Part Number: IPW60R024P7

Manufacturer: Infineon Technologies

Description: MOSFET N-CH 650V 101A TO247-3-41

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The pursuit of energy efficiency is relentless in the lightning-fast realm of electronics. Components that deliver high performance without sacrificing usability during the design process are in higher demand than ever. This article  delves into the state-of-the-art 600V CoolMOSTM P7 superjunction MOSFET, the IPW60R024P7. In addition to being a replacement for the well-liked 600V CoolMOSTM P6 series, this semiconductor device also sets a new standard for performance and usability. Come with us as we investigate the many uses for which this extraordinary MOSFET can be put to good use.

Balancing Efficiency and Ease-of-Use

The IPW60R024P7 was rigorously designed to establish a compromise between two key requirements: great energy efficiency and design simplicity. It builds on the heritage of its predecessor, the P6 series, and goes even farther. Let’s take a closer look at its distinguishing qualities and how it manages this delicate balancing act.

● Efficiency – Powering the Future

The IPW60R024P7 is notable for its exceptional efficiency, which is achieved through a combination of innovative features:

● Best-in-Class RonxA

The MOSFET has the best RDS(on)xEoss (on-state resistance multiplied by reverse recovery energy) and RDS(on)xQG (on-state resistance multiplied by gate charge) values in the industry. Because of this combination, the IPW60R024P7 excels at delivering great power efficiency, making it an excellent choice for power applications.

● Inherently Low Gate Charge (QG)

This MOSFET’s 7th generation CoolMOSTM platform assures that it has an intrinsically low gate charge. Low gate charge results in lower switching losses, which improves overall energy efficiency and promotes product longevity.

● Ease-of-Use – Simplifying the Design Process

In addition to its efficiency credentials, the IPW60R024P7 has a number of user-friendly characteristics, particularly in the design and production processes:

● ESD Ruggedness

The IPW60R024P7 is highly resistant to ESD-related failures, with an Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) ruggedness rating of 2kV (HBM class 2). This capability is especially useful in manufacturing situations where ESD incidents are a major problem.

● Integrated Gate Resistor (RG)

Designers benefit from the presence of an integrated gate resistor since it minimizes MOSFET oscillation sensitivity. Not only does this simplify the design process, but it also adds to more stable and reliable performance in a variety of applications.

● Rugged Body Diode

The IPW60R024P7 is extremely tough during severe commutation of the body diode, which is a common condition in applications such as LLC (LCC resonant converter) architecture. Because of its dependability, it is appropriate for a wide range of demanding situations.

● Wide Portfolio and Grades

The IPW60R024P7 is available in through-hole and surface-mount packages, as well as standard and industrial-grade variations. This varied portfolio meets a wide range of application needs and design preferences.


The IPW60R024P7 provides a slew of advantages because to its exceptional features and user-friendliness:

● Enhanced Efficiency

The combination of best-in-class RDS(on)xEoss and RDS(on)xQG results in increased energy efficiency, which reduces power consumption and heat generation.

● Simplified Manufacturing

ESD ruggedness and an integrated gate resistor in the MOSFET lower the incidence of ESD-related manufacturing problems, improving overall product quality and dependability.

● Versatility

The IPW60R024P7 is suitable for hard and resonant switching topologies such as PFC and LLC. This versatility broadens the scope of its potential uses.

Potential Applications

The IPW60R024P7’s versatility and high-performance characteristics make it an excellent choice for a wide variety of end applications and output powers. Some of the potential applications include:

  • TV power supplies
  • Industrial Switched-Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)
  • Servers
  • Telecommunication equipment
  • Lighting solutions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to the IPW60R024P7 super junction MOSFET:

● What exactly is the IPW60R024P7 MOSFET?

The IPW60R024P7 is a 600V CoolMOSTM P7 super junction MOSFET designed for maximum energy efficiency and ease of use in a wide range of power electronic applications.

● What makes the IPW60R024P7 so efficient?

The IPW60R024P7 achieves great efficiency because to its best-in-class RDS(on)xEoss and RDS(on)xQG, which limit power losses when in use. It also has a low gate charge (QG) by design, which reduces switching losses.

● What role does ESD ruggedness play in the IPW60R024P7?

The MOSFET’s ESD ruggedness of 2kV (HBM class 2) assures that it is very resilient to electrostatic discharge events, making it appropriate for manufacturing environments where ESD protection is required.

● What are the advantages of using an integrated gate resistor (RG)?

The incorporated gate resistor minimizes the sensitivity of MOSFET oscillations, making the design process more stable and reliable. It makes circuit design easier, particularly in high-frequency switching applications.

● What are some of the IPW60R024P7’s applications?

The IPW60R024P7 is a versatile power supply that may be utilized in a variety of applications such as TV power supplies, industrial switched-mode power supplies (SMPS), servers, telecommunications equipment, and lighting solutions.

● Is the IPW60R024P7 offered in a variety of packages and grades?

Yes, the IPW60R024P7 is available in through-hole and surface-mount packaging, as well as standard and industrial-grade versions, providing flexibility for a variety of application requirements.

● What are the advantages of utilizing the IPW60R024P7?

The advantages of adopting this MOSFET include improved energy efficiency, simplified manufacturing due to ESD ruggedness, versatility for different topologies, and appropriateness for both consumer and industrial applications.

● How can I get a hold of IPW60R024P7 MOSFETs?

Contact ICRFQ, a reputed electronic component distributor in China, to get a supply of IPW60R024P7 MOSFETs. They can supply product availability and pricing information.

● Can the IPW60R024P7 help with power electronics sustainability?

Yes, the IPW60R024P7’s energy-efficient design can help to ensure sustainability by cutting power consumption and heat generation in a variety of applications, hence lowering environmental effect.

● Is technical assistance available for incorporating the IPW60R024P7 into specific projects?

Yes, manufacturers and designers can usually obtain technical help and documentation from the MOSFET manufacturer, who can guide them through the process of incorporating the IPW60R024P7 into their projects.

In Conclusion

In closing, the IPW60R024P7 transcends the realm of ordinary semiconductor devices, emerging as a true pioneer in the field of power electronics. Its exceptional efficiency and user-friendly attributes mark a profound shift in our quest for energy optimization. Whether you’re shaping the future of power supplies or illuminating the world with cutting-edge lighting solutions, the IPW60R024P7 is your invaluable ally, streamlining the design process and supercharging performance.

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