Part Number: PC28F00BM29EWHA

Manufacturer: Micron Technology Inc


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Technical Specifications of PC28F00BM29EWHA

Datasheet  PC28F00BM29EWHA datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family Memory
Manufacturer Micron Technology Inc.
Packaging Tray
Part Status Active
Format – Memory FLASH
Memory Type FLASH – NOR
Memory Size 2G (256M x 8, 128M x 16)
Speed 100ns
Interface Parallel
Voltage – Supply 2.7 V ~ 3.6 V
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C (TA)
Package / Case 64-LBGA
Supplier Device Package 64-FBGA (11×13)

PC28F00BM29EWHA is a component that was produced by Micron. Flash is the category that it falls within. It uses various industrial, aerospace, defense, enterprise projectors,  enterprise systems, personal electronics, and tablet computers.

And the primary specifications of this component are as follows: NOR Flash Parallel 3V/3.3V 2G-bit 256M x 8/128M x 16 100ns 64-Pin Fortified BGA Tray. In addition, it is environmentally friendly and RoHS compatible (Lead-free / RoHS Compliant).

What is NOR Flash Memory?

The most common applications for NOR flash are those that require individual bytes of data to be written and read, as well as applications that require random access and execute-in-place access techniques. NOR moment is utilized most frequently in settings that call for execute-in-place access techniques. There is no difference in the amount of time required for each read access; sequential read access is no faster than random access. Cycles of erasure and programming can frequently be quite lengthy.

The capacity of today’s NOR flash devices ranges anywhere from a few hundred megabits to a few gigabits or less. Before writing data, individual bytes or sectors may need to be wiped from the device, and the erase/program speeds are often slower than one megabyte per second (MB/s).

The data integrity of NOR flash memory is often rated to be maintained for at least 20 years, contributing to the medium’s high level of reliability.

Benefits of NOR Flash

The primary benefit of NOR is its superior read performance compared to that of a similar NAND device. Read speeds for NAND multi-level cell (MLC) flash devices are estimated to be around 20.5 MBps, while for identical NOR MLC flash devices, read speeds of 61.5 MBps have been benchmarked (megabytes per second).

However, writing to and erasing from NOR storage takes a lot longer than it does from NAND storage. A NAND MLC device has a write speed of 3.2 MBps, but a similar NOR MLC device has a write speed of just 0.47 MBps. A further restriction on total storage capacity is imposed by the small size of its cells. Use scenarios where only a small amount of data needs to be saved and where the majority of storage IO (input/output) is read. IOPS (input/output operations per second) will benefit most from NOR. When combined with NOR’s blazingly fast read speed, its inherent restrictions make NOR a poor fit for many applications.

This is why NOR flash is widely used in portable electronic devices such as tablets and smartphones. Such devices typically include slimmer operating systems that can be easily packed into the relatively little memory found in NOR. Due to NOR’s typically excellent read speed, the device’s OS may be booted significantly faster than if installed on NAND storage.

Additionally, NOR is an excellent option because mobile operating systems rarely require extensive writing. However, OS upgrades may be delayed due to the slow write speed of NOR flash cells.


PC28F00BM29EWHA Features

Extremely Fast Read, Program, and Erase108

  • initial read access of 108 MHz, 96 ns, 7 ns, clock-to-data output, and no wait measurements from synchronous-state pulses
  • 133 MHz clock-to-data output with no latency
  • burst readings in the -state: 5.5 ns
  • Synchronous eight-word, sixteen-word, and continuous-word reads
  • Configuration WAIT has programmable output driver impedance that the client can alter.
  • 512-Mbit, 65 nm, 2.0 s/Word (typ. Buffered Programming
  • Block Program/erase suspend for 20 seconds when erasing: 0.9 seconds per block (typ) (typ)

PC28F00BM29EWHA Structure

  • 16-bit wide bus
  • Technology for Multi-Level Cells
  • Architecture for Symmetrically-Blocked Arrays
  • Erase Blocks of 256 Kbytes
  • Features 8 128-Mbit partitions on a 1-Gbit device
  • 8 64-Mbit partitions on a 512-Mbit device
  • 8 32-Mbit partitions on a 256-Mbit device
  • 8 partitions of 16 Mbit

Reading while Programming and Erasing

  • Status Register for device and partition status
  • The Blank Check function

Quality and Reliability

  • Expanded temperature: –30 °C to +85 °C
  • a minimum of 100,000 blocks erase cycles
  • 65nm Process Technology


  • Core voltage: 1.7 V – 2.0 V
  • Deep Power-Down mode: 2 μA (typ)
  • Automatic Power Savings mode


  • it is compatible with extended command Sets (ECS) and Basic command sets (BCS)
  • Micron® Flash data integrator (FDI)
  • It is capable of using the Common Flash Interface.


  • The 2112 OTP bits are user-programmable.
  • VPP = GND for complete write protection.
  • Features Individual block lock-down

Packaging and Density

  • 128Mb, 256Mb, 512Mbit, and 1-Gbit
  • Address-data multiplexed and non-multiplexed interfaces
  • 64-Ball Easy BGA

Last but not least

They are serial, use a tray for packaging, have an operating temperature range of -40°C to 85°C (TA), and have a parallel interface. The packaging case is shown in the datasheet comment as being suitable for use in a 64-TBGA. The device can also be used as 64-EasyBGA (8×10) Supplier Device Package. In addition, the Memory Size is 1G (64M x 16), the device is offered in FLASH – NOR Memory Type, the device has a 95ns of Speed, and Format Memory is FLASH.

The PC28F00AP33TFA is IC FLASH 1GBIT 95NS 64EASYBGA that includes a 2.3 V ~ 3.6 V Voltage Supply; they are designed to operate with a 64-EasyBGA (8×10) Supplier Device Package;

speed is shown on datasheet note for use in a 95ns, which offers Series features such as Axcell?, Packaging is designed to work in Tray, and the 64-TBGA Package Case, it has an Operating Temperature range of -40°C ~ 85°C (TA). In addition, the Memory Type is FLASH – NOR, the device is offered in 1G (64M x 16) Memory Size, the device has a Parallel Interface, and Format Memory is FLASH.


This component, part number PC28F00BM29EWHA, is manufactured by Micron and is available from Worldway Electronics. It is classified as Flash content. It’s used in manufacturing, aerospace and defense, business projectors, business systems, consumer devices, tablets, and more.

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