Part Number: IM06GR

Manufacturer: TE Connectivity Potter & Brumfield Relays


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Technical Specifications of IM06GR

Datasheet  IM06GR datasheet
Category Relays
Family Signal Relays, Up to 2 Amps
Manufacturer TE Connectivity Potter & Brumfield Relays
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Relay Type Telecom
Coil Type Non Latching
Coil Current 11.6mA
Coil Voltage 12VDC
Contact Form DPDT (2 Form C)
Contact Rating (Current) 2A
Switching Voltage 250VAC, 220VDC – Max
Turn On Voltage (Max) 9 VDC
Turn Off Voltage (Min) 1.2 VDC
Operate Time 3ms
Release Time 3ms
Features Sealed – Hermetically
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Termination Style Gull Wing
Contact Material Palladium (Pd), Ruthenium (Ru), Gold (Au)
Coil Power 140 mW
Coil Resistance 1.03 kOhms
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C

IM06GR Introduction

M06GR is a small relay that can be used in many different situations. This relay is perfect for small designs because it only needs 60mm2 of space on the board and has a thin profile of only 5.65mm. Its dimensions are 10x6mm, with a low profile of only 5.65mm. This guide will look at the IM06GR’s features, specifications, and possible uses.

IM06GR Description

The small, low-profile IM06GR relay measures 10x6mm and 5.65mm. This tiny relay delivers outstanding performance and dependability. The IM06GR is ideal for applications with a 60mm2 board-space minimum.

The IM06GR switches 220VDC/250VAC at 2/5A, 60W/62.5VA, and 220VDC/250VAC. Telecommunications, access and transmission equipment, optical network terminals, modems, office and commercial equipment, consumer electronics, measurement and test equipment, industrial control, medical equipment, and HVAC systems can use it.

IM06GR Features

● Switching Capacity

IM06GR has a switching current of 2/5A. This is how much current the relay can handle while it is working. The maximum amount of power that the relay can switch is 60W/62.5VA, which is shown by the switching power. The maximum voltage the relay can switch is 220VDC/250VAC, which is the switching voltage.

● Low Coil Power Consumption

The relay’s coil uses little power, which is important for designs that save energy. The standard IM06GR coil uses 140mW of power. The high-sensitivity version uses 100mW, the ultra-high sensitivity version uses 50mW, and the bistable version uses 100mW. Because the coil uses so little power, IM06GR is perfect for devices that run on batteries.

● High Dielectric and Surge Capability

IM06GR has a high surge and dielectric capacity. Between open contacts and between the coil and the contacts, it can withstand up to 2500Vrms. This feature protects the relay from voltage surges and spikes and ensures it works well and lasts long in high-voltage applications.

● High Mechanical Shock Resistance

The IM06GR has a high mechanical shock resistance of up to 50g, so vibrations and shocks do not easily damage it. This feature ensures the relay can work reliably in harsh environments and a wide range of applications.

Additional Features

The coil’s low power is one of the best things about the IM06GR. It uses only 140mW of power on average, which makes it a good choice for saving energy. For applications needing even less power, the high-sensitivity version of the IM06GR uses only 100mW of power, and the ultra-high sensitivity version uses only 50mW. The relay that can switch between two states also uses 100mW of power.

The IM06GR features a 2500Vrms dielectric and surge capacity between open contacts and between the coil and contacts. This keeps the relay safe from electrical damage and ensures it can handle high-voltage surges.

The IM06GR also has a high resistance to mechanical shocks, with a shock resistance of up to 50g. This means it can be used when the relay is hit hard or shaken.

The IM06GR is a relay that doesn’t latch. It has DPDT contacts and 2 Form C contacts. It has a 12V DC coil voltage, 11.67mA coil current, and 1.029K coil resistance. The maximum contact resistance is less than 50mOhm, while the insulation resistance is more than 1000MOhm.

The IM06GR can pick up as much as 9VDC and drop out as little as 1.2VDC. It can switch between AC voltages of up to 250V and DC voltages of up to 220V. The most current that can flow through the switch is 2A, and the operation and release times are 1 ms. The relay can be turned on and off 2,500,000 times electrically, and it can be turned on and off 100,000,000 times mechanically.

The IM06GR is made to be installed on the surface and has a gull-wing style end. It has eight connections and is hermetically sealed to remove dust and water. The temperature range for the relay is from -40°C to 85°C, and it meets EU RoHS standards.

M06GR is EU RoHS compliant, which meets the safety and environment rules. It is a moving part with a hermetic seal to protect it from the outside world. The relay doesn’t latch and has DPDT contacts with 2 Form C contacts. The coil current is 11.67mA, and the coil resistance is 1.029Kohm. The maximum resistance of the contacts is less than 50mOhm, and the insulation’s resistance is more than 1000mOhm.

The most it can pick up is 9VDC, and the least it can drop out is 1.2VDC. AC switching voltages can go up to 250V, while DC switching voltages can go up to 220V. The operation time and the release time are both 1ms, and the electrical life and mechanical life are 2500000 and 100000000 operations, respectively. Palladium, ruthenium, and gold are used for the contacts, and the maximum switching power is 60W/62.5VA.

The mounting style is surface mount, and the ending style is gull wing. The IM06GR has eight pins, and it comes in a DIP package. The product has a length of 10mm, a width of 7.48mm, and a height of 5.65mm. It weighs 0.75g. The time to bounce is 5ms.


Due to its small size and many different features, the IM06GR can be used for many different things. Some of the most common uses are in telecommunications, access, transmission equipment, modems, optical network terminals, industrial control, consumer electronics, measurement, and test equipment, office and business equipment,  medical equipment, and HVAC.


In short, the IM06GR is a reliable and flexible relay with a small size that offers high performance and low energy use. It can be used in many situations because it uses little power, can handle high dielectric and surge loads, and can handle mechanical shocks well. With its small size and hermetically sealed design, the IM06GR is a great choice for situations where space is limited or where environmental protection is needed.

Whether you are an experienced developer or just starting out, the IM06GR is a great choice for your next project. Also, at ICRFQ, we have low prices on high-quality electronic parts like the IM06GR, and our team is always ready to help with any questions or orders. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, please.

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