Part Number: HFBR-1521Z

Manufacturer: Broadcom Limited


Shipped from: Shenzhen/HK Warehouse

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Technical Specifications of HFBR-1521Z

Datasheet  HFBR-1521Z datasheet
Category Optoelectronics
Family Fiber Optics – Transmitters – Discrete
Manufacturer Broadcom Limited
Part Status Active
Wavelength 660nm
Spectral Bandwidth
Voltage – Forward (Vf) (Typ) 2.02V
Current – DC Forward (If) (Max) 80mA
Voltage – DC Reverse (Vr) (Max) 5V
Capacitance 86pF
Connector Type Versatile Link

HFBR-1521Z Introduction

In the modern world, fiber optic link components are now essential to many applications that demand dependable and affordable solutions. The Versatile Link series is an entire family of fiber optic link parts created to offer an affordable solution for various applications. A member of this family of simple-to-design-and-install cables, connectors, and transmitters is the HFBR-0500Z series. The series intends to address the EMI/RFI immunity, voltage isolation/insulation, and data security issues. Using logic-compatible receivers and detailed component specifications simplifies the design of the optical link.

Additionally, from 0° to 70°C, the essential optical and electrical characteristics of links constructed with the HFBR-0500Z series are completely guaranteed. Additionally, the series includes a selection of connectors and package configurations, giving designers a wide range of mechanical options to satisfy their application needs. The components are an excellent option for cost-conscious producers since they may be used in high-volume, low-cost assembly methods like wave soldering and auto insertion. All things considered, the HFBR-0500Z series is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a dependable and affordable fiber optic link solution.


The Versatile Link series is a complete family of fiber optic link components for applications needing a low-cost solution. The HFBR-0500Z series consists of connectors, cables, transmitters, and receivers that are easy to design. The components in this series are excellent for handling issues with data security, EMI/RFI immunity, and voltage isolation or insulation. Using receivers with logic compatibility and thorough component specifications simplifies the design of the optical link. From 0° to 70°C, the essential optical and electrical characteristics of links constructed with the HFBR-0500Z series are completely guaranteed. The designer has a wide range of mechanical options to choose from when it comes to connectors and package layouts to suit application requirements.

The transmitter and receiver components have been designed for low-cost, high-volume assembly methods like wave soldering and auto insertion. A 660 nm LED is used in transmitters. monolithic, open-collector digital IC receivers Receiver types include dc coupling and Schottky output transistors. The HFBR-25X1Z/2Z/4Z receivers have an inbuilt pull-up resistor that can be used. A shield has been built into the receiver IC to increase localized noise immunity. Internal optics have been improved for usage with 1 mm diameter plastic optical fiber. All connector interface losses are included in the specifications for Versatile Link. As a result, optical calculations for applications involving common links are made simpler.


  • RoHS-compliant.
  • inexpensive fiber optic parts.
  • dc-5 MBd enhanced digital connectivity.
  • Long-distance connections up to 120 m at 40 kBd.
  • 6 mA peak supply current for the low current connection.
  • both vertical and horizontal mounting.
  • Locking mechanism.
  • high noise resistance.
  • A 660 nm red LED is built inside transmitters for improved visibility.
  • suitable with common TTL circuitry.


  • decreased vulnerability to transient voltage and lightning.

● Triggering of a motor controller.

  • Local area networks and data transmission.
  • Regulatory system electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) for FCC, VDE, CSA, etc.
  • device for securely processing data.
  • Instrument isolation for testing and measuring.
  • signaling for manufacturing and industrial equipment that is error-free.
  • networks for communications and control in automobiles.
  • Equipment for audio and visual communication that is noise-resistant.

Information About How to Handle Packages.

The small Versatile Link package has the same pad arrangement as a typical eight-pin dual-in-line package and is built of flame-retardant VALOX® UL 94 V-0 material (UL file # E121562). Some parts can be mounted horizontally and vertically. These stackable, low-profile Versatile Link containers have an enclosed design that repels dust. With simplex or duplex cables, simplex latching, snap action simplex, duplex, and duplex latching connectors are available.

● Package Orientation

The pinouts and performance are identical between the horizontal and vertical packages. The designer can attach the vertical Versatile Link housing by screwing a self-tapping screw through a printed circuit board and into a mounting hole at the package’s base. For most applications, this is not necessary.

● Package Housing

Color Versatile Link components and simplex connectors are color-coded to prevent misunderstanding when creating connections. With the exception of the HFBR-15X3Z transmitter, which is black, receivers are blue, while transmitters are gray.

● Handling Versatile

Link elements can be automatically inserted. The optical port plug needs to be left in when wave soldering Versatile Link components to keep the port clean. The use of reflow solder methods, such as vapor-phase reflow or infrared reflow, is not advised. It is advised not to utilize rosin-based fluxes with Versatile Link components; instead, use nonhalogenated water soluble fluxes (i.e., 0% chloride). Components for Versatile Link are sent in moisture-sealed bags because they are moisture-sensitive devices. The components might need to be baked before being soldered if exposed to the air for a long time. For more information, see the specific labeling on the shipping tube.

● Recommended Chemicals for Cleaning/Degreasing

Alcohols: isobutyl, isopropyl, and methyl. Hexane and heptane are aliters. Naphtha and soap solution are extras. Avoid using 1,1.1 trichloroethane and other partly halogenated hydrocarbons, as well as MEK, acetone, chloroform, ethyl acetate, phenol, methylene dichloride, and N-methyl pyrrolidone. Avago also advises against using cleaners that contain halogenated hydrocarbons due to potential environmental impact.


In conclusion, the HFBR-0500Z components from the Versatile Link series offer a complete and adaptable family of fiber optic link components that offer an affordable solution for various applications. The series provides a complete set of requirements and a streamlined optical connection design, making it simple to design, install, and guarantee performance under varied circumstances. The series offers several mechanical alternatives to satisfy application needs with package layouts, connectors, and enhanced internal optics. It is the perfect option for producers looking to keep costs down because it is compatible with high-volume/low-cost assembly techniques.

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