Part Number: IRFP460PBF

Manufacturer: Vishay Siliconix

Description: MOSFET N-CH 500V 20A TO247-3

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Technical Specifications of IRFP460PBF

Datasheet  IRFP460PBF datasheet
Category Discrete Semiconductor Products
Family Transistors – FETs, MOSFETs – Single
Manufacturer Vishay Siliconix
Packaging Tube
FET Type MOSFET N-Channel, Metal Oxide
FET Feature Standard
Drain to Source Voltage (Vdss) 500V
Current – Continuous Drain (Id) @ 25°C 20A (Tc)
Rds On (Max) @ Id, Vgs 270 mOhm @ 12A, 10V
Vgs(th) (Max) @ Id 4V @ 250μA
Gate Charge (Qg) @ Vgs 210nC @ 10V
Input Capacitance (Ciss) @ Vds 4200pF @ 25V
Power – Max 280W
Operating Temperature -55°C ~ 150°C (TJ)
Mounting Type Through Hole
Package / Case TO-247-3
Supplier Device Package TO-247-3


The IRFP460PBF MOSFET is an N-channel power MOSFET with high voltage and current intended for use in high-power applications such as power supplies, motor drives, and audio amplifiers. It is designed to handle much power and run at high frequencies. The IRFP460PBF MOSFET is designed to be a dependable and effective option for high-power applications that need quick switching times and low on-resistance. Power conversion and switching applications choose it because of its high voltage and current rating.


Vishay’s third-generation Power MOSFETs offer the optimum balance of quick switching, durable device design, low on-resistance, and affordability for the designer. For commercial and industrial applications where TO-220 devices cannot be used due to greater power levels, the TO-247 package is suggested. Because of its isolated mounting hole, the TO-247 is similar to the older TO-218 package but is superior. To meet the criteria of the majority of safety specifications, it also offers higher creepage distances between pins.


The key features of the IRFP460PBF MOSFET are as follows:

  • High voltage rating: The 500V high voltage rating of the IRFP460PBF MOSFET qualifies it for use in high voltage applications.
  • large current rating: The IRFP460PBF MOSFET can withstand large current loads thanks to its 20A (Tc) high current rating.
  • Reduced power losses and increased efficiency are achieved by the IRFP460PBF MOSFET’s low on-resistance of 0.27 (max) at Vgs = 10V.
  • high switching speed: The IRFP460PBF MOSFET switches effectively and quickly thanks to its high switching speed and reverses recovery time (trr) of 85 ns (max).
  • Low gate charge: The IRFP460PBF MOSFET features a low gate charge of 120nC (typ), decreasing switching losses and lowering the drive needed to switch the MOSFET.
  • RoHS compliant: The IRFP460PBF MOSFET complies with the RoHS directive, making it environmentally safe and free of hazardous compounds.
  • High power dissipation: With a high power dissipation rating of 280W (Tc), the IRFP460PBF MOSFET can handle large power loads and operate at high temperatures.
  • Low gate-source leakage current: The IRFP460PBF MOSFET’s low gate-source leakage current, 100nA (max) at Vgs = -20V, increases its dependability and lowers power losses.
  • Excellent thermal performance: The IRFP460PBF MOSFET’s design incorporates a sizable metal tab for enhanced thermal conductivity and heat dissipation, which helps to prevent overheating and increases its lifespan.

The through-hole TO-247AC packaging of the IRFP460PBF MOSFET makes it simple to install and solder to a printed circuit board.

Due to these characteristics, the IRFP460PBF MOSFET is the best option for high-power applications requiring high voltage, high current, and quick switching with minimal power losses.

The IRFP460PBF MOSFET’s major advantages include, in summary, its high voltage and current rating, low on-resistance, quick switching speed, low gate charge, RoHS compliance, high power dissipation, low gate-source leakage current, outstanding thermal performance, and through-hole packaging. These characteristics make it a fantastic option for a variety of high-power applications.


The following are the key features of the IRFP460PBF MOSFET:

  • The highest voltage that may be put between the drain and source terminals of a MOSFET without damaging it is known as the drain-source voltage (Vdss). The Vdss of the IRFP460PBF is 500V.
  • The resistance between the drain and source terminals of a MOSFET, when it is fully turned on, is known as the drain-source on-resistance (Rds(on)). At Vgs = 10V, the IRFP460PBF has a maximum Rds(on) of 0.27.
  • The voltage that must be provided to the MOSFET’s gate and source terminals for it to switch on is known as the gate-source voltage (Vgs). The Vgs(th) and Vgs(max) values for the IRFP460PBF are 4.0V and 20V, respectively.
  • The gate-source voltage at which a MOSFET begins to conduct current is the gate-source threshold voltage (Vgs(th)). The maximum Vgs(th) for the IRFP460PBF is 4.0V.
  • The charge needed to turn a MOSFET on or off is expressed as a gate charge (Qg). At Vgs = 10V, the IRFP460PBF has a Qg of 120nC (typ).
  • The maximum current that can run through a MOSFET without harming it is known as the drain-source current (Id). The maximum Id for the IRFP460PBF is 20A (Tc).
  • The amount of power a MOSFET can dissipate without reaching its maximum operational temperature is known as power dissipation (Pd). The Pd of the IRFP460PBF is 280W (Tc).
  • Reverse Recovery Time (trr): The period of time after the reverse voltage is supplied before the MOSFET turns off. The trr of the IRFP460PBF is 85 ns (max).
  • The amount of current that passes through the MOSFET while the gate and source terminals are coupled is known as the gate-source leakage current (Igs). At Vgs = -20V, the IRFP460PBF has a maximum Igs of 100nA.

These specifications include crucial details about the functionality and performance of the IRFP460PBF MOSFET. When choosing and utilizing the MOSFET in high-power applications, it is crucial to consider these requirements.


  • The IRFP460PBF MOSFET is appropriate for high-power applications because of its high voltage and current rating of 500V and 20A, respectively.
  • Low On-Resistance: The IRFP460PBF MOSFET has a low on-resistance of 0.27 (max) at Vgs = 10V, resulting in minimal power losses and great efficiency.
  • Fast Switching Speed: The IRFP460PBF MOSFET has a quick switching rate, making it appropriate for high-frequency applications.
  • Low Gate Charge: The IRFP460PBF MOSFET’s low gate charge of 120nC (typ) at Vgs = 10V lowers switching losses and boosts efficiency.
  • The IRFP460PBF MOSFET is RoHS compliant, making it safer and more ecologically friendly.
  • High Power Dissipation: With a high power dissipation rating of 280W (Tc), the IRFP460PBF MOSFET can handle high power loads and operate at high temperatures.

Excellent Thermal Performance: The IRFP460PBF MOSFET is made with a big metal tab for better thermal conductivity and heat dissipation, which helps to reduce overheating and increases its lifespan.


High Gate-Source Threshold Voltage: The maximum gate-source threshold voltage of the IRFP460PBF MOSFET is 4.0V, which may necessitate a higher gate drive voltage.

  • Large Package: The through-hole TO-247AC package for the IRFP460PBF MOSFET may demand more board space and may not be appropriate for compact form factor applications.
  • Limited Reverse Recovery Time: Due to the IRFP460PBF MOSFET’s 85ns (maximum) limited reverse recovery time, excessive voltage spikes and EMI problems may occur.
  • The IRFP460PBF MOSFET has a limited level of gate-source ESD shielding, which could make it more vulnerable to electrostatic discharge damage.
  • Overall, the IRFP460PBF MOSFET has a number of benefits for high-power applications, including high voltage and current ratings, low on-resistance, quick switching times, low gate charges, RoHS compliance, high power dissipation, and exceptional thermal performance. However, in some applications, its relatively high gate-source threshold voltage, large package area, constrained reverse recovery time, and constrained gate-source ESD protection may be viewed as drawbacks.


In conclusion, the IRFP460PBF MOSFET provides low on-resistance, quick switching, RoHS compliance, and outstanding thermal performance, making it a dependable and effective choice for high-power applications. Voltage and current needs, heat sink and cooling options, gate drive circuitry, and safety against overvoltage and electrostatic discharge should all be carefully considered to maximize its advantages.

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