Part Number: LMZ12003TZ-ADJ

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

Description: DC DC CONVERTER 0.8-6V

Shipped from: Shenzhen/HK Warehouse

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Technical Specifications of LMZ12003TZ-ADJ/NOPB

Datasheet  LMZ12003TZ-ADJ/NOPB datasheet
Category Power Supplies – Board Mount
Family DC DC Converters
Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Packaging Digi-Reel?
Part Status Active
Type Non-Isolated PoL Module
Number of Outputs 1
Voltage – Input (Min) 4.5V
Voltage – Input (Max) 20V
Voltage – Output 1 0.8 ~ 6 V
Voltage – Output 2
Voltage – Output 3
Current – Output (Max) 3A
Power (Watts) – Manufacture Series
Voltage – Isolation
Applications ITE (Commercial)
Features UVLO
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package / Case TO-PMOD-7, Power Module
Size / Dimension 0.40″ L x 0.39″ W x 0.18″ H (10.2mm x 9.9mm x 4.6mm)
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 125°C
Efficiency 92%
Power (Watts) – Max


The LMZ12003TZ-ADJ is a powerful step-down DC-DC power module that can manage currents as high as 3A and is incredibly flexible in its use. If you’re looking to better utilize this potent tool in your projects, this tutorial will help you gain a thorough understanding of its features, functions, and applications.

Introduction to LMZ12003TZ-ADJ

The LMZ12003TZ-ADJ is a power module that can convert unregulated input voltage into a stable regulated output voltage with minimal loss of energy. The main capabilities and characteristics are as follows:

● COT Control Circuit Overview

The foundation of the LMZ12003TZ-ADJ’s regulating technique is Constant On-Time (COT) control. A comparator and ON-time one-shot are used to check the output voltage against a 0.8-volt internal reference.

When the feedback voltage drops below the reference, a programming resistor (RON) activates the main MOSFET for a programmed amount of time. By connecting RON to VIN, the ON time can be varied in response to variations in the input voltage. This method of regulation guarantees consistent and precise control.

● Output Overvoltage Protection (OVP)

In order to safeguard against output voltages that are too high, the LMZ12003TZ-ADJ includes an OVP function. The ON time is cut short if the voltage at the feedback (FB) pin goes beyond 0.92 V.

This is a precaution to make sure input voltage doesn’t spike or drop too quickly and cause harm. When the Overcurrent Protection (OVP) is activated, the ON-times of the top MOSFETs are reduced while the synchronous MOSFET stays on until the inductor current is zero.

● Thermal Protection

A thermal protection system is integrated into the LMZ12003TZ-ADJ in order to forestall catastrophic failures brought on by excessive heating. The system goes into a low-power standby mode when the junction temperature hits the normal threshold of 165 degrees Celsius. At this point, the main MOSFET is still turned off, and the CSS capacitor has been discharged all the way to the ground.

The presence of thermal protection on a device assures that it will continue to function normally even when subjected to extremely high temperatures. The gadget will resume normal operation whenever the temperature drops back down to below 145 degrees Celsius (the typical hysteresis value is 20 degrees Celsius).

● Zero Coil Current Detection

By utilizing Zero Coil Current Detection, the LMZ12003TZ-ADJ is able to improve its efficiency even when light loads are present. When the current in the lower (synchronous) MOSFET reaches zero, this component inhibits it until the next ON-time, monitoring the current throughout the process.

This function enables the Discontinuous Conduction Mode (DCM), which helps to improve overall efficiency and decrease power loss, particularly while working with low loads.


Because of its adaptability, the LMZ12003TZ-ADJ is suited for a broad variety of applications, particularly those that require effective power conversion and reliable protective mechanisms. The following are some examples of possible applications:

  • Equipment for Industrial Use: The LMZ12003TZ-ADJ can be used to provide power to a variety of industrial devices. This will ensure a consistent voltage output and provide protection against unexpected spikes in voltage or fluctuations in load.
  • Electronics for Automobiles: Incorporate this power module into vehicle systems in order to properly manage power for sensors, infotainment systems, and other essential components while also offering protection against overvoltage.
  • Telecommunications: The LMZ12003TZ-ADJ can improve power delivery and system reliability in telecommunications infrastructure, such as base stations and data centers. This improvement is possible thanks to the telecoms industry.
  • Mobile and Handheld Devices: Develop power supply for portable devices such as laptops, tablets, and cellphones that are both space-saving and efficient in their use of energy.
  • Renewable Energy: Integrate the LMZ12003TZ-ADJ into renewable energy systems in order to convert and regulate the power that is generated by wind turbines or solar panels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the LMZ12003TZ-ADJ power module

● What is the LMZ12003TZ-ADJ, and what does it do?

The LMZ12003TZ-ADJ is a power module that transforms input voltage to regulated output voltage for a variety of electronic applications.

● What is the maximum load capacity of the LMZ12003TZ-ADJ?

The COT control circuit drives the regulation process of the LMZ12003TZ-ADJ. When the input voltage varies, it compares the output voltage to a reference value and adjusts the ON-time of the main MOSFET to keep the output voltage consistent and precise.

● How does the COT control circuit work in simple terms?

It keeps the output voltage consistent and accurate by regulating the primary MOSFET’s ON-time depending on a reference value, even when the input voltage changes.

● What is Output Overvoltage Protection (OVP), and why is it important?

OVP is a safety feature that shuts down the power module immediately if the output voltage exceeds a particular threshold (0.92V in this example). It protects the linked devices from abrupt voltage spikes or variations in load.

● How does the LMZ12003TZ-ADJ prevent overheating?

Thermal protection on the LMZ12003TZ-ADJ kicks in when the internal temperature hits 165°C. This safeguard places the gadget in a low-power standby mode, reducing overheating and potential damage. When the temperature falls below 145°C, normal operation resumes.

● What is the benefit of Zero Coil Current Detection?

The current of the bottom synchronous MOSFET is monitored via Zero Coil Current Detection. When the current reaches zero, it disables this MOSFET until the next ON-time, which increases efficiency, especially at light loads, by minimizing power losses.

● What are common applications for the LMZ12003TZ-ADJ?

It is utilized for efficient power regulation and protection in a variety of applications, including industrial equipment, automotive electronics, telecommunications, portable devices, and renewable energy systems.


In summary, the LMZ12003TZ-ADJ is a powerful and versatile step-down DC-DC power module, offering remarkable efficiency, precise regulation, and robust protection features. With a 3A load capacity and stable output voltage, it suits a wide range of applications, from industrial machinery to portable electronics. Featuring the advanced COT control, overvoltage protection, thermal safeguards, and enhanced efficiency with zero coil current detection, this module is an invaluable tool for engineers and designers seeking reliable power solutions.

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