resolution and Optical Format

With an impressive resolution of 2048 (H) x 1088 (V) pixels on a 5.5 m pitch, this sensor catches fine details with stunning clarity. It has an optical size of 2/3″, which makes it flexible and able to work with different optical systems.

● High-Speed Frame Rates

The camera has an amazing frame rate of 340 frames per second at full resolution in 10-bit mode. This means that fast-moving scenes can be captured smoothly and without gaps. In 12-bit mode, it can show 70 frames per second at full resolution, which is great for applications that put a high value on picture quality.

● ROI Windowing Capability

The CMV2000-3E5M1PP lets users select up to 8 different regions of interest (ROIs) based on rows. This makes data processing more efficient and cuts down on bandwidth needs.

● X-Y Mirroring Function

The sensor has an X-Y mirroring feature that lets users flip the picture both horizontally and vertically. This feature is especially useful in apps where the orientation of a picture needs to be changed.

● Versatile LVDS Outputs

The CMV2000-3E5M1PP can send and receive data smoothly because it has 16 LVDS ports that run at 480 Mbps. Users can split these outputs into 8, 4, or 2 channels with slower frame rates. This gives them more options for how to handle data flow.

● Multiple High Dynamic Range (HDR) Modes

The sensor has multiple HDR modes and up to an impressive 90 dB dynamic range, which allows it to record scenes with different lighting conditions. This makes sure that both shadow and highlight details are shown correctly in difficult situations.

● On-Chip Temperature Sensor and Timing Generation

The CMV2000-3E5M1PP has an on-chip temperature sensor that checks the sensor’s thermal performance. This makes sure that the sensor works well even in tough situations. Also, the sensor’s on-chip timing creation makes it possible for the internal exposure and readout times to be very accurate.

● SPI Control and Dual Signaling

The SPI control lets users program and adjust the sensor’s different operational modes and settings. This makes it easy to integrate the sensor into many different imaging systems. It can send signals at both 3.3 V and 1.8 V, so it works with a wide range of electronic products.

● Monochrome and Bayer Configuration

The CMV2000-3E5M1PP can be set up in both monochrome and Bayer (RGB) modes, so it can be used for a wide range of imaging tasks, from precise monochrome imaging to full-color imaging.

● Compact and Durable Packaging

The CMV2000-3E5M1PP, which comes in a ceramic 95-pin PGA/LGA or 92-pin LCC package, is a strong and reliable way to add the sensor to different camera systems and industrial setups.

High-Definition Imaging with Low Noise

The CMV2000-3E5M1PP is distinguished by its pipelined global shutter pixels, which permit exposure during readout while carrying out correlated double sampling (CDS) operations. This novel method significantly decreases dark noise and fixed pattern noise, producing images that are incredibly clear and noise-free.

Frame rates and Digital LVDS Outputs

16 12-bit digital LVDS outputs, each operating at 480 Mbps, are provided by the CMV2000-3E5M1PP. It offers an amazing frame rate of 340 fps in 10-bit mode in full HD mode (1080p). The sensor can be used in row-windowing mode or row-subsampling mode for applications that demand even greater frame rates. It is a flexible option for a range of imaging purposes thanks to its range of frame rates.

Adjustable Offset Regulation and Programmable Gain Amplifier

The CMV2000-3E5M1PP incorporates a programmable gain amplifier with offset regulation to adapt to various lighting situations and enhance image quality. As a result, users can modify the sensor’s sensitivity and offset to fit different situations, making it appropriate for low-light and high-contrast settings.

SPI Interface for Multifunctional Control

A Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) further increases the sensor’s programmability. To meet the needs of a particular application, users can easily design and adapt all operational modes, exposure timings, and readout timings. A wide range of imaging systems may be seamlessly integrated thanks to this level of control.

External Triggering and an Internal Sequencer

With its configurable onboard sequencer, which internally creates accurate exposure and readout timings, the CMV2000-3E5M1PP makes difficult imaging tasks simpler. For more complex and synchronized image setups, users can also use external triggering and exposure programming.

Optical Dynamic Range Extending

The CMV2000-3E5M1PP provides numerous inbuilt high dynamic range (HDR) settings to accommodate scenarios with varied brightness levels. These settings allow users to accurately reflect both shadow and highlight features by capturing a wider range of light intensities in a single photograph.

For the best image quality, use 12-Bit Mode.

The CMV2000-3E5M1PP offers a 12-bit per pixel mode for applications that value image quality above frame rate. While this mode’s frame rate is slower than the 10-bit mode’s, it produces images with higher levels of picture fidelity and finer color gradations.


Introducing the CMV2000-3E5M1PP, a game-changing global shutter CMOS image sensor that revolutionizes the world of imaging. Unleash its remarkable capabilities – high-speed frame rates, reduced noise, and customizable features – to elevate your projects to new heights of precision and quality. Whether it’s industrial inspection, scientific imaging, robotics, or beyond, this sensor is the perfect fit for diverse imaging applications.

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