Part Number: GA355DR7GB223KW01L

Manufacturer: Murata Electronics

Description: CAP CER 0.022UF 250VAC X7R 2220

Shipped from: Shenzhen/HK Warehouse

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Technical Specifications of GA355DR7GB223KW01L

Datasheet  GA355DR7GB223KW01L datasheet
Product Photos 2220 Murata MLCC Caps
Catalog Drawings GB, GD, GF Series_TopGB Series End_2220_5.0 x 2.0GB, GF Series_Side_5.7
Featured Product GA3 Safety Recognized Capacitors
EDA / CAD Models Download from Accelerated Designs
Standard Package 1,000
Category Capacitors
Family Ceramic Capacitors
Series GA3
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Capacitance 0.022μF
Tolerance ±10%
Voltage – Rated 250VAC
Temperature Coefficient X7R
Mounting Type Surface Mount, MLCC
Operating Temperature -55°C ~ 125°C
Applications Safety
Ratings X2
Package / Case 2220 (5750 Metric)
Size / Dimension 0.224″ L x 0.197″ W (5.70mm x 5.00mm)
Height – Seated (Max)
Thickness (Max) 0.059″ (1.50mm)
Lead Spacing
Lead Style
Online Catalog GA3 Series
Other Names 490-5918-2

GA355DR7GB223KW01L Introduction

The GA355DR7GB223KW01L is a type of ceramic capacitor that is often used in electronic systems. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about this particular capacitor, such as its specs, uses, and rules for using it.

Overview of the GA355DR7GB223KW01L Capacitor

A ceramic capacitor is an electronic part that saves electrical energy in an electric field. It is made up of layers of metal electrodes and ceramic material that work as the dielectric. Because they are small, have high capacitance values, and are cheap, ceramic capacitors are used a lot.

The GA355DR7GB223KW01L model is introduced here: The GA355DR7GB223KW01L is a type of ceramic capacitor with a certain model number. It comes in a package size of 2220 (5750 metric), which tells you how big it is. The model is made to have a capacitance value of 0.022 F (microfarads) and a range of 10%. It is a type of capacitor called an X7R.

The GA355DR7GB223KW01L capacitor in the 2220 (5750 metric) package size has certain physical measurements and a certain look. The length and width of the capacitor, which are usually given in imperial and metric numbers, make up the package size. Even though the exact length, width, and height can change a little, it is usually about 5.7 mm long, 5.0 mm wide, and 2.2 mm tall.

The capacitor is usually in the shape of a rectangle, with two metal wires coming out of the bottom. The leads are used to connect the capacitor to other parts in an electronic circuit or to place it on a printed circuit board (PCB). Most capacitors have a ceramic body, and the capacitance value and range are shown by the color of the body.

It’s important to remember that the size and shape of a product can change depending on who made it and when it was made.


  • Capacitance: The number of the GA355DR7GB223KW01L capacitor is 0.022 F (microfarads). Capacitance is a capacitor’s ability to store electrical charge. It is measured in farads (F) or its smaller parts, like microfarads (F) in this case. With a capacitance of 0.022 F, this capacitor can hold a small amount of electrical charge.
  • Tolerance: The GA355DR7GB223KW01L capacitor has a 10% tolerance. Tolerance is the amount by which the real value of a capacitor’s capacitance can be different from the stated value. With a 10% tolerance, the real capacitance of the capacitor can be within 10% of the nominal value. So, the GA355DR7GB223KW01L capacitor can have a real capacitance of anywhere from 0.0198 F to 0.0242 F.
  • value for voltage: the 250 VAC (alternating current) value for the GA355DR7GB223KW01L capacitor. The voltage number shows how much voltage the capacitor can safely handle without breaking down or being damaged by electricity. In this case, the capacitor is made to work with up to 250 volts of AC power.
  • Type of capacitor: The GA355DR7GB223KW01L capacitor is a type X7R capacitor. X7R is a popular type of ceramic capacitor whose dielectric is a certain type of ceramic. X7R capacitors are known for their stable capacitance over a wide range of temperatures and frequencies, which makes them good for many different uses.

The GA355DR7GB223KW01L capacitor has a box size of 2220 (5750 metric). The package size is a standard label that tells you how big the capacitor is. In this case, the 2220 (5750 metric) package size usually means that the length is about 5.7 mm, the width is about 5.0 mm, and the height is about 2.2 mm. It’s important to remember that the package size can change slightly from one manufacturer to the next, but it still gives a good idea of how big the capacitor is.

These specs give important information about the GA355DR7GB223KW01L capacitor’s capacitance, tolerance, voltage rating, capacitor type, and package size. This helps users choose the right capacitor for their electronic systems and use it in the right way.

GA355DR7GB223KW01L Applications

You can find the GA355DR7GB223KW01L capacitor in many electronic circuits and devices because of its unique specifications. There are a variety of applications that are commonly used.

Let’s talk about power supplies. The GA355DR7GB223KW01L capacitor is a common component used in power supply circuits to help filter out unwanted noise and maintain stable voltage levels. This component is really useful because it helps to make sure that the power supply for other parts is stable and clean by smoothing out the voltage and reducing any ripple.

In electronic circuits, capacitors such as the GA355DR7GB223KW01L are often used for decoupling and bypassing. These components create a pathway for high-frequency noise that could potentially harm sensitive components. Parallel placement of capacitors on power and ground lines helps eliminate any unwanted noise and ensure the smooth functioning of integrated circuits and other components.

If you need precise timing intervals, you can use the GA355DR7GB223KW01L capacitor in your timing circuits. You can use it along with resistors to make RC timing circuits that are useful for creating oscillators, timers, and clock generators.

  1. Capacitors are really important when it comes to connecting audio and AC signals between different amplifier stages or electronic systems. The GA355DR7GB223KW01L is a versatile component that can come in handy for signal coupling, DC blocking, and AC coupling in various applications such as audio amplifiers, filters, and communication systems.

If you’re working with electric motors, you might find it helpful to know that the GA355DR7GB223KW01L capacitor can be used as either a start or run capacitor. The thing is, this helps give the motor the kick it needs to start up and also helps it keep running smoothly while it’s in use.

Lighting systems use a capacitor called GA355DR7GB223KW01L to ensure stability and power factor correction in LED drivers and ballasts. By regulating current and voltage levels, it can enhance the efficiency and performance of the system.

There are several applications where you can find the GA355DR7GB223KW01L capacitor. Here are a few examples. Just keep in mind that how you implement and use it may differ based on the circuit’s needs and design factors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean that the GA355DR7GB223KW01L capacitor can be off by up to 10%?

The 10% tolerance means that the number of capacitances can be off by up to 10%.

Can the GA355DR7GB223KW01L capacitor be used with voltages higher than 250V?

No, it’s not a good idea to go over the 250VAC voltage limit.

Can a different package size replace the GA355DR7GB223KW01L capacitor?

Most of the time, you shouldn’t switch out capacitors with different box sizes.

Does the GA355DR7GB223KW01L capacitor need to be stored or handled in a certain way?

Follow normal ESD precautions and keep the capacitors somewhere cool and dry.

Can the GA355DR7GB223KW01L capacitor be used in high-frequency situations?

Yes, it can be used for a lot of different bands, even high-frequency ones.


In short, the GA355DR7GB223KW01L capacitor is a ceramic capacitor with a capacitance of 0.022 F, a tolerance of 10%, and a voltage value of 250VAC. It is used a lot in power supplies, decoupling circuits, timing circuits, coupling and filtering uses, motor start and run systems, and lighting systems. The 10% tolerance allows for a small difference from the given capacitance value, but it is important not to go over the voltage rating to avoid damage. This capacitor’s X7R insulator makes sure that the capacitance stays the same at different temperatures and frequencies. By knowing how the GA355DR7GB223KW01L capacitor works and what it is used for, you can make choices that will give your electronic systems reliable performance.

At ICRFQ, our main goal is to help you choose the right parts for your projects. Our team is here to help you get the most out of the GA355DR7GB223KW01L capacitor by giving you expert advice, sharing information, and giving you support.

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