Part Number: LMH6639MF

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

Description: IC OPAMP VFB 1 CIRCUIT SOT23-6

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Technical Specifications of LMH6639MF

Datasheet  LMH6639MF datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family Linear – Amplifiers – Instrumentation, OP Amps, Buffer Amps
Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Series VIP10?
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Amplifier Type Voltage Feedback
Number of Circuits 1
Output Type Rail-to-Rail
Slew Rate 200 V/μs
Gain Bandwidth Product 90MHz
-3db Bandwidth 228MHz
Current – Input Bias 1.4μA
Voltage – Input Offset 1.3mV
Current – Supply 4.18mA
Current – Output / Channel 112mA
Voltage – Supply, Single/Dual (±) 3 V ~ 12 V, ±1.5 V ~ 6 V
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package / Case SOT-23-6
Supplier Device Package SOT-23-6

Introducing LMH6639MF

The LMH6639MF voltage feedback amplifier is a highly versatile component that plays a crucial role in various electronic applications. The rail-to-rail functionality and compact SOT-23-6 package of this device make it an excellent option for precision signal amplification. The LMH6639MF amplifier is known for its exceptional performance and fidelity, making it a great choice for various applications such as audio systems, sensor signal conditioning, and communication devices. Let us delve into the realm of this formidable amplifier and discover how it can elevate the quality of your electronic projects.

Overview of LMH6639MF

LMH6639MF: Unleashing the Power of Voltage Feedback Amplification

With its amazing set of features and capabilities, the LMH6639MF voltage feedback amplifier is a dependable option for precise signal amplification. Its single-circuit design makes integration into different applications easier. Signal quality is maximized by the amplifier’s rail-to-rail input and output capabilities, which guarantee effective processing of signals across the whole voltage range.

The LMH6639MF stands out for its high gain, which enables accurate amplifying of weak signals without sacrificing accuracy. Its large bandwidth makes it perfect for audio and communication systems since it enables the accurate reproduction of high-frequency material. The amplifier also has a low input offset voltage, which reduces signal distortion and guarantees accurate signal conditioning.

Whether you’re working on audio systems, precision measurement tools, or sensor signal conditioning applications, the LMH6639MF can deliver remarkable signal amplification performance. It is a useful asset in your electrical projects due to its adaptable qualities.

Versatile Functionalities for Diverse Applications

A variety of capabilities are provided by the LMH6639MF amplifier to accommodate different electronic applications. It is a great option for audio amplification, sensor signal conditioning, and communication systems due to its superior performance.

The LMH6639MF excels at handling low-level signals with the highest degree of accuracy and fidelity in audio amplification. This amplifier guarantees precise amplification without adding distortion or noise, whether you’re using headphones, speakers, or audio processing equipment. It can tolerate a wide range of input and output voltages thanks to its rail-to-rail capabilities, ensuring compatibility with various audio sources and load requirements.

The LMH6639MF is a dependable option for conditioning sensor signals. It enables accurate signal conditioning and amplification from a variety of sensors, including optical, pressure, and temperature sensors. For accurate measurements and control systems, high gain and a low input offset voltage enable accurate signal representation.

The LMH6639MF is a key component in communication systems that amplifies and conditions signals for transmission and reception. It is useful for applications involving data transfer, wireless systems, and RF circuits due to its broad bandwidth and ability to handle high-frequency information with ease. Its rail-to-rail capabilities enable effective signal handling across the full voltage range, ensuring the highest level of signal integrity.

The LMH6639MF amplifier opens up a world of possibilities for your electronic projects thanks to its capability to handle low-level signals with high fidelity and its compatibility with many input and output voltage ranges. This amplifier gives you the performance and adaptability you require, whether you’re designing audio systems, dealing with sensors, or constructing communication networks.

Superior Performance and Design Advantages

The LMH6639MF amplifier is a desirable component for numerous electrical applications due to its great performance and design advantages.

The LMH6639MF’s capacity to offer high gain while preserving low distortion is one of its main advantages. This amplifier ensures accurate signal reproduction without adding unwelcome artifacts or distortions thanks to its high gain bandwidth and outstanding linearity. This is especially important for applications requiring accurate signal representation, such as audio systems and precise measuring tools.

The LMH6639MF’s rail-to-rail capabilities are another benefit. It utilizes the available voltage levels to the fullest extent possible across the whole input and output voltage ranges. When the input signal swings dangerously close to the power supply rails, this function is useful. The amplifier ensures that signals are faithfully amplified and reproduced, even at the extremes of the voltage range, by offering a large dynamic range.

Additionally, by removing the need for additional voltage level shifting circuitry, the LMH6639MF’s rail-to-rail capabilities streamline the design process. This minimizes the number of components and the complexity of the entire system, in addition to freeing up space on the PCB. Its design advantages are further enhanced by the small SOT-23-6 package, which makes integration into applications with limited space simple.

The LMH6639MF amplifier offers substantial performance and design advantages by providing high gain and low distortion for precise signal reproduction and rail-to-rail capabilities for full usage of the input and output voltage ranges. It gives engineers the tools they need to develop precise and effective electronic systems while reducing design complexity and utilizing space to the fullest.

Seamless Integration and Compact Design

The LMH6639MF amplifier is available in a small SOT-23-6 package that makes integration simple and has a small form factor that is excellent for applications with limited space.

Surface mount technology (SMT) is compatible with the SOT-23-6 package, making it simple to integrate onto PCBs. It is perfect for applications where board space is limited because of its tiny footprint and low profile, which enable effective space usage.

The SOT-23-6 package offers further advantages in terms of thermal and electrical considerations in addition to its small size. The package’s architecture enables effective heat dissipation during operation, maintaining reliability and performance at their highest levels. To guarantee that the amplifier functions within the given temperature range, adequate thermal management measures, such as good PCB layout and heat sinking, should be put in place.

Additionally, the SOT-23-6 package has good electrical properties that guarantee dependable performance under a variety of operating circumstances. Low parasitic capacitance and resistance provided by the package increase signal integrity and lessen signal deterioration. For high-frequency applications where signal quality and integrity are paramount, these properties are extremely important.

Overall, the SOT-23-6 package for the LMH6639MF provides ease of integration, a small footprint, and advantageous thermal and electrical attributes. These characteristics let designers include high-performance amplification capabilities into their systems while minimizing footprint and ensuring optimal performance, making them well-suited for applications with limited space.


The LMH6639MF voltage feedback amplifier is a compact powerhouse with a multitude of benefits. Its rail-to-rail capability and small SOT-23-6 package make it perfect for precision signal amplification in various electronic applications.

With high gain, low distortion, and wide bandwidth, the LMH6639MF ensures accurate signal reproduction, whether it’s for audio amplification, sensor signal conditioning, or communication systems. Its compatibility with different input and output voltage ranges enables seamless integration into your designs.

Sourcing the LMH6639MF is hassle-free, as it is available from ICRFQ, your trusted electronic component distributor. Don’t miss the opportunity to incorporate this amplifier into your next project. Achieve precise signal amplification and efficient designs with the LMH6639MF. Unleash its potential now!

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