Part Number: CXD2463R

Manufacturer : Sony Corporation

Description: Timing Controller for CCD Camera

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The CXD2463R is a silent hero behind the scenes in the world of surveillance and security cameras. This integrated circuit is intended to be the brain of a CCD camera system, particularly when a 510H or 760H black-and-white CCD image sensor is used. In this detailed overview, we’ll look at the CXD2463R’s characteristics, functions, and applications to help you grasp its significance in the world of surveillance technologies.

Introduction to CXD2463R

The CXD2463R is a specialist IC that generates synchronization signals for timing control and back-end signal processing in a CCD (Charge-Coupled Device) camera system. Because of their high light sensitivity and image clarity, CCDs are frequently utilized in surveillance cameras, doorbell cameras, and other imaging applications. The CXD2463R keeps the CCD camera system running smoothly and efficiently.

Features of CXD2463R

● Built-in Sync Signal Generation

One of the CXD2463R’s unique features is its ability to create synchronization signals internally. These sync signals are critical for timing control, which ensures that the CCD image sensor records images at the correct time and without distortion or artifacts.

● Electronic Iris (Electronic Shutter) Function

The CXD2463R has an integrated electronic iris feature. This electronic shutter technology provides precise control over the camera’s exposure to light, allowing it to easily adapt to changing lighting situations.

● Low-Speed Limiter for Electronic Iris

A low-speed limiter is available in addition to the electronic iris function on the CXD2463R. This capability is especially beneficial in settings requiring regulated exposure adjustments, such as transitioning from bright outside surroundings to dimly lit interiors.

● External Synchronization

The CXD2463R provides versatility by supporting external synchronization methods such as Line-Lock and VReset+HPLL. This functionality ensures that the camera can be coordinated with external devices or systems.

● Automatic External Sync Discrimination

The CXD2463R includes automatic external sync discrimination to ease setup and operation. This means it can detect and adjust to external synchronization signals intelligently, avoiding the requirement for manual configuration.

● Window Pulse Output for Backlight Compensation

The CXD2463R has a window pulse output that can be used for backlight correction to improve image quality. This function assists the camera in capturing clean and balanced photographs even in low-light situations.

● Built-in V Driver

The CXD2463R has an integrated V driver, which is critical for precise control of vertical scanning in a CCD camera system. This improves the camera’s overall image quality and dependability.

Understanding the Operating Conditions of CXD2463R

The CXD2463R is a versatile integrated circuit that is utilized in a variety of applications; it is critical to run it within the parameters given to ensure optimal performance and dependability. This tutorial will look into the CXD2463R’s suggested working parameters, shining light on voltage needs and temperature issues.

Voltage Requirements

  • Supply Voltage 1 (VDD, AVDD): The CXD2463R requires a supply voltage between 4.75V and 5.25V. This voltage level is required for the device to power on and perform its tasks. To ensure appropriate operation, offer a stable and within-range supply voltage.
  • 3rd supply voltage (VH1): This supply voltage should be between 14.55V and 15.45V. It is a critical parameter that must be met in order for the CXD2463R to function properly. Ensure that VH1 stays within the given range.
  • Supply Voltage 4 (VL): VL is a -9.0V to -8.0V negative supply voltage. It has a specific function in the CXD2463R’s operation. To keep VL within the defined limits, accurate voltage management is required.
  • Supply Voltage 5 (VM): VM is denoted by 0V and represents a reference voltage point. It is critical for proper operation to keep this reference voltage at 0V.

Temperature Range

The operating temperature range of the CXD2463R is another critical consideration:

  • Operating Temperature (Topr):The CXD2463R can work consistently in temperatures ranging from -20°C to +75°C. This range covers a wide range of environmental conditions, making the IC appropriate for use in a variety of climates and locations.

Base Oscillation

The CXD2463R operates on base oscillation frequencies. The following frequencies are specified:

  • 1212fH (EIA):0699MHz (CCIR: 18.9375MHz)
  • 1820fH (EIA):6364MHz
  • 1816fH (CCIR):375MHz

These base oscillation frequencies are fundamental to the CXD2463R’s functionality and timing control.

Please note

  • Sony maintains the right to change product specifications at any time and without warning. When dealing with the CXD2463R, it’s critical to keep up with the latest documentation.
  • The material supplied here does not indicate any patent or other intellectual property rights license rights.
  • If supplied, application circuits serve as typical examples of device operation. Actual applications may differ, and Sony accepts no responsibility for any problems that arise as a result of their use.

Follow these recommended operating conditions while working with the CXD2463R to guarantee good operation and lifespan. Voltage regulation, temperature control, and adherence to base oscillation frequencies are all important considerations in optimizing the operation of this flexible integrated circuit.

Applications of CXD2463R

The CXD2463R finds its home in a range of applications, including:

● Surveillance Camera

The CXD2463R ensures that the camera system functions optimally in the world of surveillance, where image quality and reliability are critical. It’s useful for recording sharp, clear photographs for security and monitoring.

● Door Phone Camera

To provide a clear picture of guests and surroundings, door phone cameras require accurate synchronization and exposure management. The qualities of the CXD2463R make it an excellent choice for door phone camera systems.


Finally, the CXD2463R is an important component in the field of CCD camera systems, providing advanced synchronization, exposure management, and image processing capabilities. Understanding the characteristics of the CXD2463R is critical for achieving top-notch performance and image quality in your applications, whether you work in surveillance technology or door phone systems. It’s a monument to the sophisticated technologies at work behind the scenes to ensure our modern world’s safety and security.

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