Part Number: KSC1845FTA

Manufacturer: onsemi

Description: TRANS NPN 120V 0.05A TO92-3

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Technical Specifications of KSC1845FTA

Datasheet  KSC1845FTA datasheet
Category Discrete Semiconductor Products
Family Transistors – Bipolar (BJT) – Single
Manufacturer Fairchild Semiconductor
Packaging Tape & Box (TB)
Transistor Type NPN
Current – Collector (Ic) (Max) 50mA
Voltage – Collector Emitter Breakdown (Max) 120V
Vce Saturation (Max) @ Ib, Ic 300mV @ 1mA, 10mA
Current – Collector Cutoff (Max) 500nA (ICBO)
DC Current Gain (hFE) (Min) @ Ic, Vce 300 @ 1mA, 6V
Power – Max 500mW
Frequency – Transition 110MHz
Mounting Type Through Hole
Package / Case TO-226-3, TO-92-3 (TO-226AA) (Formed Leads)
Supplier Device Package TO-92-3

KSC1845FTA Detailed Description

The KSC1845FTA is a small signal NPN bipolar junction transistor that has found a place in many electronic circuits due to its excellent characteristics. It is a versatile transistor that can be used for amplifier and switching applications, with features such as high current gain, low noise, low saturation voltage, and high breakdown voltage. This complete guide will take an in-depth look at the KSC1845FTA transistor, its specifications, applications, and how it can be used in various circuits. Whether you are an electronics enthusiast, a hobbyist, or a professional, this guide will provide you with all the information you need to know about this popular transistor.

KSC1845FTA Features

● High Current Gain:

The KSC1845FTA transistor has a high current gain, with a typical value of 350 at 10mA. This means that a small input current can be amplified to a larger output current, making it ideal for amplifier circuits. The high current gain allows for the amplification of small signals to a much higher level, which is particularly useful for audio amplifier applications.

● Low Noise:

The KSC1845FTA transistor has a low noise figure, with a typical value of 1.5dB at 1kHz. This means that it can amplify signals without adding significant noise to the signal. The low noise figure makes it an excellent choice for low-noise circuits, particularly in audio applications where signal fidelity is important.

● Low Saturation Voltage:

The KSC1845FTA transistor has a low saturation voltage, with a typical value of 0.2V. This means that when the transistor is fully turned on, there is only a small voltage drop across it. This makes it useful as a switch in circuits where power dissipation is a concern, such as in power supply circuits.

● High Breakdown Voltage:

The KSC1845FTA transistor has a high breakdown voltage of 60V. This means that it can handle high voltage levels without breaking down. The high breakdown voltage makes it suitable for use in high-voltage applications.

● Small Form Factor:

The KSC1845FTA transistor has a small form factor, making it easy to integrate into circuits where space is at a premium. Its small size makes it ideal for compact devices, such as mobile phones or portable audio players.

● Low Cost:

The KSC1845FTA transistor is an affordable option for various electronic applications. Its low cost makes it an attractive choice for hobbyists and professionals alike who want to keep the cost of their projects down.

In summary, the KSC1845FTA transistor is a versatile electronic component with several useful features that make it an excellent choice for many different circuits. Its high current gain, low noise, low saturation voltage, and high breakdown voltage make it well-suited for use in amplifier and switching applications, while its small form factor and low cost make it an attractive choice for a wide range of electronic projects.

KSC1845FTA Specifications

● Current – Collector (Ic) (Max): 50mA

The transistor’s maximum collector current (Ic) can handle is 50mA. This means the transistor can amplify or switch signals up to a maximum of 50mA.

● Voltage – Collector Emitter Breakdown (Max): 120V

The maximum voltage the transistor can handle between its collector and emitter pins is 120V. This is an important characteristic when the transistor is used in high voltage applications.

● Vce Saturation (Max) @ Ib, Ic: 300mV @ 1mA, 10mA

The maximum collector-emitter saturation voltage (Vce Saturation) that the transistor can exhibit at different levels of base current (Ib) and collector current (Ic) is 300mV at 1mA base current and 10mA collector current. This parameter is important when the transistor is used in switch mode, as a small Vce Saturation value means less power dissipation and less heat generation.

● Current – Collector Cutoff (Max): 50nA (ICBO)

The maximum collector cutoff current (ICBO) that the transistor can exhibit is 50nA. This current flows through the collector when the transistor is in cutoff mode.

● At Ic, Vce, DC Current Gain (hFE) (Min) is 300 @ 1 mA, 6 V.

The minimum DC current gain (hFE) that the transistor can provide at different levels of collector current (Ic) and collector-emitter voltage (Vce) is 300 at 1mA base current, 6V collector-emitter voltage. This parameter is important when the transistor is used in amplifier mode, as the gain of the transistor amplifies the input signal.

● Power – Max: 500 mW

The maximum power dissipation (Pd) that the transistor can handle is 500mW. This maximum power can be dissipated as heat without damaging the transistor.

● Frequency – Transition: 110MHz

The frequency at which the transistor’s current gain (hFE) drops to unity is called the transition frequency. For the KSC1845FTA transistor, the transition frequency is 110MHz. This parameter is important when the transistor is used in high-frequency circuits.

● Operating Temperature: 150°C (TJ)

The maximum temperature the transistor can operate without damage is 150°C (TJ). This parameter is important when the transistor is used in high-temperature applications.

● Mounting Type: Through Hole

The KSC1845FTA transistor can be mounted on a printed circuit board using through-hole mounting.

● Package / Case: TO-226-3, TO-92-3 (TO-226AA) Formed Leads

The KSC1845FTA transistor is available in a TO-92-3 package or a TO-226-3 package with formed leads. The TO-92-3 package is a widely used for small signal transistors, while the TO-226-3 package has a larger footprint and is used for power transistors.

● Supplier Device Package: TO-92-3

The KSC1845FTA transistor is available in a TO-92-3 package from the supplier. This is a standard package for small signal transistors.

● Base Product Number: KSC1845

The base product number for the KSC1845FTA transistor is KSC1845, which is the unique identifier for this particular transistor.


In conclusion, the KSC1845FTA is an outstanding transistor that provides low noise, high gain, and excellent frequency response, making it a popular choice for various electronic applications. Its robust design and ability to perform well under diverse conditions make it a versatile and reliable option for engineers and hobbyists.

To use the KSC1845FTA safely and prolong its lifespan, it’s crucial to understand its specifications, including its maximum ratings and operating conditions. By following the guidelines presented in this guide and experimenting with the transistor in your projects, you can make the most of its impressive capabilities.

If you want to enhance your electronic designs, don’t hesitate to contact us at ICRFQ and learn more about the KSC1845FTA and other high-quality electronic components. With the right resources and a confident approach, you can take your next project to the next level and achieve outstanding results.

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