Part Number: FXTH87EH11DT1

Manufacturer: NXP Semiconductors

Description: Board Mount Pressure Sensors TPMS E 7X7 900kPa X&Z axis

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Innovations are always pushing the boundaries of what vehicles can achieve in the fast expanding realm of automotive technology. The FXTH87EH11DT1, a compact yet enormously powerful Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor (TPMS) primed to alter how we approach vehicle safety and efficiency, is one of these innovations. The FXTH87EH11DT1 is a testament to the potential for ground-breaking solutions to enhance our driving experiences as technological advancements continue to transform the automotive industry.

This guide delves into the FXTH87EH11DT1, going over aspects including battery life, power optimization, and seamless integration. We talk about its precise pressure sensor, optional accelerometer, and data analytics. Understanding its capabilities allows us to see how it has the potential to transform automotive safety and efficiency, ushering us into a new era of responsive automobiles.

Unveiling the FXTH87EH11DT1

● A Compact Marvel

The FXTH87EH11DT1 is a miniaturization marvel, measuring only 7 x 7 mm. Despite its small size, it contains a wealth of capabilities that make it an essential component for modern automobiles.

● Integration at Its Finest

The FXTH87EH11DT1 is more than a tire pressure sensor; it is a complete solution. Its architecture includes an 8-bit microcontroller (MCU), a pressure sensor, and a dual-axis accelerometer. This combination of features enables more efficient monitoring and data collecting, opening the way for more informed judgments on the road.

Features and Benefits

Prolonged Battery Service Life

  • Long battery life is critical for consistent tire pressure monitoring, assuring long-term safety, performance, and fuel efficiency.
  • Through sophisticated power management and efficient circuitry, the FXTH87EH11DT1 enhances battery life. This system ensures accurate tire pressure monitoring without the need for routine maintenance. The innovation of this sensor improves safety and convenience while encouraging sustainable and efficient driving.

Power Optimization Software

To improve its efficiency even further, the FXTH87EH11DT1 includes power optimization software. This not only enhances the sensor’s battery life but also guarantees that it performs optimally without consuming too much power.

Seamless Compatibility

It is simple to upgrade from earlier versions to the FXTH87EH11DT1. Its electrical connections are pin-to-pin compatible with FXTH87-based consumer applications, making integration easier.

Ready-Made Firmware Subroutines

The provided firmware subroutines that are compatible with FXTH87-based customer applications make integrating the FXTH87EH11DT1 into your existing system much easier. This provides a smooth transition and reduces the need for expensive software upgrades.

Precision Pressure Sensor

Properly inflated tires provide optimal traction, responsive handling, and shorter braking distances. Under-inflated tires can lead to loss of control and accidents, while over-inflated tires risk blowouts. Additionally, precise pressure maintenance improves fuel efficiency, as tires operating at the correct pressure reduce rolling resistance and maximize mileage.

Optional Accelerometer

The FXTH87EH11DT1 is equipped with an optional XZ- or Z-axis accelerometer with an adjustable offset, expanding its functionality beyond tire pressure monitoring. This accelerometer adds significant value to the sensor by allowing it to detect and understand vehicle dynamics. It provides a better knowledge of how the vehicle responds to different driving circumstances by measuring acceleration and deceleration forces in specific directions.

This additional data dimension enables the sensor to contribute to improved vehicle stability, responsiveness, and safety. The adjustable offset option fine-tunes its sensitivity even further, ensuring exact detection in a wide range of driving circumstances. With its accelerometer, the FXTH87EH11DT1 becomes more than just a tire pressure monitor; it also plays an important role in measuring and improving overall driving performance.

Complete Data Insights

The FXTH87EH11DT1 goes above and beyond its primary functions by including two critical components: a temperature sensor and an ADC10-measured voltage reference. These components broaden the breadth of data collecting, offering a complete picture of the vehicle’s operational conditions.

The temperature sensor provides information about the thermal environment, enabling for real-time monitoring of tire and engine temperatures. This information helps to improve tire grip and overall vehicle performance while reducing overheating.

By transforming analog signals into digital data, the voltage reference obtained by the six-channel, 10-bit ADC10 improves data accuracy. This comprehensive data conversion procedure assures constant and trustworthy observations, allowing for detailed study of pressure, acceleration, temperature, and other variables.

Enhanced Data Conversion

The six-channel, 10-bit ADC10 is at the heart of the FXTH87EH11DT1’s data accuracy. This powerful analog-to-digital converter is critical in converting raw data acquired from numerous sensors into exact digital information.

The ADC10 avoids any signal distortions by converting analog signals with high resolution, resulting in accurate and dependable readings. This precision underpins the dependability of tire pressure, acceleration, temperature, and voltage data, allowing for informed decisions.

The FXTH87EH11DT1’s ability to give meaningful insights for vehicle performance analysis is enhanced by the ADC10. Drivers and automotive systems may make intelligent judgments based on trustworthy information when informed by exact data conversion, ultimately contributing to safer and more efficient driving experiences.

Revolutionizing Automotive Safety

The FXTH87EH11DT1 is a paradigm shift in automobile safety, ushering in a new era of safe and efficient driving.

Comprehensive Safety and Efficiency

The FXTH87EH11DT1 delivers a comprehensive safety net by combining its precise pressure sensor, optional accelerometer, temperature sensor, and voltage reference. It maintains proper tire pressure for improved traction, stability, and shorter braking distances. The optional accelerometer improves real-time responsiveness, and temperature monitoring minimizes overheating, hence increasing overall reliability. Accurate data translation refines performance insights even further.

Aligned with Automotive Tech Evolution

The FXTH87EH11DT1 fits in perfectly with today’s connected and intelligent automobiles. Its real-time insights provide critical information to drivers, enabling safer decision-making. As vehicles become more automated, the FXTH87EH11DT1’s capacity to give accurate and meaningful data becomes increasingly important in attaining safer roads and smarter driving.

The FXTH87EH11DT1 is more than just a sensor; it is a defender of safety and efficiency. It is an innovation milestone in the middle of changing technology, guiding us towards safer and smarter mobility.


Finally, the FXTH87EH11DT1 sets a new standard for tire pressure monitoring sensors. With its seamless integration capabilities, outstanding power economy, and rigorous data collecting, it emerges as a vital tool for vehicles dedicated to exceeding performance and safety criteria. As the automotive landscape evolves, this sensor serves as a light of the extraordinary prospects that lie ahead.

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