Part Number: DSP8-08A

Manufacturer: IXYS

Description: DIODE ARRAY GP 800V 11A TO220-3

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Technical Specifications of DSP8-08A

Datasheet  DSP8-08A datasheet
Category Discrete Semiconductor Products
Family Diodes – Rectifiers – Arrays
Manufacturer IXYS
Packaging Tube
Diode Configuration 1 Pair Series Connection
Diode Type Standard
Voltage – DC Reverse (Vr) (Max) 800V
Current – Average Rectified (Io) (per Diode) 11A
Voltage – Forward (Vf) (Max) @ If 1.15V @ 7A
Speed Standard Recovery >500ns, > 200mA (Io)
Reverse Recovery Time (trr)
Current – Reverse Leakage @ Vr 5μA @ 800V
Mounting Type Through Hole
Package / Case TO-220-3
Supplier Device Package TO-220AB


Speed and efficiency are crucial in today’s fast-paced world of technology. The unsung heroes of rapid energy transfer are fast recovery diodes. The DSP8-08A stands out among these diodes due to its low loss and soft recovery properties. This guide delves into the importance of rapid recovery diodes, specifically the DSP8-08A’s extraordinary impact on electronics.

Features and Advantages of DSP8-08A

  • Planar Passivated Chips:The DSP8-08A diode is outfitted with planar passivated chips, which work to create a protective barrier between the diode and the external forces that could potentially damage it. This enables not only reliable functioning but also a longer life for the operation.
  • Very Low Leakage Current:The DSP8-08A is distinguished by its extraordinarily low leakage current, which is also one of its defining characteristics. This functionality is especially important in applications that place an emphasis on energy efficiency because it helps to reduce the amount of power that is wasted unnecessarily.
  • Very Short Recovery Time:The DSP8-08A is a fantastic choice for applications that require speedy switching, such as high-frequency rectifiers and power inverters, because it has a rapid recovery time and performs exceptionally well in this regard. A shorter switching time correlates to a boost in productivity across the board.
  • Improved Thermal Behavior:In electronic design, effective temperature control is critical. The DSP8-08A improves thermal behavior, lowering the risk of overheating and ensuring reliable operation in demanding conditions.
  • Very Low Irm-Values:The diode’s efficiency is shown by its extremely low Irm (Reverse Recovery Current) values. These low Irm values indicate minimal power loss during switching, which contributes to the system’s overall efficiency.
  • Very Soft Recovery Behavior:The DSP8-08A’s incredibly smooth recovery behavior is a notable feature. This gradual recovery phase decreases voltage spikes and the risk of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio-frequency interference (RFI), while maintaining signal integrity.
  • Soft Reverse Recovery for Low EMI/RFI:The DSP8-08A’s mild reverse recovery characteristic shines in EMI and RFI-sensitive applications. It significantly reduces interference, eliminating the need for further EMI/RFI suppression components.
  • Power Dissipation within the Diode:The diode’s low Irm values help to reduce power dissipation within the diode itself. This reduces energy waste and adds to increased efficiency.
  • Turn-On Loss in the Commutating Switch:Low Irm values also have the advantage of lowering turn-on losses in the commutating switch, which improves the overall efficiency of the electrical system.

These noteworthy qualities and benefits combined establish the DSP8-08A diode as an extraordinary component for a wide range of electronic applications, providing efficiency, reliability, and performance that meet the needs of today’s technologically driven world.

Applications of DSP8-08A

The versatile DSP8-08A diode finds its footing in a spectrum of electronic applications. Here are some prominent use cases where this diode plays a pivotal role:

  • Antiparallel Diode for High-Frequency Switching Devices:In high-frequency switching devices, the DSP8-08A acts as an antiparallel diode, ensuring smooth and efficient energy transmission. Its fast recovery time and low loss properties make it a good choice for applications requiring quick switching.
  • Antisaturation Diode:The DSP8-08A functions as an antisaturation diode in electrical circuits that require saturation protection. It contributes to the circuit’s integrity and dependability by preventing magnetic component saturation.
  • Snubber Diode:Snubber circuits are intended to reduce voltage spikes and electromagnetic interference. Because of its gentle recovery behavior and low Irm values, the DSP8-08A is an important component in snubber diode applications, ensuring steady and interference-free operation.
  • Freewheeling Diode:In some power electronic systems, freewheeling diodes are used to provide a path for current flow when a power semiconductor device is turned off. With its low loss and fast recovery, the DSP8-08A is an excellent choice for freewheeling diode applications.
  • Rectifiers in Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS):Mode Change To convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC), power supplies require efficient rectification. With its low leakage current and excellent thermal behavior, the DSP8-08A diode is a dependable component for rectification in SMPS, contributing to energy efficiency.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS):Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) are required to provide backup power during outages. The soft reverse recovery and low Irm values of the DSP8-08A provide reliable and efficient performance in UPS systems, eliminating power losses and providing a smooth transition to battery power.

These applications highlight the DSP8-08A’s versatility and durability across a wide range of electronic systems, reinforcing its significance in the arena of modern electronics. The DSP8-08A plays an important part in powering our connected world, whether it’s helping to efficient energy conversion or protecting circuits from saturation.


The DSP8-08A diode is differentiated not only by its performance qualities, but also by its package characteristics, which comply with industry requirements and safety regulations:

● Compliant with RoHS:

The DSP8-08A package complies with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive, ensuring that no toxic compounds such as lead, mercury, cadmium, or other hazardous substances are present. RoHS compliance demonstrates the diode’s dedication to environmental sustainability and user safety.

● Epoxy conforms to UL 94V-0:

The epoxy utilized in the manufacturing of the DSP8-08A diode package is UL 94V-0 flammability rated. This means that the epoxy is flame-resistant and self-extinguishing, providing an additional layer of protection in the case of a heat incident and so improving safety in applications where the diode is used.

These package characteristics not only ensure the DSP8-08A diode’s safety and environmental compliance, but also make it a trustworthy component for a wide range of applications where reliability and safety are critical.


Finally, the DSP8-08A diode is a vital component in the world of electronics. Its distinct features, various applications, and adherence to industry standards underscore its significance.

Engineers and electronics hobbyists should consider using the DSP8-08A in their projects. It promises improved efficiency, dependability, and safety, making it an important component for a variety of applications. Accept the DSP8-08A as a driving force in your next electronic project.

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