Part Number: LIS3DHTR

Manufacturer: NXP USA Inc.

Description: IC MTR DRVR BIPLR 2.7-5.5V 16QFN

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Technical Specifications of LIS3DHTR

Datasheet  LIS3DHTR datasheet
Category Sensors, Transducers
Family Motion Sensors – Accelerometers
Manufacturer STMicroelectronics
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Type Digital
Axis X, Y, Z
Acceleration Range ±2g, 4g, 8g, 16g
Sensitivity (LSB/g) 1000 (±2g) ~ 83 (±16g)
Sensitivity (mV/g)
Bandwidth 0.5Hz ~ 625Hz
Output Type I2C, SPI
Voltage – Supply 1.71 V ~ 3.6 V
Features Adjustable Bandwidth, Selectable Scale, Temperature Sensor
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C (TA)
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package / Case 16-VFLGA
Supplier Device Package 16-LGA (3×3)


The LIS3DHTR is a significant innovation in the area of sophisticated electronics. This ultra-low-power, high-performance three-axis linear accelerometer is part of the “nano” family and has a variety of properties that make it a flexible and necessary component in a variety of applications. This detailed guide will look into the LIS3DHTR’s capabilities, applications, and how to successfully harness its power.

Understanding the LIS3DHTR

What is the LIS3DHTR?

The LIS3DHTR is a state-of-the-art three-axis linear accelerometer developed for precise motion sensing and detection. It has a common digital I2C/SPI serial interface output that makes it easily compatible with a wide range of electronic systems. This little yet powerful device features ultra-low-power operation modes, allowing for advanced power-saving tactics and embedded smart functionality.

Key Features

The LIS3DHTR is an exceptional device with a plethora of functions that cater to a wide range of applications. Let’s dig deeper into these features to better grasp their capabilities and benefits:

  • Wide Supply Voltage (1.71 V to 3.6 V): The LIS3DHTR can work across a wide range of supply voltages, giving designers more choice when developing electronic systems and ensuring compatibility with a variety of power sources.
  • Independent IO Supply (1.8 V) and Supply Voltage Compatibility: It provides an independent IO supply of 1.8 V while keeping supply voltage compatible. This dual-supply feature improves power management adaptability and efficiency.
  • Ultra-Low-Power Mode (Down to 2 A): One of the LIS3DHTR’s notable characteristics is its ultra-low-power mode. It can run with as little as 2 A of power consumption, making it ideal for battery-powered applications where power efficiency is critical.
  • Dynamically Selectable Full Scale (2g/4g/8g/16g): Users can select the full-scale range for sensing accelerations dynamically. Because of this versatility, the sensor may be fine-tuned for a variety of applications, ranging from modest motion detection to high-impact scenarios.
  • I2C/SPI Digital Output Interface: The LIS3DHTR has a digital output interface that is compatible with both I2C and SPI, making data retrieval and integration into other electronic systems easier.
  • 16-Bit Data Output: The device outputs high-resolution 16-bit data, ensuring precise and accurate acceleration measurements in all directions.
  • Two Independent Programmable Interrupt Generators: Users can configure two independent programmable interrupt generators. This capability is particularly useful for applications requiring specific event triggering, such as free-fall and motion detection.
  • Orientation Detection in 6D/4D: The LIS3DHTR has orientation detection capabilities, which provide detailed information about the sensor’s orientation in space. This is beneficial in applications where the device’s location is critical.
  • It can detect free-fall events accurately, making it suited for devices and equipment that must respond to unexpected drops or falls.
  • Motion Detection: The LIS3DHTR performs admirably in motion detection applications, allowing for precise tracking and triggering based on movement.
  • Embedded Temperature Sensor: An embedded temperature sensor allows the device to give temperature data in addition to motion-related information, increasing the gadget’s versatility.
  • Embedded Self-Test: Users can execute self-tests to ensure the sensor’s reliability and accuracy within the final application.
  • 32 Levels of 16-Bit Data Output Embedded FIFO: A FIFO buffer is included in the device, which can store up to 32 levels of 16-bit data output. This feature enables users to store data while limiting the host processor’s intervention, hence improving data processing performance.
  • High Shock Survivability (10,000 g): With a survivability rating of up to 10,000 g, the LIS3DHTR is built to endure high shocks. Because of its toughness, it is well suited for use in hostile situations.
  • Compliant with ECOPACK®, RoHS, and “Green” Standards: The LIS3DHTR is environmentally friendly, meeting ECOPACK, RoHS, and “Green” standards, making it an eco-conscious solution for modern electronics.

Finally, the LIS3DHTR’s amazing set of properties, ranging from ultra-low-power operation to excellent shock resistance, making it a versatile and valuable component for a wide range of applications, including motion sensing, orientation detection, and power-efficient devices. Because of its scalability and interoperability, it is a popular choice among engineers and developers looking for advanced motion detection solutions.Top of Form


Because of its versatility, the LIS3DHTR is useful in a variety of applications:

● Motion-Activated Functions

The LIS3DHTR provides motion-activated functionality in mobile devices and home automation, boosting user experiences.

● Free-Fall Detection

The LIS3DHTR excels in applications where detecting free-fall events is crucial, such as wearable devices or safety equipment.

● Click/Double-Click Recognition

It can be used in input devices to improve user interaction by recognizing click and double-click events.

● Power Savings for Handheld Devices

The LIS3DHTR enables intelligent power management in mobile devices, prolonging battery life.

● Pedometers

The device may be connected into pedometers to monitor steps properly and provide vital health data.

● Gaming and Virtual Reality Input Devices

The LIS3DHTR provides precise motion tracking and input capabilities for gamers and VR developers.

● Impact Recognition and Logging

The gadget can detect and log impact events in industrial applications, assisting in the monitoring of equipment health.

● Vibration Monitoring and Compensation

The LIS3DHTR assists in compensation and control systems in a variety of sectors by monitoring vibrations.

Because of its versatility, high precision, and low power consumption, the LIS3DHTR is a popular choice among engineers and developers across sectors. This adaptable sensor may help you achieve your project goals with precision and efficiency, whether you’re developing a motion-sensitive light switch, a fitness tracker, or a cutting-edge virtual reality controller.


Finally, the LIS3DHTR is a groundbreaking three-axis linear accelerometer that smoothly blends ultra-low-power capabilities with unsurpassed precision in motion detection, providing a versatile solution for a wide range of applications. Its exceptional features and flawless compatibility make it an important asset for developers, engineers, and innovators alike who want to boost their projects with cutting-edge motion sensing and detecting capabilities. You now have the knowledge to fully exploit the LIS3DHTR’s potential in your electronic endeavors, thanks to the acquisition of this detailed handbook.

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