Part Number: GD5F2GQ5UEYIGR

Manufacturer: GigaDevice Semiconductor (HK) Limited

Description: LINEAR IC

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The GD5F2GQ5UEYIGR is an outstanding SPI NAND Flash memory device that provides a low-cost, high-density nonvolatile memory storage solution for embedded systems. In this comprehensive overview, we will look at the GD5F2GQ5UEYIGR’s essential features, benefits, and applications.

Introduction to GD5F2GQ5UEYIGR

The GD5F2GQ5UEYIGR is intended to be a viable alternative to SPI-NOR and traditional parallel NAND Flash memory solutions. It distinguishes itself with innovative features and a good cost-performance ratio. Here are some of the important features of this NAND Flash memory device:

  • Total Pin Count: With just 8 pins, including VCC and GND, it offers a streamlined interface.
  • Density: This device has a capacity of 2Gb, providing ample storage space for various applications.
  • Superior Write Performance: The GD5F2GQ5UEYIGR outperforms SPI-NOR memory in terms of write performance and offers a cost advantage over parallel NAND Flash memory.
  • Low Cost: It is significantly more cost-effective than standard parallel NAND Flash memory solutions.

Industry-Standard SPI Interface

The Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) is used by the GD5F2GQ5UEYIGR. It keeps the same pinout layout throughout densities, providing it a stable and dependable memory storage option.

This SPI NAND Flash’s command sets are similar to normal SPI-NOR command sets, with modifications to handle NAND-specific functions and new capabilities.

Advanced Features of GD5F2GQ5UEYIGR

The GD5F2GQ5UEYIGR distinguishes itself with a number of innovative features that simplify host management and improve data reliability. These characteristics increase its usefulness for a wide range of embedded applications. Let’s take a closer look at these sophisticated capabilities:

User-Selectable Internal ECC:

  • The GD5F2GQ5UEYIGR has a user-selectable inbuilt Error Correction Code (ECC). ECC parity is generated internally during page program operations.
  • This inbuilt ECC technique transforms data correctness and integrity. It detects and corrects problems in accessing data from the cache register, guaranteeing that your stored data is reliable and free of data corruption.

Internal Data Move or Copy Back with Internal ECC:

  • This feature adds a command that streamlines data refreshing and trash collection processes by eliminating the requirement for data shift operations. It is particularly useful when working with blocks with the same parity characteristic.
  • Data management within NAND Flash memory is becoming more efficient and simplified. Unnecessary data transfers are eliminated, resulting in improved speed and less wear on memory cells.

Power-On Read with Internal ECC:

  • When powered up, the GD5F2GQ5UEYIGR initiates reading the first page of the first block into its cache. During the boot process, this enables immediate data reading from the cache. Furthermore, the inherent ECC algorithm ensures the data’s validity.
  • This functionality simplifies the system boot procedure and speeds up access to vital data. It ensures that your system starts up reliably and efficiently by automatically checking data integrity through internal ECC.

To summarize, the sophisticated features of the GD5F2GQ5UEYIGR go beyond basic data storage. They enable the device to actively handle data, repair problems, and ensure that the system runs smoothly. Whether you are creating applications in industrial automation, IoT, or any other industry where data quality and efficiency are critical, the GD5F2GQ5UEYIGR is an excellent solution for your embedded memory needs.

Data Transfer and Operations

The GD5F2GQ5UEYIGR performs data operations in page-based operations and block-based erasures. Page by page, data is transmitted to and from the NAND Flash memory array, leveraging data and cache registers for efficient read/write operations.

A SPI status register is also included in the device, which reports the state of device activities.

Key Specifications of GD5F2GQ5UEYIGR

The GD5F2GQ5UEYIGR is a highly capable SPI NAND Flash memory device, characterized by a range of key specifications that make it an excellent choice for various embedded applications. Let’s delve into these specifications in detail:

2Gb SLC NAND Flash:

  • This device has a storage capacity of 2 Gigabits (Gb) and uses Single-Level Cell (SLC) NAND Flash technology.
  • SLC NAND Flash is known for its dependability and great performance, making it ideal for applications requiring data integrity and longevity.

Page Sizes

  • The GD5F2GQ5UEYIGR is compatible with a variety of page sizes and includes inbuilt ECC (Error Correction Code) choices.
  • Because of the versatility of page sizes and ECC options, developers can tailor data storage to the unique demands of their applications, improving both performance and error correction.

SPI Modes

  • It supports a variety of SPI modes, including Standard, Dual, Quad SPI, and DTR (Double Transfer Rate), to meet a wide range of data transfer needs.
  • The presence of numerous SPI modes ensures interoperability with various host systems and fast data transfer.

Low Power Consumption

  • The GD5F2GQ5UEYIGR is intended for efficient power management, with both active and standby current usage minimized.
  • Low power consumption is required for battery-powered or energy-efficient devices in order to ensure longer operation and lower energy expenses.

High-Speed Clock Frequency

  • It supports 104MHz for fast read with a 30pF load at 3.3V and 80MHz at 1.8V and runs at high clock frequencies.
  • High-speed clock frequencies enable rapid data access, which is crucial for applications that require real-time data retrieval.


  • The GD5F2GQ5UEYIGR has a high number of program/erase cycles (P/E cycles) and can store data for up to ten years.
  • Because of the device’s dependability, data remains intact and accessible for lengthy periods of time, making it suited for long-term deployments and mission-critical applications.

Software/Hardware Write Protection:

  • Through software or hardware, write protection can be provided to entire or specified sections of memory.
  • This feature improves data security by blocking unauthorized writes or alterations to essential data, protecting the integrity of stored data.

Finally, the important parameters of the GD5F2GQ5UEYIGR emphasize its appropriateness for a wide range of embedded applications. This SPI NAND Flash memory device provides a comprehensive solution to match your individual project demands, whether you require robust data storage, effective power management, high-speed data access, or data security.


In summary, the GD5F2GQ5UEYIGR represents the pinnacle of SPI NAND Flash memory solutions, combining high performance, cost-efficiency, and unwavering reliability. Whether in industrial automation, IoT, or any data-critical application, GD5F2GQ5UEYIGR offers a comprehensive solution.

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