Part Number: EP53A8LQI

Manufacturer: Intel

Description: DC-DC CONVERTER 0.6-5V 5W

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Technical Specifications of EP53A8LQI

Datasheet  EP53A8LQI datasheet
Category Power Supplies – Board Mount
Family DC DC Converters
Manufacturer Altera
Series 5300
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Type Non-Isolated PoL Module
Number of Outputs 1
Voltage – Input (Min) 2.4V
Voltage – Input (Max) 5.5V
Voltage – Output 1 0.6 ~ 5 V
Voltage – Output 2
Voltage – Output 3
Current – Output (Max) 1A
Power (Watts) – Manufacture Series
Voltage – Isolation
Applications ITE (Commercial)
Features Remote On/Off, OCP, OTP, SCP, UVLO
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package / Case 16-QFN
Size / Dimension 0.12″ L x 0.12″ W x 0.04″ H (3.0mm x 3.0mm x 1.1mm)
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C
Efficiency 94%
Power (Watts) – Max

EP53A8LQI Description

To convert direct current to dc voltage, use the EP53A8XQI from Intel®, a Power System on a Chip (PowerSoC). A state-of-the-art 3mm x 3mm x 1.1mm 16-pin QFN package houses the inductor, MOSFET switches, small-signal circuitry, and compensation. Since the inductor is built into the solution and properly matched to the silicon and compensation network, the entire power supply can be characterized accurately. It offers a small footprint for the solution, minimal output ripple, few parts, and great reliability without sacrificing efficiency.

The total area required to execute the solution is just 21mm2, and it can work in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius. The EP53A8xQI’s 3-pin VID makes adjusting the device’s output voltage simple. Two optimal output voltage settings range to cover the most common VOUT values. VID pins allow for instantaneous dynamic voltage scaling. Moreover, an external voltage divider is available for use with EP53A8LQI. The Enpirion product line is fully lead-free and RoHS-compliant.

EP53A8LQI Features

  • Technology for Integrated Inductors.
  • Temperatures Outside May Be Anything From -40°C to +85°C.
  • QFN Packaging, Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 1.1 mm.
  • Size of the Whole Solution: 21 mm2.
  • VOUT Ripple is Kept to a Minimum to Ensure IO Compatibility.
  • A whopping 94% efficiency rate is achievable.
  • A 0.6V to VIN -0.5V voltage drop is at the VOUT terminal.
  • Maintaining a Constant Current of 1A.
  • The switching frequency is 5 MHz.
  • Voltage scaling without interruptions using a 3-pin VID.
  • A soft-starting circuitry is included.
  • Safeguards against overcurrent and short circuits.
  • Safety from the Sun’s Rays and High Temperatures.
  • The PowerSoC Solution with IC-Level Reliability.

EP53A8LQI  Applications

  • RF applications and Portable Wireless
  • Noise and Space Sensitive Applications

EP53A8LQI Functional Description

SoC for synchronously reducing DC voltage Two tiny MLCC capacitors and a 0201 MLC resistor are all needed to complete the EP53A8xQI’s DC-DC converter solution. The tiny QFN package (3mm x 3mm x 1.1mm) has a MOSFET switch, PWM controller, compensation, Gate-drive, and inductor. Very low levels of output ripple and noise are made possible by the high level of integration and state-of-the-art packaging. For superior noise immunity and load matching to cutting-edge 90nm loads, the EP53A8xQI uses voltage mode control. The user can select from 8 different output voltages via a 3-pin VID. The EP53A8xQI provides two distinct VID voltage output ranges.

The EP53A8HQI allows VOUT settings between 1.8V and 3.3V, while the EP53A8LQI allows VID settings between 0.8V and 1.5V and the option of using an external resistor divider to program the output setting throughout the 0.6V to VIN-0.5V range. Power density is measured in watts per cubic inch, and the EP53A8xQI is the most powerful 1A DC-DC converter available. Altera’s patented power MOSFET technology is the primary enabler of this groundbreaking integration. To provide very low switching loss at high switching frequencies and a high integration level, state-of-the-art MOSFET switches are implemented in deep-submicron CMOS.

All switching, control and compensating circuitry can be seamlessly integrated thanks to the semiconductor process. Thanks to the unique magnetics design, the high-density, high-value magnetics are packed into a tiny package. We achieve this by meticulously matching the magnetics in our Altera Enpirion chips with our control and compensation circuitry, resulting in a system whose performance is guaranteed across the board. UVLO (under-voltage lock-out), OCP (over-current protection), SCP (short circuit protection), and TOP (thermal overload protection) are all examples of safety measures.

● Integrated Inductor: Low-Noise Low-EMI

An exclusive low-loss integrated inductor is used in the EP53A8xQI. Integrating the inductor reduces complexity in power supply design. Because of its compact design and natural shielding, an integrated inductor significantly lowers the amount of conducted and radiated noise that can couple into the PCB’s lines. As a further measure, the package layout is improved to shorten the electrical route length for the high di/dT input AC ripple currents that are a key contributor to radiated emissions from DC-DC converters. The integrated inductor is the best answer for low-power DCDC converters design issues like complexity, output ripple, and noise.

● Voltage Mode Control, High Bandwidth

The EP53A8xQI incorporates a type III compensating network into its design. Modern integrated circuits (ICs) are manufactured using sub-90 nm process technology, and voltage mode control is impedance matched to this process. Because of the strong noise immunity provided by voltage mode control at low load currents, the same high levels of accuracy and minimal ripple may be maintained across the board. Because of the high switching frequency, a large control loop bandwidth is possible, leading to superb transient performance.

● Soft Start

When the device is turned on after being powered down or when the “ENABLE” pin is asserted “high,” inrush current is limited by internal soft start circuits. The VOUT ramp rate is regulated digitally to prevent damage to the Power MOSFETS and the integrated inductor. Compared to the EP53A8LQI, the EP53A8HQI features a soft-start slew rate that is twice as fast.

● Over Current/Short Circuit Protection

The current limit function is implemented by measuring the current through a sense P-MOSFET and comparing it to a set threshold. At this point, the P-FET turns off, and the N-FET turns on, causing VOUT to drop. After about 0.5mS in this state, a regular soft start is performed. This process will repeat again until the overcurrent condition is resolved.

● Under Voltage Lockout

A lockout circuit for low input voltage prevents the switching circuitry from activating at power on. Reactivation of the lockout mechanism will prevent the switches from functioning. Adding hysteresis helps quiet the transitions between states.

● Enable

The converter can be disabled or enabled through the ENABLE pin. The converter will power off if the logic level is set to low. With a logic high, the converter will begin operating normally. To avoid damage, the ENABLE pin must not be left unconnected.

● Thermal Shutdown

The junction temperature will rise if too much energy is wasted in the chip. The thermal shutdown circuit cuts off the converter’s output voltage if the junction temperature rises over the thermal shutdown temperature. The device will go through its standard startup routine after the junction temperature drops by 25C.


To summarize, the EP53A8xQI from Intel® is an advanced PowerSoC solution with a small footprint, high reliability, and high efficiency. Its safety measures and the ability for instantaneous dynamic voltage scaling make it an ideal choice for low-power DC-DC converter applications. With ICRFQ’s commitment to quality components and exceptional customer service, you can trust us to help you achieve your electronic project goals. Don’t hesitate to place your order today and experience the difference for yourself.

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