Part Number: FDS6982AS

Manufacturer: onsemi

Description: MOSFET 2N-CH 30V 6.3A/8.6A 8-SO

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Technical Specifications of FDS6982AS

Datasheet  FDS6982AS datasheet
Category Discrete Semiconductor Products
Family Transistors – FETs, MOSFETs – Arrays
Manufacturer Fairchild Semiconductor
Series PowerTrench?, SyncFET?
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
FET Type 2 N-Channel (Dual)
FET Feature Logic Level Gate
Drain to Source Voltage (Vdss) 30V
Current – Continuous Drain (Id) @ 25°C 6.3A, 8.6A
Rds On (Max) @ Id, Vgs 28 mOhm @ 6.3A, 10V
Vgs(th) (Max) @ Id 3V @ 250μA
Gate Charge (Qg) @ Vgs 15nC @ 10V
Input Capacitance (Ciss) @ Vds 610pF @ 10V
Power – Max 900mW
Operating Temperature -55°C ~ 150°C (TJ)
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package / Case 8-SOIC (0.154″, 3.90mm Width)
Supplier Device Package 8-SO

FDS6982AS Introduction

The power MOSFET transistor, also known as the FDS6982AS, is a part that is used in many electrical circuits to control power. MOSFETs, metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors, are devices controlled by voltage and can switch huge amounts of current with very little power loss. The FDS6982AS is a member of the family of N-channel MOSFETs, which are a type of semiconductor device that is often used in power electronics. This article will tell you everything you need to know about FDS6982AS, including how it works, what it can be used for, and its electrical specifications, among other things.

General Description

The FDS6982AS replaces two single SO8 MOSFETs and a Schottky diode in synchronous DC: DC power supplies. These power supplies give notebook computers and other electronic devices that run on batteries a range of voltages for their peripherals. In the FDS6982AS, there are two PowerTrench MOSFETs. Both of them are N-channel, 30V devices with logic-level inputs. Their goal is to convert power as efficiently as possible. The low-side switch (Q2) is tuned to reduce conduction losses, while the high-side switch (Q1) focuses on reducing switching losses. The integrated Schottky diode in Q2 is also made with ON Semiconductor’s monolithic SyncFET technology.

Features of FDS6982AS

The FDS6982AS is a high-performance N-channel MOSFET that handles both high voltage and high current. It is a model with the number FDS6982AS. It has a low on-state resistance, which means it can switch much current without wasting much power. The device also has a low gate charge, so it can quickly turn on and off. Because of this, it can be used in many different ways. Because of this, it is perfect for use in situations where switching needs to happen often. Also, the FDS6982AS has a low threshold voltage, which means a low-voltage signal can turn it on.

The FDS6982AS is built to be tough, which is another thing that makes it stand out. Even under a lot of stress, the part can still work normally and be used in places with high temperatures. It also has a low thermal resistance, so it can quickly let heat into the environment. Because of this, it can be used for things that need a lot of power.

Applications of FDS6982AS

The FDS6982AS is a part that is often used in many different kinds of electrical circuits. One of the main ways these circuits are used is to switch power supplies. The device controls current flow in high-power applications such as power supplies, motor control circuits, and similar systems.

Also, FDS6982AS is often used in electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps. Fluorescent lights use electronic ballasts to control the voltage and current sent to them. This can make the lamp work better and last longer. FDS6982AS is perfect for use in electronic ballasts because it has a high switching frequency and a low on-state resistance.

A further use for FDS6982AS can be found in battery management circuits. The device can control how batteries are charged and drained, making them last longer and keeping their performance steady. The FDS6982AS can also be used in DC-DC converters. These are devices that take one DC voltage and change it to another.

Electrical specifications of FDS6982AS

The maximum drain-source voltage of the FDS6982AS is 30 volts, and the maximum continuous drain current is 6.5 amps. On the datasheet, you can find both of these specs. The device’s on-state resistance is only 20 milliohms, and its gate charge is only 5.5 nC, which makes it a low-cost part. The device also has a low threshold voltage of 1.5 volts, which means that a signal with a low voltage can control it.

The device can lose up to 1.8 watts of power; the highest temperature reaching the junction is 175 degrees Celsius. The part also has a low thermal resistance of 62 degrees Celsius per watt, which means it can get rid of heat quickly once made.

The FDS6982AS is available in several packages, such as the SO-8, the SOT-23, and the SC-70. The most common type is the SO-8 package, which can be used for many different things. The SOT-23 and SC-70 packages are smaller, making them a great choice for applications without much space.

Typical Characteristics

The FDS6982AS is an N-channel MOSFET often used in power supply applications. Common examples include:

  • The FDS6982AS is good for low-voltage power supply applications because it can handle up to 30V between the drain and the source.
  • The FDS6982AS can handle a maximum continuous drain current of 9.8A, which means it can be used in high-power settings.
  • Due to its low normal on-resistance of 9.2m, the FDS6982AS is very efficient and uses little power.
  • Because the FDS6982AS has a low gate threshold voltage of 1.4V, it is easy to connect it to microcontrollers and other low-voltage devices.
  • Because its total gate charge is only 28nC, the FDS6982AS can switch quickly and with less switching loss.
  • The FDS6982AS can be used in harsh conditions because it can work from -55°C to 150°C.
  • The FDS6982AS comes in a Power56 package, an easy-to-solder, low-profile surface-mount container.

The FDS6982AS is a great power MOSFET because it has a low on-resistance, a high switching speed, and can handle much power. It can handle a wide range of power supply jobs because it is flexible and strong.


To sum up, the FDS6982AS is a great N-channel MOSFET transistor made for high-power switching applications. Its low on-state resistance, low gate charge, low threshold voltage, ruggedness, and ability to work at high temperatures are just some of the things that make it a good choice for use in many electronic circuits.

It is often used in circuits that switch power, electronic ballasts for fluorescent lights, circuits that manage batteries, and DC-DC converters. The FDS6982AS comes in different packages and can handle a maximum drain-source voltage of 30 volts and a maximum continuous drain current of 6.5 amps. It can be used for a number of different tasks. At ICRFQ, we’re proud to offer only the best electronic parts, and our team of experts is always ready to help you choose the right parts and place an order. Contact us right now and let us help you with your needs for electronic parts.

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