Part Number: IXFB44N100P

Manufacturer: IXYS

Description: MOSFET N-CH 1000V 44A PLUS264

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Technical Specifications of IXFB44N100P

Datasheet  IXFB44N100P datasheet
Category Discrete Semiconductor Products
Family Transistors – FETs, MOSFETs – Single
Manufacturer IXYS
Series HiPerFET?, PolarP2?
Packaging Tube
FET Type MOSFET N-Channel, Metal Oxide
FET Feature Standard
Drain to Source Voltage (Vdss) 1000V (1kV)
Current – Continuous Drain (Id) @ 25°C 44A (Tc)
Rds On (Max) @ Id, Vgs 220 mOhm @ 22A, 10V
Vgs(th) (Max) @ Id 6.5V @ 1mA
Gate Charge (Qg) @ Vgs 305nC @ 10V
Input Capacitance (Ciss) @ Vds 19000pF @ 25V
Power – Max 1250W
Operating Temperature -55°C ~ 150°C (TJ)
Mounting Type Through Hole
Package / Case TO-264-3, TO-264AA
Supplier Device Package PLUS264?


The IXFB44N100P is an outstanding N-Channel MOSFET that is at the cutting edge of power electronics innovation. This semiconductor device has exceptional voltage control, current management, power dissipation, and packaging technology characteristics. Its importance in a variety of applications ranging from motor control to power conversion highlights its critical role in developing modern electronic systems.

Key Specifications

The IXFB44N100P has outstanding features that make it an excellent choice for high-power electrical designs

  • Voltage Rating: The IXFB44N100P is built to withstand huge voltage differentials and has a voltage handling capacity of 1000V, making it ideal for high-power applications requiring isolation.
  • Current Handling: The IXFB44N100P has a high conductivity and current carrying capacity, allowing it to handle currents of up to 44A (Tc), allowing for efficient power distribution.
  • Power Dissipation: The device has a power dissipation capability of up to 1250W (Tc), making it appropriate for applications demanding substantial power conversions while maintaining great performance under changing loads.
  • PLUS264TM Packaging Technology: The cutting-edge PLUS264TM packaging technology is used to encase the IXFB44N100P. This packaging not only increases thermal performance but also adds to the device’s general dependability and longevity.

Importance in Power Electronics and Various Applications

Because of its outstanding characteristics, the IXFB44N100P plays a crucial role in the domain of power electronics, finding applications in a wide range of systems:

● Motor Control

The IXFB44N100P excels in motor control applications requiring precision, efficiency, and rapid switching. It provides accurate translation of electrical impulses into mechanical motion in industrial machines, automotive systems, and robots.

● Power Conversion

Power inverters and converters rely largely on components like the IXFB44N100P to convert energy from one form to another, such as DC to AC or vice versa. Because of its high voltage and current characteristics, it is an essential choice in many applications.

● Power Switching Supplies

The IXFB44N100P’s capacity to handle high power while retaining efficient switching operations benefits switch-mode power sources. This results in more compact and lightweight power supply designs, which are crucial in a wide range of consumer electronics and industrial equipment.

● Systems for Renewable Energy

Because of the device’s ability to manage large voltages and currents, it is highly suited for renewable energy applications such as solar inverters and wind turbine management. These systems necessitate sturdy components that can withstand variable power sources while remaining stable.

The N-Channel MOSFET IXFB44N100P develops as a cornerstone of modern power electronics. Its exceptional voltage and current ratings, as well as its high power handling and superior packaging technologies, make it a versatile and dependable component. This MOSFET shows the confluence of technological innovation and practical utility in contemporary electronic design, from providing precise motor control to powering critical conversion operations.


The IXFB44N100P’s remarkable characteristics make it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications:

  • Motor Management: The IXFB44N100P’s precision and fast switching characteristics make it an ideal choice for motor control applications. This MOSFET guarantees accurate conversion of electrical impulses into precise mechanical motion in industrial machinery, automotive systems, and robotics.
  • Inverters and Converters of Power: The IXFB44N100P’s high voltage and current handling characteristics are critical in power conversion applications such as power inverters and converters. It is critical in efficiently converting electricity from one type to another, such as DC to AC or vice versa.
  • Power Switching Supplies: The device’s ability to manage high power while retaining effective switching operations is extremely beneficial to switching power supplies. These power supplies, which are found in a variety of electronic devices, profit from the MOSFET’s ability to deliver reliable power conversion in small packages.
  • Renewable Energy Systems: Renewable energy systems require components that can handle changing power inputs, such as solar inverters and wind turbine controls. The strong qualities of the IXFB44N100P make it a trusted solution for preserving stability and efficiency in various applications.

In summary, the IXFB44N100P MOSFET is a marriage of technological brilliance and practical utility. Its outstanding voltage and current characteristics, along with improved packaging, place it at the forefront of modern power electronics. Its applications are broad, allowing for seamless motor control, efficient power conversion, and dependable energy management in a variety of electronic systems.

Voltage and Current Ratings

The voltage and current ratings of the IXFB44N100P are critical in assessing its application acceptability and performance.

Significance of the 1000V and 44A (Tc) Ratings

  • 1000V Voltage Rating: This rating denotes the MOSFET’s ability to safely endure high voltage differentials. It is critical for power distribution and industrial systems where voltage spikes are widespread.
  • 44A (Tc) Current rating: The highest continuous current that a MOSFET can withstand without overheating is indicated by this value. It’s critical for high-current applications like motor control and power conversion.

Impact on High-Voltage Applications

  • Power Distribution: The 1000V rating improves network stability and safety by protecting against voltage fluctuations.
  • Industrial Machinery: The MOSFET’s high voltage rating guarantees reliable performance in high-voltage situations in motor control applications within industrial machinery.
  • Power Conversion: The voltage rating is appropriate for power conversion operations, ensuring efficiency and stability in power inverters and converters.
  • Renewable Energy Systems: The voltage rating provides consistent performance in variable voltage situations for renewable energy systems.

In summary, the IXFB44N100P’s ratings make it dependable for high-voltage scenarios, ensuring reliability, safety, and efficient operation in diverse applications.

Power Dissipation

The 1250W (Tc) power dissipation rating of the IXFB44N100P is a critical indicator of its ability to handle heat in high-power situations.

Influence on Handling High-Power Scenarios

  • Heat Generation:High-power scenarios lead to more heat generated during MOSFET operation.
  • Thermal Resistance:The rating showcases the maximum safe power handling to control temperature.
  • Efficient Dissipation:It ensures the MOSFET can manage heat without overheating.
  • Reliability:Proper heat management enhances reliability and lifespan.
  • Optimized Performance:Staying within this rating maintains efficient operation in applications like motor drives, power inverters, and switching power supplies.

Application Examples

  • Motor Drives:Enables reliable motor control with frequent switching.
  • Power Inverters:Ensures stable DC to AC power conversion.
  • Switching Power Supplies:Maintains efficiency in power supply systems.

The MOSFET’s heat handling ability in high-power applications is defined by the 1250W (Tc) power dissipation rating, which ensures dependable performance, lifespan, and optimal operation.


Consider including the IXFB44N100P in your projects as you learn about electronics design. It provides more than specifications; it serves as a portal to improved motor control, inventive power conversion, and creative energy management solutions. Pushing its limits could result in game-changing advances to power electronics technology.

Remember, the IXFB44N100P MOSFET is a catalyst for disruptive designs, not just a component. So, jump in, experiment, and capitalize on its potential to create a more thrilling future.

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