Part Number: FS32K148UAT0VLQT

Manufacturer: NXP USA Inc.

Description: IC MCU 32BIT 2MB FLASH 144LQFP

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NXP Semiconductors’ FS32K148UAT0VLQT microcontroller offers a significant improvement in the world of embedded systems and microcontroller applications. This powerful 32-bit microcontroller, based on the ARM Cortex-M4F core, has a slew of amazing features and characteristics, making it an excellent choice for developers and engineers alike.

Key Features

The FS32K148UAT0VLQT microcontroller has a plethora of critical features and capabilities, making it a versatile and strong solution for embedded systems and microcontroller applications. Here’s a rundown of some of its most notable features:

Operating Characteristics

  • Voltage Range: Operates in the 2.7V to 5.5V voltage range, giving flexibility for various power supply arrangements.
  • Temperature Range: It is ideal for both normal and high-temperature situations, with a temperature range of -40°C to 105°C for HSRUN mode and up to 150°C for RUN mode.

Arm™ Cortex-M4F/M0+ Core:

  • The CPU is a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4F core that can run at speeds of up to 112 MHz in HSRUN mode.
  • A performance rating of 1.25 Dhrystone MIPS per MHz is achieved.
  • The ARMv7 architecture and the Thumb®-2 ISA (Instruction Set Architecture) are used.
  • A Digital Signal Processor (DSP) is integrated for signal processing operations.
  • For efficient interrupt management, a Configurable Nested Vectored Interrupt Controller (NVIC) is provided.
  • A Single Precision Floating Point Unit (FPU) is included for floating-point arithmetic operations.

Clock Interfaces:

  • Supports a fast external oscillator (SOSC), a fast internal RC oscillator (FIRC), a slow internal RC oscillator (SIRC), and a low-power oscillator (LPO).
  • Clock generation is handled by a System Phased Lock Loop (SPLL), with speeds reaching 112 MHz in HSRUN mode.
  • Provides debugging and programming clock signals such as TCLK and SWD_CLK.
  • A 32 kHz Real-Time Counter external clock (RTC_CLKIN) is included.

Power Management

  • A low-power Arm Cortex-M4F/M0+ CPU with great energy efficiency is used.
  • A Power Management Controller (PMC) with multiple power modes such as HSRUN, RUN, STOP, VLPR, and VLPS is included.
  • Certain operations, such as CSEc (Security) or EEPROM writes/erase, raise error flags in HSRUN mode, requiring a switch to RUN mode for execution.

Memory and Memory Interfaces:

Supports Error Correction Code (ECC) and has up to 2 MB of program flash memory.

  • FlexNVM provides 64 KB of data flash memory with ECC and EEPROM emulation.
  • For data storage, up to 256 KB of SRAM with ECC is available.
  • Up to 4 KB of FlexRAM is included, which can be used for SRAM or EEPROM emulation.
  • A 4 KB code cache is included to reduce the performance impact of memory access latencies.
  • Supports QuadSPI as well as HyperBusTM for high-speed memory interface.

Mixed-Signal Analog:

  • Each module contains up to two 12-bit Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADC) with up to 32 channel analog inputs.
  • For analog signal comparison, one Analog Comparator (CMP) with an inbuilt 8-bit Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) is included.

Debug Functionality:

  • Includes the Breakpoint (FPB) Unit and Flash Patch, the Instrumentation Trace Macrocell (ITM), the Test Port Interface Unit (TPIU), and the Serial Wire JTAG Debug Port (SWJ-DP) for extended debugging.

Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

  • Provides up to 156 GPIO interrupt-enabled pins for flexible connection and command.
  • For unskippable system events, an NMI is included.

When it comes to embedded systems applications, the FS32K148UAT0VLQT microcontroller’s performance, power efficiency, memory capacity, analog signal processing, and debugging capabilities are all essential aspects. This microcontroller delivers the features and functionality necessary to implement cutting-edge designs in a variety of industries, including the automotive sector, industrial automation, the Internet of Things, and more.

Absolute Maximum Ratings

  • VDD2: The microcontroller’s input supply voltage range. To function properly, it should be between 2.7 V and 5.5 V. It is not permitted to go below -0.3 V or above 5.8 V.
  • VREFH: The high reference voltage for the Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) inputs is specified by this parameter. It should be between 3.3 and 5.0 volts. The absolute upper and lower limits are -0.3 V and 5.8 V.
  • IINJPAD_DC_ABS: This variable represents the continuous DC input current (negative positive or) that can be injected into an I/O pin. The permissible range is -3 to +3 mA.
  • VIN_DC: The continuous DC voltage that can be applied to any I/O pin with respect to ground (VSS) is specified by this parameter. The voltage should range between -0.8 V and 5.85 V.
  • IINJSUM_DC_ABS: Under continuous DC conditions, the sum of the absolute value of injected currents on all pins shall not exceed 30 mA.
  • Tramp_MCU: The rate at which the ECU supply voltage can increase is defined as the ramp rate. It should not be higher than 0.5 V/min or 500 V/ms.
  • Tramp_MCU: The MCU supply ramp rate determines how quickly the microcontroller supply voltage can rise. It should not be higher than 0.5 V/min or 100 V/ms.
  • TA: Ambient temperature is the microcontroller’s permitted operating temperature range, which ranges from -40°C to 125°C. Operating the gadget outside of this range may result in problems.
  • TSTG: Storage temperature range indicates the temperature range for safe microcontroller storage, which should be between -55°C and 165°C.
  • VIN_TRANSIENT: The transient overshoot voltage allowed on an I/O pin beyond the VIN_DC limit is specified by this parameter. It should not be higher than 6.8 V.

These absolute maximum ratings are critical for guaranteeing the microcontroller’s reliable and safe performance in a variety of environmental conditions and use scenarios. Excessive use of these restrictions might cause device malfunction, decreased lifespan, or irreversible damage, thus they must be properly followed during design and operation.


In conclusion, the FS32K148UAT0VLQT microcontroller is the pinnacle of embedded system technology, providing an unrivaled combination of performance, memory capacity, power efficiency, security, and versatility. It is the clear choice for developers eager to push the boundaries of microcontroller-based development. Whether you work in the automotive industry, industrial automation, IoT, or another field, this microcontroller enables engineers to bring breakthrough innovations to life with unshakeable confidence and dependability.

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