Part Number: LMC6482AIMX/NOPB

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

Description: IC CMOS 2 CIRCUIT 8SOIC

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Technical Specifications of LMC6482AIMX/NOPB

Datasheet  LMC6482AIMX/NOPB datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family Linear – Amplifiers – Instrumentation, OP Amps, Buffer Amps
Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Amplifier Type General Purpose
Number of Circuits 2
Output Type Rail-to-Rail
Slew Rate 1 V/μs
Gain Bandwidth Product 1.5MHz
-3db Bandwidth
Current – Input Bias 0.02pA
Voltage – Input Offset 1.35mV
Current – Supply 1.3mA
Current – Output / Channel 30mA
Voltage – Supply, Single/Dual (±) 3 V ~ 15.5 V, ±1.5 V ~ 7.75 V
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package / Case 8-SOIC (0.154″, 3.90mm Width)
Supplier Device Package 8-SOIC

LMC6482AIMX/NOPB Introduction

The LMC6482AIMX/NOPB from Texas Instruments is a dual operational amplifier (op-amp) with low power consumption and rail-to-rail input and output. Features, characteristics, common applications, and design concerns for the LMC6482AIMX/NOPB op-amp are covered in this review.

LMC6482AIMX/NOPB Description

The LMC6482 part works in common mode over the full range of supply voltages. Because of its high CMRR and good precision, this device is unique among rail-to-rail input amplifiers. The part is great for systems that need a wide range of input signals, such as data collection. The LMC6482 is also a great way to improve circuits that use amplifiers with a limited common-mode range, like the TLC272 and TLC277. The LMC6482’s output swings from rail to rail, which gives it a wide dynamic range even in low-voltage and single-supply situations.

The rail-to-rail output swing of the device doesn’t change with loads as low as 600. The LMC6482 is a good choice for battery-powered applications because it has low voltage and uses little power. The LMC6482 can be bought in both 8-pin SOIC and PDIP formats. There is also a VSSOP version of the device, which is much smaller than the SOIC-8 version. The LMC6484 is a good choice if you want to buy a quad CMOS operational amplifier.


  • The specifications, unless otherwise noted, are typical.
  • Range of the rail-to-rail input common-mode voltage (specified over temperature).
  • Swing from rail to rail output (100-k load, within 20 mV of the supply rail).
  • outlined the operation at 3, 5, and 15 volts.
  • CMRR and PSRR are excellent at 82 dB.
  • Twenty fA is the extremely low input current.
  • 130 dB for high voltage gain (RL = 500 k).
  • able to handle loads of 2k and 600k.

Detailed Description

Dual rail-to-rail CMOS operational amplifier LMC6482. The device uses one or two power sources.

Feature Description

● Amplifier Topology

The LMC6482 uses current mirrors with a wide compliance range and the body effect to extend the input common-mode range to each supply rail. There were no complimentary paralleled differential input stages, although they are typically utilized in various bipolar and CMOS rail-to-rail input amplifiers. This was because of CMRR, crossover distortion, and open-loop gain volatility. The LMC6482 has a well-designed input and output stage that can move from rail to rail even when driving a heavy load. We can get rail-to-rail output swing by skipping the output buffer step and using the internal integrator instead.

● Rail-to-Rail Output

At VS = 3 V, the LMC6482’s output resistance is estimated at 180 sourcing and 13-0 sinking. At VS = 5 V, these numbers drop to 110 sourcing and 80 sinkings. The calculated output resistance can be used to approximate the maximum output voltage swing as a load function.

Application Information

● Upgrading Applications

LMC6482 duals and The LMC6484 quads use conventional pin-outs, making them easy to drop into existing software. The LMC6482’s features can significantly improve a system’s efficiency. Using the LMC6482 in your designs will boost your linear signal range. Typically, the input common-mode range of an op-amp is quite small. Signals outside this range produce a nonlinear output response, even after the input signal has returned to the common-mode range.

Instruments for Obtaining Data Buffering the ADC12038 with the LMC6482 provide solutions for low-power, single-supply data acquisition systems. The LMC6482 does not need input signals to be scaled down to match constrained common-mode voltage ranges because it can use the full supply range. The 12-bit data collection system’s integral linearity is preserved to within 0.325 LSB thanks to the LMC4282’s CMRR of 82 dB. The CMRR will drop to 8 bits if it’s only 50 dB when using other rail-to-rail input amplifiers.

● Instrumentation Circuits

The high input impedance, broad common-mode range, and high CMRR of the LMC6482 are advantageous for instrumentation circuits. The LMC6482 allows instrumentation circuits to reject a broader spectrum of common-mode signals than conventional in-amps. Hence, industrial and noisy environments are ideal for instrumentation circuits constructed using LMC6482. In addition to analytical medical equipment, gas detectors and silicon-based transducers are additional applications that potentially benefit from these capabilities.

● Capacitive Load Tolerance

Most of the time, the LMC6482 can directly drive a 100-pF load with VS = 15 V and gain = 1, and it won’t oscillate. The gain follower with unity gain is the most sensitive. Op-amps have less phase margin when they are loaded directly with capacitance. When the op-amp’s output impedance is added to the capacitive load, phase lag is caused. This leads to either a pulse response that isn’t dampened enough or oscillation.

● Compensating

Input Capacitance High feedback resistance is often used in ultra-low input current amplifiers like the LMC6482. With large feedback resistors and low input capacitance, phase margins can be reduced by transducers, photodiodes, and parasitics on the circuit board.

● Power Supply Recommendations

3 V to 15 V supplies power to the LMC6482. Use bypass capacitors between power supply pins and ground and a suitable PCB layout for power supply rails and planes to achieve noise immunity appropriate for the application.


Layout Guidelines

Each circuit with less than 1000 pA leakage current requires a specific PC board configuration. The LMC6482’s ultra-low input current is needed for excellent designing, generally 20 fA. Low-leakage methods are easy. First, don’t dismiss the PCB’s surface leakage, even if the leakage current seems minimal. Under high humidity, dust, or contamination, it will be significant.


In conclusion, the LMC6482AIMX/NOPB is a highly capable operational amplifier that can be used in many different ways and gives designers a lot of features to work with. Its low power use, rail-to-rail input and output, and high voltage gain make it a popular choice for various uses, from boosting audio to boosting sensor signals.

When using the LMC6482AIMX/NOPB to design a circuit, it’s important to consider the power supply, load capacitance, PCB layout, and thermal management for the best performance. At ICRFQ, we offer competitive prices on high-quality electronic parts like the LMC6482AIMX/NOPB, and our team is always ready to help with any questions or orders. So, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help with your electronic needs. We can help you choose the right parts or place an order.

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