Part Number: KSZ8895MQXI

Manufacturer: Microchip Technology


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Technical Specifications of KSZ8895MQXIA

Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family Interface – Controllers
Manufacturer Microchip Technology
Packaging Tray
Part Status Active
Protocol Ethernet
Function Switch
Interface I2C, SPI
Standards 10/100 Base-T/TX
Voltage – Supply 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V
Current – Supply 129mA
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C
Package / Case 128-BFQFP
Supplier Device Package 128-PQFP (14×20)


The KSZ8895MQXI is a state-of-the-art, fully integrated, Layer 2 controlled five-port switch created to support 10/100Mbps five-port switch systems that are price-sensitive with an emphasis on low power consumption and lower system costs. With a bevy of capabilities, this adaptable switch is set up to handle both established and new fast Ethernet applications, making it the perfect choice for a range of networking scenarios.

Overview of KSZ8895MQXI

A crucial component of networking configurations, particularly in 10/100Mbps five-port switch systems that must be cost-effective, is the Layer 2 controlled, highly integrated KSZ8895MQXI five-port switch. It is a great option for a variety of networking applications because of its architecture and feature set, which are focused on lowering system costs while ensuring high performance and low power consumption.

Core Purpose and Role in Networking Setups

The KSZ8895MQXI’s primary function is to streamline data switching and administration within local area networks (LANs). It functions as a central node connecting various devices in a network as a five-port switch, facilitating smooth data transfer and communication between connected devices. By successfully directing data packets to their intended locations, the switch improves network speed and lowers congestion and data collisions.

The KSZ8895MQXI acts as a vital building component in networking settings by giving network managers the functionality they need to properly control and manage data flow. Through its controlled features, administrators can tailor network settings like Quality of Service (QoS) prioritizing and Virtual LAN (VLAN) segmentation to meet the needs of particular applications.

Highly-Integrated Nature and Seamless Data Transmission

Its highly integrated design is one of the KSZ8895MQXI’s distinguishing qualities. It creates a small and effective networking solution by combining various components and functions onto a single chip. The requirement for external components is decreased by the on-chip integration of numerous components, simplifying the design process and bringing down system prices overall.

Low latency data transmission is also made possible by the KSZ8895MQXI’s high integration. Data may be transmitted between ports quickly and effectively thanks to the co-location of crucial components on the same chip. As a result, data transfer is delayed as little as possible, resulting in better network performance and seamless communication.

On-Chip Termination and Internal Core Power Controllers

On-chip termination and internal core power controllers of the KSZ8895MQXI are crucial elements that support its enhanced memory bandwidth and non-blocking design.

Further decreasing the number of external parts needed for the switch’s operation is on-chip termination, which does away with the requirement for external termination resistors. The design and layout process is made easier by this feature, which also frees up board space and lowers expenses.

Power distribution within the switch is effectively managed by internal core power controllers, who also optimize power usage and reduce energy waste. The KSZ8895MQXI achieves energy efficiency without sacrificing performance thanks to intelligent power regulation, making it the perfect option for applications where power consumption is a top priority.

The combination of integrated core power controllers and on-chip termination guarantees increased memory bandwidth, allowing data to move seamlessly between various ports. This non-blocking design ensures high-speed and dependable data transfer by preventing data bottlenecks and improving total network throughput.

Key Features of KSZ8895MQXI

● Power Management Capabilities

Advanced power management features of the KSZ8895MQXI are essential for networking that is energy-efficient. The switch can dynamically alter its power usage based on network activity and link status thanks to power management features. As a result, power consumption is optimized, energy waste is reduced, and operational expenses are brought down.

● Significance in Energy-Efficient Networking

Energy Savings: The switch can dramatically lower energy consumption during times of low network traffic or link inactivity by proactively controlling power utilization.

Green Initiatives: The power management features support environmentally friendly programs by assisting businesses in lowering their carbon footprints and promoting sustainable networking techniques.

Reduced power usage can also contribute to networking components having a longer lifespan, which increases system reliability overall.

● Programmable Rate Limit and Priority Ratio

Network managers can regulate data flow in various network contexts thanks to the programmable rate limit and priority ratio capability. According to application needs, it enables fine-tuning of bandwidth allotment and traffic prioritization.

Optimization of Data Flow

● Bandwidth Allocation

In order to ensure that vital applications have the appropriate bandwidth while minimizing data hoarding, administrators can define particular rate limitations for individual ports or traffic types.

Traffic Prioritization: With the aid of the priority ratio capability, the switch is able to give priority to specific types of traffic, such as VoIP or video streaming, in order to guarantee the lag-free operation of applications that require low latency.

● Tag/Port-based VLAN Functionality

The tag/port-based Virtual LAN (VLAN) technology supported by the KSZ8895MQXI improves network setup security and bandwidth control. Through logical network segmentation using VLANs, discrete broadcast zones are created, enhancing network security and efficiency.

● Enhanced Security and Bandwidth Management

Isolated Broadcast Domains: By segmenting network traffic, VLANs lower the risk of security breaches by preventing pointless broadcasts from reaching unrelated devices.

Bandwidth optimization: By grouping devices according to their VLAN memberships, administrators can more efficiently allocate bandwidth while ensuring that each VLAN receives the proper amount of network resources.

● Packet Filtering Feature

Administrators can effectively manage network traffic by selectively allowing or denying particular data packets based on predefined criteria using the packet filtering feature of the KSZ8895MQXI.

● Efficient Network Traffic Management

Traffic Control: To enhance network security and performance, administrators can use access control lists (ACLs) to filter packets based on source/destination MAC addresses, IP addresses, or particular protocols.

Prevention of Broadcast Storms: Packet filtering can maintain network stability by preventing broadcast storms brought on by excessive broadcast traffic.

● Four-Queue QoS Prioritization

A four-queue Quality of Service (QoS) prioritizing mechanism provided by KSZ8895MQXI enables the switch to classify and rank various data packet types according to their significance or priority level.

● Impact on Network Performance

Improved Performance for Critical Applications: The transition guarantees slick performance and lower latency by giving time-sensitive applications like voice and video a greater priority.

Resource allocation is more effective because of the four-queue QoS priority, which also improves network speed by reducing congestion.

● Management Interfaces and MIB Counters

Easy-to-use administrative interfaces and administrative Information Base (MIB) counters, which are crucial tools for network administration and performance monitoring, are offered by the KSZ8895MQXI.

● Value in Network Administration and Performance Monitoring

Configuration and Monitoring: The management interfaces (SPI/SMI) make it easy for administrators to set up switches and retrieve vital data.

Performance Insights: MIB counters offer insightful information and metrics regarding the performance of the switch, simplifying proactive troubleshooting and ensuring optimal network performance.


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