Part Number: DPG60C400HB

Manufacturer: IXYS

Description: DIODE ARRAY GP 400V 30A TO247AD

Shipped from: Shenzhen/HK Warehouse

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Technical Specifications of DPG60C400HB

Datasheet  DPG60C400HB datasheet
Category Discrete Semiconductor Products
Family Diodes – Rectifiers – Arrays
Manufacturer IXYS
Series HiPerFRED?
Packaging Tube
Diode Configuration 1 Pair Common Cathode
Diode Type Standard
Voltage – DC Reverse (Vr) (Max) 400V
Current – Average Rectified (Io) (per Diode) 30A
Voltage – Forward (Vf) (Max) @ If 1.41V @ 30A
Speed Fast Recovery =< 500ns, > 200mA (Io)
Reverse Recovery Time (trr) 45ns
Current – Reverse Leakage @ Vr 1μA @ 400V
Mounting Type Through Hole
Package / Case TO-247-3
Supplier Device Package TO-247AD


Diodes are important semiconductor devices in electronics because they serve as one-way gates for electrical current. The DPG60C400HB is a high-performance rapid recovery diode with a common cathode layout that stands out among them. It is a popular choice in demanding electrical systems due to its low loss and smooth recovery characteristics.

The purpose of this tutorial is to provide a thorough overview of the DPG60C400HB diode, including its features, specifications, applications, and usage. This book will help you unleash the possibilities of this outstanding semiconductor gadget, whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional. Let’s go over the entire guide to the DPG60C400HB, your entry point into the world of sophisticated diodes in electronics.

Key Features and Advantages

The DPG60C400HB diode boasts a range of impressive features and advantages that set it apart in the world of semiconductor devices. Here’s a detailed breakdown of its key characteristics:

  • Planar Passivated Chips: The diode employs planar passivated chips, which improve reliability and performance by acting as a barrier against external variables like as moisture and contamination.
  • With an extremely low leakage current, this diode avoids excessive power losses, making it perfect for energy-efficient applications.
  • Low Recovery Time: Its relatively low recovery time guarantees rapid response in switching applications, reducing the risk of voltage spikes and improving overall circuit efficiency.
  • Improved Thermal Behavior: The DPG60C400HB diode has improved thermal behavior, which allows it to dissipate heat more efficiently, which is important in high-power applications.
  • Low reverse recovery current: Low reverse recovery current (Irm) values contribute to lower power dissipation within the diode, reducing energy waste and heat creation.
  • Very Soft Recovery Behavior: The soft recovery behavior of the diode not only enhances efficiency, but it also reduces the risk of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) in sensitive applications.
  • Reliable Operation with Avalanche Voltage Rating: Its avalanche voltage rating provides reliable operation even in situations where voltage spikes or transients may occur.
  • Soft Reverse Recovery for Low EMI/RFI: The diode’s soft reverse recovery properties improve EMI/RFI suppression even further, making it suited for applications where electromagnetic compatibility is critical.

Overall, the DPG60C400HB diode has a great set of features that make it a great choice for applications that need good performance, low energy use, and reliability. Whether it’s used in power electronics, motor drives, inverters, or other important systems, this diode’s properties can make circuits work better and use less energy.


The DPG60C400HB diode has a wide range of features that make it a great choice for a wide range of uses in a wide range of industries. Here are some of the best ways the DPG60C400HB can be used:

● Antiparallel Diode for High-Frequency Switching Devices

The DPG60C400HB is used as an antiparallel diode in high-frequency switching applications like inverter drives and power amplifiers. It is perfect for fast switching because it has a very short recovery time and a soft recovery behavior. This reduces switching losses and improves total efficiency.

● Antisaturation Diode

Antisaturation diodes are used in circuits that drive power switching devices like transistors and insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs). The DPG60C400HB is a good choice for these uses because it has a low leakage current and better thermal behavior. This prevents saturation and keeps performance stable.

● Snubber Diode

Snubber circuits are used to keep voltage spikes and transients from damaging power electronics. The DPG60C400HB is a good choice for snubber diode uses because of its avalanche voltage rating and soft recovery. This improves protection and reduces the risk of component damage.\

● Freewheeling Diode

Freewheeling diodes, which are also called “flyback diodes,” are needed in relay and solenoid drivers, where inductive loads can cause voltage jumps in the opposite direction. The soft reverse rebound behavior and low Irm-values of the DPG60C400HB help it handle these sudden changes well.

● Rectifiers in Switch-Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)

Switch-mode power sources need alternating current to be turned into direct current in a very efficient way. The low loss, low Irm-values, and soft recovery behavior of the DPG60C400HB improve the efficiency of these rectification processes. This helps SMPS systems use less energy overall.

● Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

Reliability is the most important thing in UPS systems. The DPG60C400HB is a safe choice for rectifying and storing energy in UPS systems because it has a low leakage current, better thermal behavior, and soft recovery. It helps keep the power going even when the main power goes out.

In all of these situations, the DPG60C400HB diode’s unique mix of features, such as low loss, soft recovery, and low Irm-values, improves efficiency, cuts down on wasted energy, and makes it more reliable. This diode can greatly improve the performance and durability of electronic systems, whether they are used in an industrial setting, for power electronics, or for household electronics.

Advantages and Benefits

The unique advantages and benefits of the DPG60C400HB diode set it apart from the competition:

● High Efficiency

Low loss properties result in minimum power dissipation, resulting in much higher efficiency as compared to other diodes.

● Energy Savings

Energy wastage is minimized by very low leakage and reverse recovery currents, making it appropriate for energy-sensitive applications.

● Reliability

Improved thermal performance and avalanche voltage rating allow dependable operation even in harsh environments.

● EMI Reduction

Soft recovery properties reduce voltage spikes and electromagnetic interference, hence increasing circuit robustness.

● Thermal Management

Lower operating temperatures are supported by efficient heat handling, extending device life in high-power applications.

● Circuit Protection

Superior protection against voltage spikes and transients, making it ideal for snubber circuits and freewheeling diodes.

● Efficient Power Conversion

It improves power conversion efficiency in SMPS and UPS systems, cutting costs and boosting performance.

● Component Longevity

Reduces stress on connected components, extending operational lifetime and lowering maintenance requirements.

The unrivaled mix of benefits of the DPG60C400HB diode makes it a top choice across industries, optimizing efficiency, reliability, and performance in electronic systems.


In conclusion, the DPG60C400HB diode represents the pinnacle of semiconductor technology, offering unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and performance across a range of applications. Its versatility makes it an invaluable asset in the world of electronics.

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