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The FCB20N60TM is a product you should know about if you’re interested in high-performance power management solutions. Developed by Fairchild Semiconductor, this incredible chip is a member of the SuperFET® MOSFET family and is meant to alter the face of high-voltage power electronics. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll examine the FCB20N60TM from every angle, explaining why it’s the best choice for power-critical applications and diving deep into its features, specifications, and use cases.

Unveiling the FCB20N60TM

The FCB20N60TM is a first-generation high-voltage SuperFET® MOSFET from Fairchild Semiconductor, marking a major advancement in power management. What you must know about this remarkable semiconductor device is as follows.

Outstanding Voltage and Performance

It is a showcase of modern power management technology, as it is capable of withstanding extremely high voltages and exhibiting exceptional performance characteristics.

Voltage Rating

  • The FCB20N60TM’s remarkable capabilities are built around its excellent voltage rating. This super-junction MOSFET is designed to handle 650 volts even at junction temperatures of up to 150°C. This attribute makes it an excellent choice for high-voltage applications requiring dependability and endurance. It is capable of handling projects in the industrial, renewable energy, and other high-voltage domains.

Low On-Resistance

  • In power management, efficiency is the name of the game, and the FCB20N60TM delivers on this front with its low on-resistance (RDS(on). This MOSFET minimizes conduction loss during operation with a typical RDS(on) of only 150 m. What does this have to do with your applications? It results to less wasted energy and more efficient power consumption. The FCB20N60TM guarantees that power flows easily and effectively by decreasing resistance to a minimum, allowing your systems to function at their best.

In essence, the FCB20N60TM’s combination of high voltage handling and low on-resistance provides a perfect synergy of durability and performance, distinguishing it as a must-have for projects requiring excellence in power management and control.

Efficient Gate Control

  • Ultra Low Gate Charge: It has a typical gate charge (Qg) of 75 nC, which translates to precise and efficient switching control.
  • Low Effective Output Capacitance: It improves switching speed and reduces energy loss with a typical effective output capacitance (Coss. eff) of 165 pF.

Robust and Reliable

  • 100% Avalanche Tested: This MOSFET is subjected to extensive testing to verify its dependability under harsh situations.
  • RoHS Compliant: It is RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant, making it an ecologically conscious choice.

Applications of the FCB20N60TM

The FCB20N60TM’s adaptability extends to a wide range of applications, making it a popular choice among power electronics engineers and designers. Among the most important applications are:

● Lighting

It is ideal for high-intensity lighting applications, as it provides effective power management and control. It guarantees that lighting systems perform optimally while consuming less energy and prolonging product lives.

● AC-DC Power Supply

The FCB20N60TM is critical in maintaining stability and dependability in AC-DC power supply devices. It is a great component for power conversion and voltage regulation due to its low on-resistance and efficient gate control.

● Solar Inverter

Solar inverters require components that can efficiently manage high voltages. The FCB20N60TM is ideal for this application, allowing solar energy systems to maximize power output while minimizing energy loss.

● Power Factor Correction (PFC)

The FCB20N60TM performs exceptionally well in PFC applications where keeping a high power factor is critical. Its low on-resistance and gate charge lead to higher power quality and efficiency.

● Server/Telecom Power

It enables reliable and efficient power control in server and telecom power applications. Its capacity to handle high voltages and switch quickly improves data center and communication infrastructure performance.

● Flat Panel Display (FPD) TV Power

Power management solutions that balance performance and efficiency are required for modern FPD TVs. It contributes to meeting these standards by providing high-quality pictures while conserving energy.

● ATX Power

The FCB20N60TM computer power supply with ATX (Advanced Technology Extended) system provides the dependability and efficiency required to support demanding computing workloads.

● Industrial Power Applications

The FCB20N60TM shines as a dependable power management component in a variety of industrial environments. It is extremely useful in industrial automation and control systems due to its high voltage handling, low on-resistance, and gate charge properties.

What is the SuperFET® MOSFET?

Fairchild Semiconductor’s FCB20N60TM is a high-voltage super-junction MOSFET. It is a member of the SuperFET® MOSFET family and is intended for use in high-performance power management applications.

● What is the voltage rating of the FCB20N60TM?

It can withstand 650 volts and a junction temperature (TJ) of 150°C. Because of its high voltage rating, it is appropriate for a wide variety of high-voltage applications.

● What is RDS(on), and why is it important for the FCB20N60TM?

RDS(on) denotes the MOSFET’s on-resistance when in the conducting state. The RDS(on) of the FCB20N60TM is typically 150 m, which is extremely low. A lower RDS(on) indicates reduced conduction loss, which leads to higher efficiency in power management applications.

● What is gate charge (Qg), and why is the FCB20N60TM gate charge so low?

The amount of electric charge necessary to switch the MOSFET on or off is referred to as the gate charge (Qg). The FCB20N60TM is praised for having an extremely low gate charge of 75 nC. This low gate charge guarantees precise and efficient switching control, enhancing overall performance and reducing switching losses.

● What exactly is effective output capacitance (Coss. eff) and why does it matter for the FCB20N60TM?

The effective output capacitance (Coss. eff) of a MOSFET is a measure of the output capacitance that influences switching speed and energy loss. It has a low typical Coss. eff of 165 pF. This property increases switching speed while decreasing energy loss during the switching procedure.

● Is the FCB20N60TM dependability tested?

Yes, it is subjected to extensive testing, including 100% avalanche testing, to verify its dependability in difficult conditions. As a result, it is a solid solution for situations where dependability is vital.

● What are some common uses for the FCB20N60TM?

Lighting, AC-DC power supplies, solar inverters, power factor correction (PFC), server and telecom power, flat panel display (FPD) TV power, ATX power supplies, and numerous industrial power applications all benefit from it’s versatility.

● Is the FCB20N60TM in accordance with environmental regulations?

Yes, it is RoHS compliant, which means it complies with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances requirements, making it an environmentally friendly solution for your projects.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the FCB20N60TM SuperFET® MOSFET is a groundbreaking semiconductor device that brings remarkable efficiency and performance to a wide array of power-critical applications. With its exceptional specifications and versatile applications, it is a top choice for engineers and designers seeking to optimize power management and control. Whether you’re working on lighting, power supplies, solar energy, or industrial systems, it is a key component to consider, ensuring the reliable and efficient operation of your projects. Fairchild Semiconductor’s innovation truly shines in this remarkable piece of technology, unlocking new possibilities in high-voltage power electronics.

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