Part Number: CPC1019NTR

Manufacturer: IXYS Integrated Circuits Division

Description: SSR RELAY SPST-NO 750MA 0-60V

Shipped from: Shenzhen/HK Warehouse

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The CPC1019NTR is an innovative miniature solid-state relay with a lot of great features. It can be used for a wide range of purposes and is reliable, efficient, and flexible. This new device was made by IXYS Integrated Circuits. It uses patented OptoMOS technology to work better and be smaller than standard electromechanical relays. This piece is a full guide to the CPC1019NTR. It talks about its features, uses, and benefits.

Features that Set the CPC1019NTR Apart

The CPC1019NTR stands out due to its impressive features:

● Low On-Resistance

Low on-resistance is an important part of solid-state switches like the CPC1019NTR because it helps keep power loss to a minimum. When a relay is “on,” it works like a low-resistance switch that lets current flow through it with a little drop in voltage. This means that the switch itself loses less power as heat, which makes the circuit more efficient as a whole. When energy economy is important, like in battery-powered devices or high-power systems, a low-on-resistance relay like the CPC1019NTR can make a big difference by extending battery life, reducing heat production, and improving the system’s overall performance.

● Low Drive Current

The amount of power needed to turn on a solid-state switch is directly related to how low the drive current is. In the case of the CPC1019NTR, its low drive current of 2 mA means that only a small amount of input current is needed to turn the relay on. This feature not only saves energy but also lowers the load on the control circuit. This makes the control circuit more efficient and able to drive the relay with less power.

● High Load Current

Because of its capacity to withstand high load currents of up to 750 mA, the CPC1019NTR is adaptable for use in a diverse range of applications. Because of this capability, the relay is able to switch or control devices that demand a substantial amount of current. Because of this, the relay is an excellent option for situations in which other relays may not have the capacity to do so.

● 1500 Vrms Input/Output Isolation

The CPC1019NTR’s input/output isolation of 1500 Vrms is a crucial safety feature that avoids electrical interference and shields sensitive components and circuits from voltage transients or ground potential discrepancies. By physically separating the control circuit from the load circuit, electrical noise and voltage spikes are less likely to cause damage or malfunction in the former.

● Compact 4-Pin SOP Package

The CPC1019NTR is an excellent choice for applications that have limited space because it comes in a small 4-pin SOP box. This compact footprint makes it possible to make effective use of board space, which is a crucial advantage in modern electronics, where size constraints frequently determine design considerations.

● EMI/RFI Immunity

There will be no problems with radio-frequency interference (RFI) or electromagnetic interference (EMI) caused by the CPC1019NTR. This immunity offers a clean and interference-free environment for sensitive circuits, which contributes to the general stability and performance of the system. Additionally, the system itself guarantees this immunity.

● Tape and Reel Version Available

The availability of a tape and reel version streamlines manufacturing procedures, which results in increased productivity for mass production.

● Flammability Rating

UL 94 V-0 This safety feature ensures that the relay is resistant to ignition, which provides an additional layer of protection for the system.

The CPC1019NTR solid-state relay is not just a technological advance because of its low on-resistance, high load current capacity, input/output isolation, compact form factor, and immunity to EMI and RFI. It is also a solution that gives engineers and designers the confidence to try new things and make electronic systems that are more effective, reliable, and flexible in a wide range of industries.

Applications of the CPC1019NTR

The CPC1019NTR is useful in many areas because of how flexible it is.

  • Security: It works well in security systems because it is stable and can be used to keep things separate.
  • Passive Infrared Detectors (PIR): Switching and controlling PIR sensors with the CPC1019NTR improves motion detection systems.
  • Data Signaling: This relay is a reliable option for controlling data signals in a manner that is both precise and efficient.
  • Sensor Circuitry: In order to improve the performance of the system as a whole, use the CPC1019NTR to interface with the sensors.
  • Instrumentation: Applications that use instrumentation can benefit from the relay’s efficiency as well as its isolation characteristics.
  • Multiplexers: In electronic systems, it can be put to use to control multiplexers, which paves the way for more effective signal routing.
  • Data Acquisition: The CPC1019NTR guarantees that data acquisition systems have reliable switching, which is necessary for accurate data collection.
  • Electronic Switching In electronic switching applications, the CPC1019NTR should be used in place of relays that are less dependable, such as reed and electromechanical relays.
  • I/O Subsystems: Utilizing the CPC1019NTR will allow you to improve the reliability of your system by optimizing your input and output subsystems.
  • Utility Meters: Because of its durability, the relay is well-suited for use in utility meters, and it ensures precise measurement in gas, oil, electric, and water meters alike.
  • Medical Equipment—Patient/Equipment Isolation: In the context of medical equipment, it fulfills the function of providing essential isolation between patients and the apparatus, hence contributing to patient safety.
  • Industrial Controls: The CPC1019NTR is an excellent choice for precise control in industrial applications.
  • ATE (Automated Test Equipment): For automated test systems, this relay enhances switching efficiency and reliability.


The CPC1019NTR is not just a solid-state relay; it’s a game-changer that embodies efficiency, reliability, and versatility. This miniature powerhouse is an essential component of the ever-evolving world of modern electronics. By delving into its capabilities and exploring its limitless applications, engineers and designers can harness the true power of the CPC1019NTR, benefiting from its impressive performance and sleek design.

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