Part Number: EP3C40F484C6N

Manufacturer: Intel

Description: IC FPGA 331 I/O 484FBGA

Shipped from: Shenzhen/HK Warehouse

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Technical Specifications of EP3C40F484C6N

Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family Embedded – FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Array)
Manufacturer Altera
Series Cyclone? III
Part Status Active
Number of LABs/CLBs 2475
Number of Logic Elements/Cells 39600
Total RAM Bits 1161216
Number of I/O 331
Number of Gates
Voltage – Supply 1.15 V ~ 1.25 V
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Operating Temperature 0°C ~ 85°C (TJ)
Package / Case 484-BGA
Supplier Device Package 484-FBGA (23×23)


The Cyclone® III EP3C40F484C6N FPGA from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is a member of the Cyclone III device family. It has a great mix of high functionality, low power usage, and low cost. This FPGA version is made to meet the design goals of high-volume, low-power, and cost-sensitive applications. The EP3C40F484C6N is great for a wide range of uses because it has advanced features, such as security features. In this in-depth guide, we will look at the Cyclone III EP3C40F484C6N FPGA’s most important features, perks, and uses.

Overview of Cyclone III FPGAs

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’s (TSMC) Cyclone III device family is a well-known line of Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). These FPGAs are made to meet the needs of systems that need a lot of them, use little power, and are cost-conscious. Cyclone III FPGAs have gotten a lot of attention in the semiconductor industry because they have a good mix of high functionality, low power usage, and low cost.

Unique Selling Points

  • High Functionality: Cyclone III FPGAs have a wide range of logic elements (LEs) and memory sizes, from 5K to 200K LEs and 0.5 Mbits to 8 Mbits of memory. This high level of functionality makes it easy for designers to use complicated digital systems and advanced algorithms.
  • Low power use: One of the best things about the Cyclone III family is that it can offer great performance while using as little power as possible. Because they are made with TSMC’s low-power (LP) process technology, these FPGAs use very little power. This makes them perfect for battery-powered and energy-sensitive apps.
  • Low Cost: Cyclone III FPGAs are made with price in mind, which makes them a good choice for a wide range of projects. These FPGAs are a great deal because they allow manufacturers to make a lot of applications without sacrificing their efficiency.

Advantages of TSMC’s Low-Power Process Technology and Silicon Optimizations

● TSMC’s LP Process Technology

TSMC’s low-power (LP) process technology is used to make Cyclone III FPGAs. This new way of making things is designed to use as little power as possible. This makes sure that FPGAs work well in places where power is limited.

● Silicon improvements

Cyclone III devices go through strict silicon improvements to make them work better and use less energy. During these optimizations, different parts of the silicon design are fine-tuned to find the best balance between speed, usefulness, and power use.

● Power-Efficient Software Features

Cyclone III FPGAs have power-efficient software features in addition to hardware-level improvements. These software-level improvements work with the hardware design to reduce the amount of power the FPGA uses even more.

People like the Cyclone III device family because it has a lot of useful features, uses little power, and is affordable. Cyclone III FPGAs have become a popular choice for many uses where power budget, functionality, and cost are important. This is because they use TSMC’s low-power process technology and have silicon and software optimizations. Cyclone III FPGAs are the best way to meet the design needs of current applications, whether they are for industrial automation, the Internet of Things (IoT), automotive systems, or consumer electronics.

Introduction to EP3C40F484C6N FPGA

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) makes the EP3C40F484C6N, which is a special type of the Cyclone III device family. As a member of this family, the EP3C40F484C6N FPGA has all the great qualities of Cyclone III devices, such as high functionality, low power use, and low cost. This version of the FPGA is made to work with a wide range of applications, making it a flexible and reliable choice for many businesses.

Specific Characteristics and Capabilities

● Logic Elements (LEs)

The EP3C40F484C6N FPGA has a large number of logic elements, making it a flexible and scalable base for making complex digital circuits. Designers can use these LEs to make complex algorithms, digital signal processing (DSP) modules, and unique logic that fits the needs of their particular application.

● Memory Capacity

The EP3C40F484C6N FPGA has a memory capacity of up to 0.5 Mbits, which is plenty of space for data buffers, setup settings, and other important data. The on-chip memory resources make it easier to handle data efficiently and lower the need for external memory components. This makes the design simpler and cheaper.

● Low Static Power Consumption

The Cyclone III family is known for its power economy, and the EP3C40F484C6N is no different. It uses less than a quarter watt of static power, which makes it perfect for battery-powered devices, portable systems, and apps that save energy.

● High-Performance I/Os

The FPGA has a variety of high-performance I/Os that make it easy to connect to tools and other external components. These I/Os support a wide range of signaling standards, which makes them compatible with a variety of communication methods.

● Configurability and Flexibility

As an FPGA, the EP3C40F484C6N has unmatched configurability, which lets designers change the device’s logic and routing resources as required. This allows for quick prototyping, the design that changes over time, and the ability to adapt to changing project needs.

Targeted Applications and Industries

Due to its combination of features and capabilities, the EP3C40F484C6N FPGA is a good fit for a variety of applications across many industries. This FPGA excels in a number of the targeted applications and sectors, including:

  • Industrial Automation: The FPGA is a great fit for industrial automation systems due to its flexibility and high functionality. It can provide data processing, real-time control, and integration with a variety of sensors and actuators, which improves industrial processes and boosts productivity.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): The EP3C40F484C6N FPGA’s high-performance I/Os and low power consumption make it an excellent choice for IoT applications. It can act as the IoT devices’ central processing unit, enabling edge computing and making data gathering and analysis easier.
  • Applications for communications and networking benefit greatly from the high-speed I/Os and programmable logic of the FPGA. Custom protocols, packet processing, even network switches or routers can be implemented with it.
  • car: The flexibility and memory capacity of the FPGA can be used to construct advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), entertainment systems, and control modules in the car industry.
  • Consumer electronics: The FPGA is appropriate for many consumer electronics applications, including wearable technology, smart home automation, and multimedia systems, because of its low power consumption and configurability.
  • Medical Devices: The FPGA’s capabilities can be used in medical applications for data encryption, medical imaging, and signal processing, and portable medical devices must have low power consumption.
  • Aerospace and Defense: The reliability, configurability, and power efficiency of the EP3C40F484C6N FPGA are advantageous for applications in aerospace and defense, such as avionics, radars, and secure communications.


In conclusion, the Cyclone III EP3C40F484C6N FPGA stands as a powerful and adaptable semiconductor solution that bridges the gap between power efficiency, high functionality, and security capabilities. Its ability to cater to a wide array of applications across diverse industries underscores its significance in enabling innovation and driving progress in the ever-evolving technology landscape. As a result, the EP3C40F484C6N FPGA is a compelling choice for designers and engineers seeking to create cutting-edge and efficient solutions for their respective industries.

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