Part Number: LM337IMPX/NOPB

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

Description: IC REG LIN NEG ADJ 1.5A SOT223-4

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Technical Specifications of LM337IMPX/NOPB

Datasheet  LM337IMPX/NOPB datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family PMIC – Voltage Regulators – Linear
Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Regulator Topology Negative Adjustable
Voltage – Output -1.2 V ~ -37 V
Current – Output 1A
Voltage – Dropout (Typical)
Number of Regulators 1
Voltage – Input -4.2 V ~ -50 V
Current – Limit (Min) 1.5A
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 125°C
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package / Case TO-261-4, TO-261AA
Supplier Device Package SOT-223-4

LM337IMPX/NOPB Introduction

The LM337IMPX/NOPB voltage regulator is an important part of electronic circuits that need negative voltage control that is accurate and can be changed. With an output voltage range of -1.25 V to -37 V, this voltage regulator can be used in a variety of ways to meet the voltage needs of different applications. Also, it can give -1.5 A or more of current, which makes sure that the connected circuitry gets power reliably. The LM337IMPX/NOPB voltage regulator is an important part of many electronic devices because it controls how much power they get.

LM337IMPX/NOPB Overview

The three-terminal adjustable negative voltage regulator LM337IMPX/NOPB provides precise voltage regulation and stability. It outputs -1.25 V to -37 V.

The voltage regulator has three terminals: Vin, Vout, and common (ground). Vin supplies the input voltage, and Vout provides the regulated negative output voltage. Grounding the shared terminal.

Two external resistors on the adjust and output pins of the LM337IMPX/NOPB set the output voltage. The ratio of these resistors controls the output voltage. Adjusting these resistors sets the output voltage within the required range.

Frequency correction and stability require an output capacitor. This capacitor improves regulator transient response and voltage stability. Load and performance determine the output capacitor value.

In power supplies, audio amplifiers, and voltage references, the LM337IMPX/NOPB voltage regulator may supply negative voltages. This voltage regulator improves electronic circuit reliability by supplying adjustable and consistent negative voltages.

LM337IMPX/NOPB Key Features and Benefits

The LM337IMPX/NOPB voltage regulator has several important features and benefits that make it a useful part in electronic circuits:

● Adjustable Output Voltage Range

One of the best things about the LM337IMPX/NOPB is that its output voltage range can be changed. With the ability to control negative voltages from -1.25 V to -37 V, electronic devices have the ability to meet different voltage needs.

● High current capability

The LM337IMPX/NOPB can produce a current of at least -1.5 A. Because it can handle a lot of current, it can be used in situations where the related circuitry needs a lot of power. This makes it stable and reliable.

● Precise voltage regulation

To set the output voltage, you connect external resistors to the adjust and output pins of the LM337IMPX/NOPB. This setup makes it possible to control the voltage precisely and make changes based on the needs of the application. By changing the numbers of these resistors, the output voltage can be fine-tuned within the range given.

● Stability Output Capacitor

Voltage controllers need an output capacitor in order to stabilise the frequency and correct for it. The LM337IMPX/NOPB needs an output capacitor to make the regulator more stable and better handle sudden changes. This capacitor helps keep the output voltage steady and smooth by reducing voltage changes.

● Versatile Applications

The LM337IMPX/NOPB can be used for many different tasks because its output voltage range is customizable, it can handle high current, and it is stable. It is often used in power supplies, audio amplifiers, and voltage references where accurate and reliable negative voltage regulation is needed.

The LM337IMPX/NOPB voltage regulator is a good way to power and control negative voltages in a wide range of electronic circuits. It has an adjustable output voltage range, a high current capacity, precise voltage regulation through external resistors, and stability through the use of an output capacitor.


The LM337IMPX/NOPB negative voltage regulator is used in many electronic systems that need precise and adjustable negative voltage control. Some popular examples include:

● Power Supplies

The LM337IMPX/NOPB is often used to regulate negative voltages in power supply systems. It is especially useful in designs for dual-rail power supplies, where different parts need to be powered by both positive and negative voltages.

● Amplifiers for sound

Negative voltage regulation is important in audio amplifier circuits to bias certain steps of the amplifier or to give operational amplifiers a negative power source. The LM337IMPX/NOPB makes sure that audio systems have a stable and accurate negative voltage source, which helps them make high-quality sound.

● Voltage standards

The LM337IMPX/NOPB can be used to make a stable and adjustable negative reference voltage that can be used in electronic systems that need precise voltage standards. This is important for measuring voltage accurately, calibrating equipment, and handling signals.

● Instrumentation

The LM337IMPX/NOPB is often used in instrumentation circuits, such as signal generators and test tools. It gives these systems the negative voltage values they need for biassing, amplifying, or controlling.

● Industrial Handling Systems

The LM337IMPX/NOPB is used to handle negative voltages in industrial automation and control systems. This is needed for different control signals, sensor interfaces, and motor control applications.

● Automotive Electronics

The LM337IMPX/NOPB can be found in audio systems, dashboard instrumentation, and power control circuits where negative voltage regulation is needed.

These are just a few popular ways the LM337IMPX/NOPB voltage regulator is used. It can be used in a wide range of electrical circuits that need precise negative voltage regulation because its output voltage range is adjustable, it can handle high current, and it is stable.

Design Considerations

When working with the LM337IMPX/NOPB voltage regulator, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure it works well and is reliable:

● Think about the temperature.

The LM337IMPX/NOPB can produce heat, especially when a lot of power is lost. To keep the valve from getting too hot, it needs a good way to get rid of heat. For thermal management, it is best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and datasheet specs. This includes using the right heat sinks and making sure there is enough airflow in the system.

● Differentials between the input and output voltages

The LM337IMPX/NOPB needs a big enough difference between the input and output voltages to control the desired negative output voltage. It is important to make sure that the input voltage is higher than the desired negative output voltage plus the dropout voltage listed in the datasheet. If the difference between the input and output voltages isn’t big enough, the regulator won’t work as well and will be unstable.

● Limits on Output Current

The LM337IMPX/NOPB has a limit on how much current it can send out, which is usually -1.5 A or more. If you go over this limit, the valve could get too hot and be damaged. To keep the regulator stable and long-lasting, it is important to make sure that the output current needs of the application are within the limit.

● Input and output capacitors

For stability and correct function, the LM337IMPX/NOPB needs input and output capacitors. These capacitors help block out noise, improve response to sudden changes, and lower voltage changes. The manufacturer’s suggested values and types of capacitors should be used as written in the datasheet.

● Voltage Spikes and Transients

To protect the LM337IMPX/NOPB and other parts of the circuit from voltage spikes, transients, and reverse polarity, it is best to include the right protections. This can be done with the help of surge protection devices, reverse polarity protection diodes, or transient voltage suppressors (TVS).

By taking into account things like thermal management, input/output voltage differences, output current limits, the right use of capacitors, and protection against voltage spikes, the LM337IMPX/NOPB voltage regulator can be designed to work reliably and steadily in the target application. It is important to consult the manufacturer’s datasheet and guidelines for specific design recommendations and to address any unique requirements of the circuit.


In conclusion, the LM337IMPX/NOPB voltage regulator is a flexible and reliable part that can be used to control the negative voltage in electronic circuits with great accuracy. It is used in power supplies, audio amplifiers, and voltage references because the output voltage can be changed and it can handle a lot of energy.

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