Part Number: FZ1500R33HL3

Mfr: Infineon Technologies

Description: IGBT Modules N-CH 3.3KV 1.5KA

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In the world of power technology, which changes quickly, efficiency, durability, and dependability are the most important things. The FZ1500R33HL3 is a revolutionary IGBT module with cutting-edge features that make it perfect for a wide range of high-power uses. This detailed guide goes into the technical details and possible uses of the FZ1500R33HL3 module, which has Trench/Fieldstop IGBT3 technology and an emitter-controlled 3-diode. The goal is to show its unique benefits and wide range of uses.

As we learn more about the FZ1500R33HL3 module, the goal of this piece is to show how important it is to the future of power electronics. We will show why the FZ1500R33HL3 is a true game-changer in the world of high-power applications by giving an in-depth look at its electrical and mechanical features and real-world uses. It will set new standards for efficiency, robustness, and stability.

FZ1500R33HL3 General Description and Purpose

The FZ1500R33HL3 module is a high-power electronic part made to make power conversion and control more efficient for a wide range of uses. Its job is to handle high amounts of voltage and current while losing as little energy as possible and being as reliable as possible.

This module is made to work well in high-power systems that need precise switching and regulation of power. It is an important part of power computer systems because it lets electrical energy be changed with few losses and high efficiency.

The FZ1500R33HL3 is a flexible part that can be used in many different businesses and systems, such as, but not limited to:

● Chopper Applications

The module’s high switching frequency and low power losses make it good for chopper circuits, allowing exact control and modulation of power in many industrial and renewable energy systems.

● Medium-Voltage Converters

The module is a great choice for medium-voltage converters used in power distribution, motor drives, and industrial systems because it can handle a lot of energy and is built to last.

● Motor Drives

The FZ1500R33HL3 is a good choice for driving motors in heavy-duty industrial machinery, elevators, and other places because it can handle a lot of power and is reliable.

● Traction Drives

In electric cars and trains, where power conversion efficiency is important for speed and saving energy, this module can handle the power that is needed.

● UPS Systems

The module’s low power losses and high short-circuit capability make it a reliable and efficient option for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, making sure that power stays on even when the power goes out.

● Wind Turbines

The FZ1500R33HL3 is a useful part of wind turbine power converters because it can handle high voltages and current spikes. This means that wind energy can be used to make electricity more efficiently.

Overall, the FZ1500R33HL3 module’s combination of advanced technology, electrical features, and mechanical strength makes it a key enabler for the development of high-power applications in many industries. It promotes energy efficiency and reliable power delivery in a world that is changing quickly.

FZ1500R33HL3 Features

● The Electrical Features

The FZ1500R33HL3 module has a lot of great electrical features that make it easy to meet even the most demanding power needs. With a VCES rating of 3300 V and a nominal IC of 1500 A (ICRM of 3000 A), this module stands out as a powerful option for high-voltage applications. The gadget also has high DC stability, which makes sure that it works the same way no matter what.

The module can handle short circuits very well, which not only keeps it safe but also makes it more reliable for important uses. Its low saturation voltage (VCE, sat) helps reduce power losses, which makes it more energy efficient. The positive temperature coefficient of VCE, sat makes it work better when the temperature changes. This makes it stable over a wide range of temperatures, up to 150°C (Tvj, op).

● Unbeatable Robustness

The FZ1500R33HL3’s unbeatable durability is one of its best qualities. The device is made to work well in harsh environments and under extreme working conditions without losing its performance. This level of toughness means that it will last longer and cost less to maintain for the end user. This makes it a good choice for industrial uses where reliability is very important.

● Mechanical Features

The FZ1500R33HL3 is made not only to be good at using electricity but also to be reliable in other ways. The AlSiC (Aluminum Silicon Carbide) base plate improves its thermal cycling ability by letting heat escape more quickly. This makes the whole system run better. With a CTI (Comparative Tracking Index) of more than 600, the module has great electrical insulation qualities that make sure electrical systems are as safe as possible.

The IHM B housing is small and strong, so the module can be installed in a number of different ways. Also, the separated base plate stops unwanted electrical interference. This makes the module even more reliable and keeps problems from happening in complex setups.

Potential Applications

Because the FZ1500R33HL3 is so flexible, it can be used for a wide range of high-power applications and meet the needs of many different businesses. Some examples of possible uses are:

  • Applications for Choppers: The module’s high switching frequency and low losses make it perfect for chopper circuits, allowing exact control of power in many situations.
  • Medium-Voltage Converters: The high voltage rating and sturdy design of the FZ1500R33HL3 make it a good choice for medium-voltage converters used in power delivery and industrial systems.
  • Motor Drives: The module is great for driving motors in heavy-duty applications like industrial machinery and transportation systems because it can handle a lot of current and is built to last.
  • Traction Drives: The FZ1500R33HL3 is a good choice for traction drives in electric cars and trains. It efficiently converts power to move people and goods in a way that is good for the environment.
  • UPS Systems: The module is a great choice for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems because it has low power losses and can handle short circuits well. This makes it a safe backup power source when the power goes out.


In conclusion, the FZ1500R33HL3 IHM-B module with Trench/Fieldstop IGBT3 and emitter-controlled 3 diode is a major step forward in the field of power electronics. It is the best choice for high-power applications in a wide range of businesses because of its cutting-edge technology and excellent electrical and mechanical properties. Whether you are making medium-voltage converters, traction drives, or wind turbines, the FZ1500R33HL3 is set to change the way power is controlled and changed, bringing in a new era of efficiency and stability that has never been seen before.

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