Part Number: CXA1019S

Manufacturer: Sony Electronics

Description: FM/AM Radio

Shipped from: Shenzhen/HK Warehouse

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The CXA1019 from Sony is a monolithic FM/AM receiver IC made from bipolar silicon. The company manufactured it. The CXA1019 incorporates numerous circuits into its design, such as a quadrature detection circuit, RF amplifier, oscillator, mixer, IF amplifier, detector tuning, LED driver, electronic volume control, and many more. This particular circuit is the lone application for the FM component of the integrated circuit. The integrated circuit (IC) may be driven by 3 and 7 volts of DC and can drive a loudspeaker with an 8-ohm impedance. This article demonstrates a high-quality FM receiver circuit based on the CXA1019 integrated circuit.

CXA1019S Circuit Description

Components such as inductors L1 and L2 and capacitors C4, C6, and C7 come together to form the tank circuit used by the integrated circuits that are a part of the oscillator section. The IF output, which may be accessed at pin 15, is connected to the ground through resistor R1. C1 is the capacitor that serves as the AC bypass for R1. Ripple filtering is what the capacitor C16 is designed to do. Tuning information can be seen on LED D1. The output of the built-in detector stage (pin 24) is coupled to the input of the built-in AF amplifier stage (pin 25) using capacitor C19, potentiometer R2, and capacitor C18. Because it regulates the amount of signal fed into the audio amplifier stage, the POT R2 can be manipulated to serve as a volume control.

C15 is a coupling capacitor that connects the audio output to the speaker, and C14 is a noise bypass capacitor. C5 is merely a filter for the power supply, while C20 relates the antenna to the integrated circuit’s FM RF input (pin13). After passing via pin 15’s FM intermediate frequency output, the signal next enters pin 18’s FM intermediate frequency input, where it is treated to the 10 MHz ceramic filters. Bypassing the noise produced by the audio power amplifier component contained within the IC requires the utilization of capacitor C2. The output of this part of the power amplifier is around 500 milliwatts. The FM discriminator circuitry inside the IC is connected to the capacitor C1 and the transformer T1. The AGC section’s feedback capacitor is located in the resistor labeled R3.


  • Install the components of the circuit onto a PCB of high quality.
  • On a plastic former with a diameter of 5 millimeters, wind 2.75 turns of enameled copper wire with 22 standard gauge.
  • To build the loop for L2, wind 3.75 turns of enameled copper wire with a gauge of 22 on a plastic former with a diameter of 5 millimeters.
  • Transformer T1 is an FM to IF converter.
  • CF1 is a ceramic FM filter operating at 10.7 MHz.
  • C4 is a twin gang FM tuning capacitor with a value of 30 pF and two groups.
  • The power supply can be anything between 3V and 7V DC. The circuit is quite versatile.
  • Using a battery as the power source for the circuit will result in a reduction in noise and an improvement in performance.
  • If you are going to use a battery eliminator, it is imperative to be carefully regulated and noiseless.
  • K1 is capable of functioning as a 3W, 8-ohm loudspeaker.
  • A1 may be a whip antenna that is one meter in length.

CXA1019 Features

  • a limited number of components located on the periphery.
  • Low current usage (Vcc=3V)
  • For FM: I0=5.3 mA (Typ.)
  • Large output of AF amplifier.
  • When the load impedance is 8 and Vcc is 6V, the typical output of the EIAJ is 500mW.

CXA1019S Specifications

Mfr Package Description 0.400 INCH, PLASTIC, SDIP-30
EU RoHS Compliant Yes
Status Discontinued
Demodulation Type AM/FM
Harmonic Distortion 0.6  %
JESD-30 Code R-PDIP-T30
JESD-609 Code e6
Number of Functions 1
Number of Terminals 30
Operating Temperature-Min -10.0  Cel
Operating Temperature-Max 60.0  Cel
Output Voltage-Nom (AM) 77.5  mV
Output Voltage-Nom (FM) 77.5  mV
Package Body Material PLASTIC/EPOXY
Package Code SDIP
Peak Reflow Temperature (Cel) 260
Qualification Status Not Qualified
Seated Height-Max 4.1  mm
Supply Voltage-Min (Vs) 2.0  V
Supply Voltage-Max (Vs) 8.5  V
Surface Mount NO
Technology BIPOLAR
Temperature Grade COMMERCIAL
Terminal Finish Tin/Bismuth (Sn/Bi)
Terminal Form THROUGH-HOLE
Terminal Pitch 1.778  mm
Terminal Position DUAL
Time@Peak Reflow Temperature-Max (s) 10
Length 26.9  mm
Width 10.16  mm

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an FM Receiver?

An electronic device known as a radio or FM receiver can receive radio waves and then convert the data delivered by those waves into a form that can be used. An antenna is required to do the job of receiving waves at the proper frequency. The antenna picks up a variety of signals, and the receiver employs electronic filters to separate the signal of interest from the rest of the signals, an electronic amplifier to increase the signal’s strength so that it can be further processed, and demodulation to obtain the information that was initially sought after finally.

FM is the most widely used of the different types of radio waves. In order to broadcast on FM radio, the process of frequency modulation is heavily utilized.  In addition to these applications, it is used in two-way radio communication systems, magnetic tape-recording systems, music synthesis, and specific video-transmission systems. It is also utilized in seismic prospecting  radar, telemetry,  , and the monitoring of newborns for seizure activity via EEG. The signal-to-noise ratio of a frequency modulation transmission is higher than that of an equal strength amplitude modulation (AM) signal, which allows it to reject radio frequency interference more effectively. This is one of the benefits of frequency modulation.


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