Part Number: EM2130H01QI

Manufacturer: Intel

Description: DC-DC CONVERTER 1.35-3.6V

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In today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape, efficient power management solutions are critical to the success of advanced electronic devices. The EM2130H01QI is a cutting-edge, fully integrated 30A Power System-on-Chip (PowerSoC) synchronous buck converter designed to meet the demanding power requirements of modern electronics. This comprehensive guide delves into the key features, benefits, and applications of the EM2130H01QI, shedding light on its advanced functionalities and how it contributes to enhanced performance and reliability in a variety of applications.

What is the EM2130H01QI?

An extremely sophisticated and fully integrated 30A PowerSoC synchronous buck converter is the EM2130H01QI. ASICs, processors, FPGAs, and DDR memory devices are just a few examples of the numerous electronic equipment that can benefit from this advanced power management technology. For power design engineers, this integrated device ensures optimal performance, precise regulation, and ease of application by combining several crucial components into a single package.

Purpose and Role of the EM2130H01QI

The EM2130H01QI’s main function is to accurately power sensitive electronic components by efficiently regulating the output voltage and stepping down voltage levels. Due to its great efficiency and ability to step down voltage levels effectively, the buck converter architecture is frequently utilized for this purpose.

The EM2130H01QI’s function is to offer a steady and dependable power supply with a maximum current output of 30A. This is made possible by its integrated components, which combine to effectively convert the input voltage to a lower, exact output voltage while also satisfying the particular power needs of the target electronic devices.

Advanced Digital Control for Enhanced Performance

Highlighting the Importance of Digital Control in Power Management Solutions

Power converter operation and the way energy is delivered to electronic devices have been revolutionized by digital control, a crucial innovation in power management solutions. Digital control, in contrast to conventional analog control techniques, makes use of microprocessors and sophisticated algorithms to reach greater standards of accuracy, efficiency, and flexibility. This technical advancement is the best option for contemporary power management systems since it enables accurate regulation, adaptive reactions to changing conditions, and real-time monitoring.

Digital control is significant because it gives engineers more control over the power conversion procedure. It enables users to modify settings and improve performance to meet certain application requirements, which boosts the entire system’s efficiency and dependability. The safety of the power system and the attached electronic components is improved by the use of more sophisticated protection mechanisms enabled by digital management, such as overcurrent and overvoltage protection.

Digital control is essential for delivering stable, accurate, and dynamic voltage regulation in power management solutions like the EM2130H01QI, which enables precise and effective powering of sensitive electronic equipment.

Explaining Advanced Control Techniques in EM2130H01QI

The EM2130H01QI uses cutting-edge control strategies to guarantee stability and outstanding dynamic performance. These methods manage the output voltage and keep it within narrow tolerances while operating under various load conditions by utilizing complex algorithms and feedback loops. The EM2130H01QI uses several important control mechanisms, some of which are as follows:

● Current Mode Control

With this method, the output voltage is controlled by sensing the inductor current and using it as a feedback signal. The EM2130H01QI maintains steady output voltages while being able to react swiftly to changes in the load by dynamically altering the duty cycle of the MOSFET switches.

EM2130H01QI may use predictive control techniques that account for variations in the load or input voltage. The converter can proactively alter its control parameters by anticipating future operating conditions, which improves transient response and reduces output voltage ripple.

● Adaptive Control

To ensure stability and effectiveness, the EM2130H01QI may employ adaptive control algorithms that continuously track the operating circumstances of the system and modify control settings as needed. Due to its versatility, the converter can react quickly to changes in load, resulting in precise and dependable power delivery.

Elaborating on the Benefits of Eliminating External Compensation Components

External compensation elements, like resistors and capacitors, are frequently needed in conventional analog power management solutions in order to stabilize the control loop and achieve the desired performance. However, the EM2130H01QI’s incorporation of digital control techniques enables the removal of several of these external components, providing a number of benefits:

  • Decreased Component Count: The overall component count is decreased by removing external compensation components, resulting in a simpler and more affordable design.
  • Enhanced Reliability: By reducing the number of external components, the power management solution becomes more reliable and resilient overall.
  • A reduction in power losses and an increase in efficiency are brought about by the absence of additional passive components, which also leads to higher power conversion efficiency and less heat dissipation.
  • Streamlined Design Process: By eliminating external compensating components, the power management system’s complexity is reduced, which speeds up the design and time-to-market of electronic devices.

The EM2130H01QI delivers remarkable stability, dynamic performance, and efficiency in its power supply by utilizing cutting-edge digital control techniques and omitting external compensating components, making it the perfect option for a variety of power management applications.

Precision Regulation for Optimal Performance

The EM2130H01QI, with its differential remote sensing and 0.5% set-point accuracy, establishes a new benchmark for precise regulation. The converter can maintain constant output voltages under a variety of operating circumstances, such as changing line, load, and temperature conditions, thanks to its outstanding level of accuracy. ASICs, processors, FPGAs, and DDR memory devices are just a few examples of crucial components that can be powered by the EM2130H01QI.

● PMBus Interface for Flexibility and Programmability

The EM2130H01QI provides setup, control, and telemetry features and has a PMBus version 1.2 compatible interface. Users have easy access to a high level of flexibility and programmability thanks to this capability, making it simple to modify and optimize the converter’s parameters in accordance with particular application needs.

● User-Friendly Configuration with Intel Enpirion Digital Power Configurator

The PC-based Intel Enpirion Digital Power Configurator makes configuring and connecting with the EM2130H01QI simple. A seamless integration procedure is ensured by this user-friendly interface’s seamless communication and intuitive settings.

● High Conversion Efficiency and Thermal Performance

The EM2130H01QI is a great option for power-hungry applications because it excels in both thermal performance and conversion efficiency. Because of the high conversion efficiency, power losses are kept to a minimum, resulting in longer battery life in portable devices and lower operating costs in bigger systems. Additionally, the higher thermal performance reduces thermal de-rating restrictions, enhancing the longevity and reliability of the device.

Applications of the EM2130H01QI

The EM2130H01QI finds application in a wide range of electronic devices and systems. Some prominent use cases include:

  • High-performance computing systems
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Networking infrastructure
  • Data centers and servers
  • Industrial automation and control systems
  • Consumer electronics
  • Automotive electronics


The EM2130H01QI stands out as an advanced and efficient power management solution, offering precise regulation and reliable performance. Its integrated digital control and elimination of external compensation components ensure stability and streamlined design. For engineers and designers seeking a dependable power solution, the EM2130H01QI is a game-changer for modern electronic devices.

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