Part Number: FUO22-16N

Manufacturer: IXYS

Description: BRIDGE RECT 3P 1.6KV 28A I4-PAC

Shipped from: Shenzhen/HK Warehouse

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Technical Specifications of FUO22-16N

Datasheet  FUO22-16N datasheet
Category Discrete Semiconductor Products
Family Diodes – Bridge Rectifiers
Manufacturer IXYS
Packaging Tube
Diode Type Three Phase
Voltage – Peak Reverse (Max) 1600V
Current – DC Forward (If) (Max) 28A
Mounting Type Through Hole
Package / Case i4-Pac?-5
Supplier Device Package ISOPLUS i4-PAC?


With its innovative ISOPLUS i4-PACTM technology, the FUO22-16N Bridge Rectifier Three Phase Standard 1.6 kV is a key component in both electrical and industrial applications. This advanced rectifier is very important because it changes alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC). This makes it possible for machines and systems that need precise and stable power sources to work smoothly.

Its importance comes from its ability to manage and rectify power in three-phase configurations. This makes it an essential part of current industrial processes and applications. In this guide, we get into the details of the FUO22-16N Bridge Rectifier. We look at its features, how it works, what it can be used for, and more, to find out how it affects engineering and technology in different ways.

Overview of the FUO22-16N Bridge Rectifier

Understanding Bridge Rectifiers and Their Function

A bridge rectifier is an important computer part that changes alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC). AC power’s polarity changes, but most electrical devices and systems need a steady flow of current in only one direction. A bridge rectifier does this by using a network of diodes set up in a certain way so that current can only flow in one direction and can’t flow in the other direction.

In simple terms, during the positive half-cycle of the AC input, one set of diodes conducts and lets current flow, and during the negative half-cycle, the other set of diodes conducts, ensuring a steady DC output with little noise.

Introducing the FUO22-16N Bridge Rectifier Model

The FUO22-16N Bridge Rectifier is one of the best examples of a rectifier. This model was made to work well in demanding industrial and business settings. It offers a complete way to convert AC power to stable DC power, meeting the needs of many different electronic systems. The FUO22-16N has the following features, specs, and benefits:


  • Voltage Rating: It can handle input voltages of up to 1.6 kV, which means it can be used for a variety of high-power tasks.
  • Current Rating: Made to handle large amounts of current, which makes power conversion stable and efficient.
  • Uses ISOPLUS i4-PACTM packing technology, which improves performance, thermal efficiency, and isolation.


  • Three-Phase Compatibility: Designed specifically for three-phase power systems, it can be used in commercial settings that use this setup.
  • Through Hole Design: The through-hole design of the package makes it easy to place and mount on printed circuit boards.
  • Efficient Rectification: Uses an optimized diode configuration for efficient AC-to-DC conversion, reducing energy loss and heat production.


  • High Power Handling: Able to handle large amounts of power, this is good for industrial tools, motor drives, and other high-power equipment.
  • Improved thermal performance: The ISOPLUS i4-PACTM technology makes it easier for heat to escape, which makes the rectifier last longer and is more reliable.
  • Robust Isolation: The packaging technology makes sure that there is good electrical isolation, which makes both the rectifier and the systems it is attached to safer.
  • Versatility: The FUO22-16N can be used for many different things because it has through holes and is made of strong materials.

The FUO22-16N Bridge Rectifier type shows how far rectification technology has come because it can handle a lot of power while still being efficient and reliable. Its specialized design and features make it an important part of many manufacturing sectors. In three-phase configurations, it converts AC power to DC power without any problems.

ISOPLUS i4-PAC™ Technology

With its ISOPLUS i4-PACTM packaging technology, which is used in the FUO22-16N Bridge Rectifier, the FUO22-16N Bridge Rectifier changes the way electronic components are packaged to improve thermal performance, electrical isolation, and dependability.

● Thermal Performance

ISOPLUS i4-PACTM has good ways for heat to get rid of itself, so it can work at lower temperatures. This keeps parts from getting too hot, makes them last longer, and keeps them working well even when they are under a lot of stress.

● Electrical Isolation

Insulation materials and designs have improved over the years. This keeps unwanted interactions from happening, which is especially important in high-voltage settings. This protects the system and keeps users safe.

● Reliability

The strong construction of ISOPLUS i4-PACTM and the way the temperature is controlled reduce wear, which improves the general reliability of the components. This means less upkeep and more uptime for the system.

In short, ISOPLUS i4-PACTM technology improves the FUO22-16N Bridge Rectifier’s performance by a lot, making it a key part of using power electronics that are efficient, safe, and long-lasting.

Applications of the FUO22-16N Bridge Rectifier

The FUO22-16N Bridge Rectifier is known for being reliable and using cutting-edge technology. It is used in many industrial and business settings. Its ability to convert AC power to DC power easily in three-phase configurations makes it an important part of many situations. Here are some important ways it can be used:

● Motor Drives

The FUO22-16N is a key part of motor drive systems that need fine control and steady power. From industrial machinery to electric cars, the rectifier makes sure that the DC power source is always the same. This lets the machine run smoothly and improves the motor’s performance.

● Industrial Automation

In industrial automation systems, where accuracy and dependability are very important, the FUO22-16N helps by giving sensors, actuators, controllers, and other important parts dependable DC power. The success of automated processes is improved by their strong design and easy correction.

● Power Supplies

The FUO22-16N can provide stable and ripple-free DC power to power supplies for a wide range of electronic systems, from telecommunications tools to medical devices. Its integration makes sure that sensitive electrical circuits always get clean, steady power.

● Renewable Energy Systems

Renewable energy sources, like wind turbines and solar panels, produce AC voltages that change. These voltages need to be changed into safe DC voltages so that they can be stored or connected to the grid. The FUO22-16N converter helps with this conversion process, which makes the best use of energy.

● Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS):

Uninterruptible Power Supplies use rectifiers to turn the AC power that comes in from the wall into DC power so that the backup batteries can be charged. The FUO22-16N is efficient and stable, which makes it a good backup power source when the power goes out.

● Welding Equipment:

For precise control of welding currents and voltages, welding machines need a steady DC power source. The FUO22-16N’s quick rectification helps welding applications work well and consistently.

● High-Power Systems:

The FUO22-16N can handle large power loads in high-power systems like industrial furnaces, electrochemical processes, and plasma systems. It does this by providing reliable and controlled DC power for the best performance.

● Battery Charging

The rectifier is used in charging stations for electric vehicles to make sure that AC power is efficiently turned into DC power so that batteries can be charged. This helps the electric mobility business grow.

● Energy Storage Systems

The FUO22-16N converts AC power from the grid into DC power for storage systems. This helps with applications like grid stabilization and peak load control.

● Railway and Transportation

The FUO22-16N helps convert power for different onboard systems in train systems and transportation infrastructure. This makes sure that the systems work safely and efficiently.

The FUO22-16N Bridge Rectifier is used in a wide range of businesses because it can be used in many different ways and is reliable. Its addition to stable and efficient power conversion helps many different electronic systems run smoothly, which shows how important it is in modern engineering.


The FUO22-16N Bridge Rectifier with ISOPLUS i4-PAC™ technology encapsulates the pinnacle of power electronics. By efficiently converting AC to DC, it fuels a wide array of industries, including motor drives, automation, and renewable energy. The integration of ISOPLUS i4-PAC™ technology ensures optimal thermal performance, electrical isolation, and reliability.

This rectifier’s significance reverberates across modern industrial applications. Its stable DC output drives precision in motor drives, supports automation’s reliability, and powers sensitive electronics. It empowers renewable energy, reinforces power supplies, and elevates transportation systems. As technology advances, the FUO22-16N Bridge Rectifier remains an emblem of efficient power conversion and a linchpin in the machinery of contemporary industries.  Embark on a journey into frequency synthesis and modulation excellence with us. Reach out to ICRFQ, a top Chinese electronic components distributor, to learn more and acquire the FUO22-16N affordably. Embrace cutting-edge technology for your projects today.

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