Part Number: IXFK94N50P2

Manufacturer: IXYS

Description: OSFET N-CH 500V, 94A, TO264AA

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Technical Specifications of IXFK94N50P2

Datasheet  IXFK94N50P2 datasheet
Category Discrete Semiconductor Products
Family Transistors – FETs, MOSFETs – Single
Manufacturer IXYS
Series HiPerFET?, PolarHV?
Packaging Tube
FET Type MOSFET N-Channel, Metal Oxide
FET Feature Standard
Drain to Source Voltage (Vdss) 500V
Current – Continuous Drain (Id) @ 25°C 94A (Tc)
Rds On (Max) @ Id, Vgs 55 mOhm @ 500mA, 10V
Vgs(th) (Max) @ Id 5V @ 8mA
Gate Charge (Qg) @ Vgs 220nC @ 10V
Input Capacitance (Ciss) @ Vds 13700pF @ 25V
Power – Max 1300W
Operating Temperature -55°C ~ 150°C (TJ)
Mounting Type Through Hole
Package / Case TO-264-3, TO-264AA
Supplier Device Package TO-264AA (IXFK)


Power MOSFETs are important parts of modern electronics because they make it easy to control and handle power. The Polar2TM HiPerFETTM Power MOSFET IXFK94N50P2 stands out because it works so well in high-power situations. This guide goes over the IXFK94N50P2’s features, applications, and benefits. It shows how it changes the way electronic systems handle power.

IXFK94N50P2 Polar2TM HiPerFETTM Power MOSFET: Detailed Description

The IXFK94N50P2 is a cutting-edge Power MOSFET that changes how electronic circuits handle power. It has a great set of specs, features, and new technologies that make it a standout component for high-performance apps.

IXFK94N50P2 Specifications

  • Voltage Rating: The IXFK94N50P2 works at a high voltage rating, which makes it a good choice for users that need to handle high voltages well.
  • Current Handling: This MOSFET can handle big currents very well, which makes it a great choice for systems that need a lot of power.
  • On-Resistance: The low on-resistance means that less power is lost and less heat is made when the device is in use, which makes it more efficient.
  • Switching Speed: The IXFK94N50P2 is great at switching speeds, which means it can quickly switch between on and off, which is important for controlling power quickly.

IXFK94N50P2 Features

● Polar2TM HiPerFETTM Technology

The IXFK94N50P2’s performance is based on the ground-breaking Polar2TM HiPerFETTM technology. It uses advanced design concepts that improve its performance on-state and cut down on switching losses.

● Enhanced Thermal Management

The MOSFET is made with efficient ways to get rid of heat, so it doesn’t get too hot and stays reliable even when it’s working hard.

● Built to last

It is built to last, and its durability and stability are increased by the fact that it is built to handle harsh conditions.

● Gate Drive Compatibility

The IXFK94N50P2 is made to work smoothly with standard gate drive circuits, which makes it easier to use in many different situations.

IXFK94N50P2 Intended Applications

The IXFK94N50P2 works well for a wide range of power control tasks, such as, but not limited to:

  • Controlling motors in industrial tools, electric cars, and robots in an effective way.
  • Power Supplies: Finding the best way to control voltage and change power in AC-DC and DC-DC converters
  • Inverters: Make it possible to handle inverters for renewable energy systems and variable frequency drives in a smooth and accurate way.
  • High-Power Circuits: Able to handle heavy loads in high-power amplifiers, welding tools, and large-scale machinery

Significance of Polar2TM HiPerFETTM Technology

The “Polar2TM HiPerFETTM” technology is a game-changer that takes the speed of the IXFK94N50P2 to a whole new level.

  • Reduced Conduction Losses: The technology reduces on-resistance, which lowers conduction losses during operation and makes the system more efficient as a whole.
  • Faster Switching: Polar2TM HiPerFETTM improves switching speed, which is important for high-frequency applications, by cutting the time it takes to switch between the on and off states.
  • Lower Switching Losses: By optimizing the switching properties, less energy is lost during switching, which improves the MOSFET’s thermal performance.
  • Improved dependability: The design principles of the technology improve dependability and thermal stability. This makes the component last longer and reduces the chance that it will break.

In short, the IXFK94N50P2 Polar2TM HiPerFETTM Power MOSFET is a big step forward in the technology used to control power. It has great specs, new features, and the revolutionary Polar2TM HiPerFETTM technology, which makes it a great choice for engineers who want to improve power control and efficiency in their electronic designs.

Operating Principles of Power MOSFETs

Power MOSFETs work the same way that field-effect transistors do. The Gate (G), the Drain (D), and the Source (S) are the three ports. By adding a voltage to the Gate terminal, you can control how much current flows between the Drain and Source terminals.

Three-Terminal Structure

  • Gate (G): A voltage, called the gate-source voltage (VGS), is applied to the Gate input to control the flow of current between the Drain and Source terminals.
  • Drain (D): The Drain terminal is where current enters or leaves the device, based on how it is being used.
  • Source (S): The Source terminal is the point of reference for the current and connects the Drain terminal to the Source terminal to finish the current path.

Voltage-Controlled Switch

  • When a positive voltage is applied between the Gate and Source (VGS), it forms an electric field that lets current flow between the Drain and Source. This is called the operating state or the “on” state.
  • When the voltage between Gate and Source is lowered, the electric field gets weaker, which makes less current flow. At some point, the MOSFET moves to the “off” or “non-conducting” state.

IXFK94N50P2 MOSFET Operation in Electronic Circuits

The IXFK94N50P2 MOSFET works in the same way, but it also has improvements thanks to its Polar2TM HiPerFETTM technology.

● Controlled Conductance

The IXFK94N50P2 is a controlled switch for managing power in an electrical circuit. When the Gate and Source terminals of the MOSFET are given the right voltage, the Drain and Source terminals can let a controlled amount of current run.

● Enhanced Performance

The Polar2TM HiPerFETTM technology in the IXFK94N50P2 improves the on-state performance by reducing the on-resistance (RDS(on)). This decrease in on-resistance means that conduction losses are smaller, which makes the MOSFET better at carrying current.

● Switching Speed

The fast switching speed of the MOSFET, which is a feature of its advanced technology, lets it quickly switch between the on and off states. This is especially important in applications like motor control and inverters that need switching at a high frequency.

● Gate Drive Requirements

For reliable switching, the IXFK94N50P2 MOSFET needs the right gate drive voltage. Most of the time, this voltage comes from a gate driver circuit that sends the right voltage and current to the Gate port at the right time.

● Thermal Considerations

To keep power MOSFETs from getting too hot, they need good thermal control. The advanced technology and construction of the IXFK94N50P2 help reduce the amount of heat it makes and help it get rid of it.

The IXFK94N50P2 Polar2TM HiPerFETTM Power MOSFET is a voltage-controlled switch that works well in electronic systems. Its features, which come from the Polar2TM HiPerFETTM technology, make it a great choice for high-power apps that need precise and responsive power management.


The IXFK94N50P2 MOSFET is a very important part of managing power in the current world. Its skills help industries with energy problems and efficiency needs. With Polar2TM HiPerFETTM technology, it’s ready to drive innovation and give engineers a strong tool for controlling power in a wide range of applications.

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