Part Number: DAC5670IGDJ

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

Description: IC DAC 14BIT A-OUT 252BGA

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Technical Specifications of DAC5670IGDJ

Datasheet  DAC5670IGDJ datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family Data Acquisition – Digital to Analog Converters (DAC)
Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Packaging Tray
Part Status Active
Number of Bits 14
Number of D/A Converters 1
Settling Time 3.5μs (Typ)
Output Type Current – Unbuffered
Differential Output Yes
Data Interface Parallel
Reference Type External, Internal
Voltage – Supply, Analog 3 V ~ 3.6 V
Voltage – Supply, Digital 3 V ~ 3.6 V
INL/DNL (LSB) ±1.5, ±0.8
Architecture Current Sink
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C
Package / Case 252-BGA
Supplier Device Package 252-BGA


The DAC5670IGDJ, also known as the TRF370417, is a well-known name in the area of RF (Radio Frequency) electronics. This extraordinary gadget is a low-noise direct quadrature modulator designed to directly transform complex modulated signals from baseband or intermediate frequency (IF) to RF. The DAC5670IGDJ is a game changer for RF engineers and hobbyists, thanks to its amazing features and cutting-edge technology. In this detailed guide, we will go deeply into the DAC5670IGDJ’s features, uses, and advantages, unlocking its full potential for your projects.

Understanding the DAC5670IGDJ

● High-Performance Modulation:

The DAC5670IGDJ is designed for high-performance modulation applications, with exceptional linearity and adaptability.

It works successfully over a large RF frequency range, from 50 MHz to a mind-boggling 6 GHz.

● Double-Balanced Mixer:

The modulator is built on a double-balanced mixer, which ensures precision and accuracy in signal processing.

● RF Output Block:

A differential to single-ended converter and an RF amplifier are part of the RF output block.

This combination can power a single-ended 50-volt load without the use of any additional components.

● Optimum Linearity:

The DAC5670IGDJ requires a 1.7-V common-mode voltage to attain optimal linearity performance, making it extremely adaptable to varied settings.

Key Features and Specifications of DAC5670IGDJ Unveiled:

The DAC5670IGDJ is a formidable RF modulator with a slew of features and specs that set it apart from the competition in the world of RF electronics. Let’s take a closer look at its essential features:

Impressive ACPR (Adjacent Channel Power Ratio):

  • The DAC5670IGDJ achieves an excellent ACPR of 76 dBc for Single-Carrier WCDMA transmissions at a channel strength of -8 dBm.
  • This outstanding performance makes it the obvious choice for demanding RF applications where signal quality is critical.

Low Noise Floor at 2140 MHz:

  • This modulator reaches a noise floor of -162.3 dBm/Hz while operating at 2140 MHz.
  • With such a low noise floor, signal processing stays clean and free of interference, which is crucial for high-quality RF communication.

Outstanding Linearity and Power Handling:

  • The DAC5670IGDJ excels in both linearity and power handling with:

o   OIP3 (Third Order Intercept Point) of 26.5 dBm at 2140 MHz.

o   P1dB (1 dB Compression Point) of 12 dBm at 2140 MHz.

  • These specifications attest to its ability to maintain signal integrity even under challenging conditions.

Exceptional Carrier Feedthrough and Side-Band Suppression:

  • To ensure distortion-free signals, the DAC5670IGDJ offers:

o   Carrier Feedthrough of –38 dBm at 2140 MHz.

o   Side-Band Suppression of –50 dBc at 2140 MHz.

  • These figures highlight its effectiveness in eliminating unwanted signal components.

Versatile Supply Voltage Range:

  • The DAC5670IGDJ operates on a single supply voltage and supports a wide range of 4.5 V to 5.5 V.
  • This adaptability improves compatibility with a variety of power sources and simplifies integration into a variety of systems.

Incorporating Silicon Germanium Technology:

  • The DAC5670IGDJ takes advantage of the benefits of Silicon Germanium technology, which is well-known for its exceptional RF performance characteristics.
  • This technology selection offers high performance and dependability in RF applications.

Finally, the DAC5670IGDJ is more than simply a modulator; it is proof of the cutting-edge capabilities accessible in the realm of RF electronics. It’s a versatile and powerful tool for engineers and amateurs working in the RF domain, with exceptional ACPR, low noise floor, outstanding linearity, and the benefits of Silicon Germanium technology. Whether you’re working on wireless communication systems, radar technology, or other RF applications, the DAC5670IGDJ has the performance and functionality you need to succeed.

Applications of the DAC5670IGDJ: Unleashing Versatility in RF Technology

With its remarkable features and specs, the DAC5670IGDJ finds utility in a wide range of RF (Radio Frequency) technology applications. Below, we look at some of the important applications for this adaptable modulator:

Wireless Communication Systems:

  • The DAC5670IGDJ is an invaluable component in the development of wireless communication systems, where high-quality signal modulation is imperative.
  • Its impressive linearity and ACPR performance contribute to improved signal transmission, enhancing the overall communication experience.

Satellite Communication:

  • In the realm of satellite communication, where signals travel vast distances through space, maintaining signal integrity is crucial.
  • The DAC5670IGDJ’s low noise floor and exceptional linearity make it an ideal choice for satellite communication systems.

Radar Systems

  • Radar systems demand precise signal processing and high power handling capabilities.
  • With outstanding OIP3 and P1dB specifications, this modulator can help radar systems detect targets with accuracy and reliability.

Test and Measurement Equipment:

  • Accurate testing and measurement are essential in various industries, from electronics manufacturing to research and development.
  • The DAC5670IGDJ’s clean signal generation and wide supply voltage range make it an excellent choice for such equipment.

Software-Defined Radios (SDR):

  • SDRs require versatile components capable of adapting to a wide range of communication standards.
  • The DAC5670IGDJ’s adaptability and compatibility with different power sources align perfectly with the dynamic nature of SDR technology.

Cellular Base Stations:

  • Cellular base stations are the backbone of mobile communication networks, connecting users across vast areas.
  • This modulator’s wide RF frequency range and low distortion characteristics aid in enhancing cellular network performance.

Aerospace and Defense Technology

  • With its remarkable features and specs, the DAC5670IGDJ finds utility in a wide range of RF (Radio Frequency) technology applications. Below, we look at some of the important applications for this adaptable modulator:
  • With its remarkable features and specs, the DAC5670IGDJ finds utility in a wide range of RF (Radio Frequency) technology applications. Below, we look at some of the important applications for this adaptable modulator:


The DAC5670IGDJ, also known as the TRF370417, represents the pinnacle of RF modulation technology. Its superb specifications, impressive performance, and versatility make it a vital tool for RF experts and hobbyists. This modulator can satisfy your needs whether you’re creating cutting-edge wireless communication systems or pushing the boundaries of radar technology.

We’ve gone over the DAC5670IGDJ’s features, characteristics, and applications in this article to give you a thorough grasp of its capabilities. You can open new possibilities in RF signal processing with the DAC5670IGDJ, guaranteeing your projects achieve new heights of performance and precision. Contact ICRFQ right away to include the DAC5670IGDJ into your project and start realizing your vision!

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