Part Number: LM2594MX-5.0

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

Description: IC REG BUCK 5V 500MA 8SOIC

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Technical Specifications of LM2594MX-5.0/NOPB

Datasheet  LM2594MX-5.0/NOPB datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family PMIC – Voltage Regulators – DC DC Switching Regulators
Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Function Step-Down
Output Configuration Positive
Topology Buck
Output Type Fixed
Number of Outputs 1
Voltage – Input (Min) 4.5V
Voltage – Input (Max) 40V
Voltage – Output (Min/Fixed) 5V
Voltage – Output (Max)
Current – Output 500mA
Frequency – Switching 150kHz
Synchronous Rectifier No
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 125°C (TJ)
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package / Case 8-SOIC (0.154″, 3.90mm Width)
Supplier Device Package 8-SOIC


The LM2594MX-5.0 is a buck-switching regulator IC that can be used in many different ways and converts power efficiently. This integrated circuit has very good line and load regulation, which makes the power supply stable and reliable. The LM2594MX-5.0 can be used in a wide range of power source designs because it comes in different packages and has fixed output voltages. Let’s look at what this IC can do and how it works, so you can figure out how to use it in your projects.

LM2594MX-5.0/NOPB Key Features and Specifications

The LM2594MX-5.0 is a great buck switching regulator IC for power supply uses because it has the following features and specs:

  • Set 5V Output Voltage: The LM2594MX-5.0 has a set 5V output voltage, so it can be used in situations where a stable power source at this voltage level is needed. This fixed output voltage makes it easier to build and makes sure that it works with a wide range of electronic devices and parts.
  • Load Capacity: Efficient 0.5-A: The LM2594MX-5.0 is made to drive a load of up to 0.5 amps in a good way. Because of this, it can easily and reliably run a wide range of devices, like microcontrollers, sensors, and small-scale electronic circuits.
  • Excellent Line and Load Regulation: The IC has excellent line and load regulation, which means that even if the input voltage changes or the load changes, the output voltage will stay stable and consistent. This feature makes sure that all connected gadgets work well and are safe.
  • Package Options: The LM2594MX-5.0 comes in two popular packages: the 8-pin PDIP (Plastic Dual In-Line Package) and the 8-pin surface-mount SOIC (Small Outline Integrated Circuit). These package options give you the freedom to choose the best package for your purpose, whether it’s a through-hole assembly or a surface-mount assembly.

The LM2594MX-5.0 is a great choice for a wide range of power supply uses because it has a fixed 5V output voltage, can drive loads efficiently, has good line and load regulation, and comes in a variety of package options. It has features that make the power supply stable and reliable, so it can be used to power a wide range of electronic devices and systems efficiently and precisely.

Simplified Design and Low BOM Cost

The LM2594MX-5.0 is made to make circuit design simpler and use fewer external components. This simplified method has the following advantages:

  • Exterior Minimum Components: There is less need for extra external components because the IC integrates several crucial functions. As a result, the circuit design procedure is simplified, saving time and energy during development.
  • Lower BOM Cost: The LM2594MX-5.0 greatly lowers the bill of materials (BOM) cost by requiring fewer external components. This cost-effectiveness helps reduce total costs, which is beneficial for projects involving mass production or strict budgets.
  • Usefulness: The LM2594MX-5.0 is simple to use. Even for designers with little experience in power supply design, the IC is simple to build with a low external component count. This usability improves product development effectiveness and shortens time to market.
  • Internal Frequency Compensation: The IC has internal frequency compensation, so external frequency compensation components are not required. Without the complexity of external compensation circuitry, this internal compensation guarantees stable operation and maintains the appropriate switching frequency.

The LM2594MX-5.0 offers a reliable and affordable solution for power supply applications by streamlining the design process, lowering the BOM cost, and doing away with the requirement for external frequency compensation components. Engineers can easily accomplish dependable power conversion thanks to its user-friendly design, which enables quicker development cycles and cost reductions without sacrificing performance.

LM2594MX-5.0/NOPB Applications

The LM2594MX-5.0 is adaptable and dependable, making it a good choice for a variety of applications that call for effective voltage regulation. Examples that stand out include:

  • Power supply modules for a variety of electronic systems, including microcontrollers, digital circuits, and communication devices, can use the LM2594MX-5.0. Consistent power delivery to these modules is ensured by their capability to generate a stable 5V output voltage with outstanding line and load regulation.
  • Industrial Equipment: The LM2594MX-5.0 can be used in machinery such as motor drives, control systems, and automation devices in industrial environments. It is suitable for powering the electronic components in various applications due to its effective load-driving capabilities and durable performance, which promote dependable and efficient operation.
  • Car Electronics: For a variety of electronic systems, such as infotainment systems, lighting modules, and sensor circuits, the car sector needs dependable power supply solutions. Even in the rigorous automotive environment, the LM2594MX-5.0 can satisfy these needs by offering a reliable 5V output voltage and effective load driving.
  • Voltage Regulation Scenarios: The LM2594MX-5.0’s adaptability covers a range of voltage regulation scenarios. The LM2594MX-5.0 can respond to varying voltage requirements in a variety of applications, whether it be stepping down a higher input voltage to a fixed 5V output or modifying the output voltage utilizing the adjustable version of the IC.

The LM2594MX-5.0 is an excellent option for many applications thanks to its adaptability and capacity to produce consistent power. This IC offers dependable voltage control, ensuring the smooth operation of crucial systems across numerous industries, from power supply modules and industrial equipment to automobile electronics.


A flexible buck switching regulator IC with effective power conversion and reliable voltage regulation is the LM2594MX-5.0. It is suitable for a variety of applications thanks to its fixed 5V output voltage, capacity to drive a 0.5-A load, and excellent line and load regulation. The IC makes circuit design simpler, lowers costs, and does away with the requirement for extra components for frequency adjustment. The LM2594MX-5.0 provides dependable performance in power supply modules, industrial machinery, automotive electronics, and a variety of voltage regulation applications. To achieve effective and reliable voltage regulation for your electrical systems, consider using this IC in your power supply designs.

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