Part Number: EN5335QI

Manufacturer: Intel

Description: DC-DC CONVERTER 0.8-3.3V 10W

Shipped from: Shenzhen/HK Warehouse

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Technical Specifications of EN5335QI

Datasheet  EN5335QI datasheet
Category Power Supplies – Board Mount
Family DC DC Converters
Manufacturer Altera
Series Enpirion? 5300
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Type Non-Isolated PoL Module
Number of Outputs 1
Voltage – Input (Min) 2.375V
Voltage – Input (Max) 6.6V
Voltage – Output 1 0.8 ~ 3.3 V
Voltage – Output 2
Voltage – Output 3
Current – Output (Max) 3A
Power (Watts) – Manufacture Series
Voltage – Isolation
Applications ITE (Commercial)
Features Remote On/Off, OCP, OTP, OVP, UVLO
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package / Case 44-QFN
Size / Dimension 0.39″ L x 0.30″ W x 0.07″ H (10.0mm x 7.5mm x 1.9mm)
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C
Efficiency 93%
Power (Watts) – Max


Welcome to The Complete Guide to EN5335QI – a cutting-edge DC-DC converter from Intel® Enpirion®. This revolutionary PowerSoC device is engineered to meet the stringent voltage and transient requirements of high-performance, low-power processors, DSPs, FPGAs, memory boards, and system-level applications. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the advanced circuit techniques, ultra-high switching frequency, and proprietary inductor technology that make EN5335QI stand out in the world of non-isolated DC-DC conversion.

What is the EN5335QI PowerSoC DC-DC Converter?

The Intel® Enpirion® EN5335QI is a cutting-edge PowerSoC (Power System on a Chip) DC-DC converter. The high-performance, low-power CPUs, DSPs, FPGAs, memory boards, and system-level applications of the present and the future are specifically catered to by it, as are the exact voltage and quick transient needs. The EN5335QI is a non-isolated DC-DC converter that uses patented inductor technology, high switching frequencies, and innovative circuit approaches to provide high-quality and ultra-compact power conversion.

Key Features and Advantages of EN5335QI

The EN5335QI is unique due to its outstanding qualities and benefits:

  • High Efficiency: The converter has a remarkable efficiency level thanks to its ultra-high switching frequency, which also leads to minimum power loss and better energy utilization.
  • Fast Transient Response: The EN5335QI ensures a constant output voltage even during sudden load fluctuations, which is essential in high-performance applications, thanks to its capacity to handle fast transient needs.
  • Design Simplified: The EN5335QI simplifies the design process and lowers system complexity by operating with as little as three external components, including tiny input and output ceramic capacitors and a soft-start capacitor.
  • High-Density Integration: Patented inductor technology and cutting-edge integrated circuits enable an ultra-compact design, conserving priceless board space and improving system integration as a whole.
  • Enhanced Reliability: The EN5335QI has increased reliability thanks to its cutting-edge design and components, which guarantee reliable operation even under difficult operating conditions.

Applications and Use Cases

The EN5335QI has a wide range of uses in electronic equipment and systems, including:

  • High-Performance Processors: In situations where precise voltage management and quick transient response are essential for a processor’s effective operation.
  • In order to meet the high-speed processing requirements of DSP applications, digital signal processors (DSPs) must be able to produce reliable, clean power.
  • FPGAs: Facilitating dependable power transmission to FPGA devices, which is necessary for their intricate and dynamic designs.
  • Memory Boards: Providing precise voltage regulation and transient response for memory operation stability in systems with lots of data.

Applications at the system level include distributed power topologies, where EN5335QI effectively manages a range of loads and power demands.

For designers looking for high-performance, dependable, and space-efficient power conversion in their electronic applications, the EN5335QI is the go-to choice thanks to its remarkable characteristics.

Consider how much EN5335QI can simplify system design, layout, and production as you consider its possibilities. This will help you save money overall. The EN5335QI PowerSoC DC-DC converter is poised to reinvent power management in cutting-edge electronic devices and systems thanks to its market-leading features and benefits.

Ultra High Switching Frequency and its Benefits

The EN5335QI stands apart from conventional DC-DC converters thanks to its ultra-high switching frequency. The rate at which the converter’s power switches turn on and off to control the output voltage is referred to as the switching frequency. The EN5335QI offers several noticeable advantages by operating at an extremely high switching frequency, often in the megahertz range:

Increased Effectiveness Greater overall efficiency is the result of lower switching losses caused by higher switching frequencies. Increased efficiency in battery-powered applications contributes to energy conservation and increases battery life.

● Compact Design

The use of smaller passive components, such as inductors and capacitors, is made possible by the ultra-high switching frequency. The EN5335QI achieves an ultra-compact form factor as a result, making it perfect for electronic systems with limited space.

● Fast Transient Response

The EN5335QI can react quickly to transients or sudden changes in load current, thanks to its high switching frequency. For delicate and high-performance electronic components, a consistent output voltage is essential, and this quick transient response assures that.

● Reduced Electromagnetic Interfering (EMI) Emissions

Operating at higher frequencies frequently aids in minimizing EMI emissions, making it simpler to meet regulatory standards and lowering the possibility of interfering with surrounding electronic components.

Proprietary Inductor Technology for High-Density Integration

Although inductors are crucial parts of DC-DC converters, the converter’s overall compactness may be constrained by their size and capacity for energy storage. This problem is solved by EN5335QI’s patented inductor technology, which allows for high-density integration. These are the main benefits of this strategy:

● Compact Design

The high-performance, compact inductors can be designed thanks to the patented inductor technology. The overall compactness of the EN5335QI is a result of these smaller inductors, which also helps to save critical board space.

● Enhanced Efficiency

A higher converter efficiency is a result of the improved energy storage capacity of the patented inductors. This increase in efficiency results in less power being lost and better thermal performance.

● Reliable Power Delivery

Even under variable load conditions, the high-density integration of inductors assures steady and reliable power delivery. The proper operation of delicate electrical components depends on this reliability.

How EN5335QI Meets Fast Transient Requirements

In high-performance applications where rapid variations in load current can happen often, quick transient response is essential. The innovative circuit techniques and architecture of the EN5335QI enable it to satisfy certain fast-transient requirements successfully:

  • Advanced Control Loops: The EN5335QI makes use of complex control loops that constantly monitor the output voltage and modify the switching frequency in order to quickly react to variations in load current. During transient events, this real-time regulation guarantees a stable output voltage.
  • Proprietary Compensation Techniques: The proprietary compensation techniques used by the converter help balance speed and stability. Through thorough tuning, the EN5335QI is kept operating steadily while quickly adjusting to rapid load variations.
  • High Switching Frequency: As was already indicated, the EN5335QI’s ultra-high switching frequency enables quick response times, assisting the converter in swiftly adjusting to fast load transients.

Overall, the EN5335QI is a powerful DC-DC converter that can satisfy the demanding requirements of high-performance, low-power electronic applications because to its mix of cutting-edge circuit approaches, ultra-high switching frequency, and patented inductor technology.

System-Level Benefits and Cost Savings

In addition to being exceptional in power conversion, EN5335QI also offers system-level advantages that streamline layout, design, and productivity. Its streamlined design and integrated architecture maximize space savings, providing a quicker time to market and more excellent reliability.

The EN5335QI streamlines supply chain management by eliminating the need for many vendors by integrating the power solution into a single component. It also complies with RoHS and was produced in a lead-free facility, meeting environmental norms.

With its tremendous performance and cost-effective advantages for high-performance electronic applications, EN5335QI is a game-changer.

Frequently Asked Questions about EN5335QI

● How does EN5335QI handle fast transient requirements?

Due to its advanced control loops and ultra-high switching frequency, EN5335QI is ideal for high-performance applications that require precise voltage regulation during fast transient events. The converter continuously monitors the output voltage and rapidly adjusts the switching frequency to respond to sudden changes in load current.

● Can EN5335QI be used in battery-powered applications?

Yes, EN5335QI is battery-friendly. Its energy efficiency, small design, and low component count extend portable device battery life. EN5335QI efficiently regulates power delivery, making it excellent for smartphones, wearables, and other battery-operated devices.

● Are there any specific layout guidelines for EN5335QI integration?

Maximizing EN5335QI integration can be achieved through the use of layout guidelines. Careful consideration of component location and power trace routing can help to reduce EMI emissions. In order to ensure reliable functioning, sufficient ground planes and heat management must be implemented. To achieve optimal results, it is advisable to follow the layout and application notes provided by the manufacturer.

● How does EN5335QI contribute to system-level cost savings?

EN5335QI has various system-level cost-saving features. Its integrated design lowers extraneous components, simplifying system design and minimizing material costs. The PowerSoC’s small form size saves board space, lowering PCB production costs. EN5335QI also reduces the number of vendors by integrating the power solution into a single component, simplifying procurement and potentially saving money through volume purchasing agreements. These benefits reduce system costs.


In conclusion, the EN5335QI PowerSoC DC-DC converter from Intel® Enpirion® is poised to revolutionize power management in high-performance electronic applications. Its advanced capabilities include ultra-high switching frequency, fast transient response, and proprietary inductor technology, ensuring efficient and reliable power conversion.

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