Part Number: LMZM23601SILR

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

Description: DC/DC CONVERTER 1.2-15V

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LMZM23601SILR Introduction

The LMZM23601SILR is an integrated-inductor power module that is designed to be highly efficient and is ideal for industrial applications where space is at a premium. This guide is designed to give you all the essential information about the LMZM23601SILR. It covers its features, specifications, and applications and provides tips for optimal usage.

Key Features and Benefits of the LMZM23601SILR

The LMZM23601SILR has a compact design with an integrated industrial power module, which makes it a suitable option for industrial applications with limited space. The compact size of this product makes it ideal for optimizing board space, which gives designers the ability to create streamlined and efficient systems. This design helps to optimize space utilization, resulting in more efficient system layouts and a reduced overall size.

Wide input voltage range

The LMZM23601SILR is designed to be compatible with a broad range of power sources commonly found in industrial environments, with an input voltage range of 4 volts to 36 volts.The power module is designed to handle different input voltage levels with ease thanks to its wide input voltage range, which provides flexibility.

The LMZM23601SILR is designed to be compatible with a variety of power sources due to its wide input voltage range. This makes it suitable for use in various industrial systems and environments.

The power module’s versatility enables it to be utilized in a range of industrial applications that have varying input voltage requirements, making it a flexible and adaptable solution.

High output current

The LMZM23601SILR has the ability to provide a maximum output current of 1000 mA.The device’s ability to produce high output current makes it ideal for powering various industrial components and subsystems such as motors, actuators, sensors, and control circuitry.

The LMZM23601SILR is capable of delivering reliable power to meet the demands of industrial applications without compromising performance or stability, thanks to its high output current capability.

The power module’s high output current capability provides system designers with the flexibility to integrate power-hungry components, resulting in the creation of robust and capable industrial systems.

User-Friendly Design

The LMZM23601SILR has been designed with user convenience in mind. For specific output designs, the design process can be simplified, and the number of components can be reduced to just two external ones. An approach that is user-friendly improves the ease of implementation.

The LMZM23601SILR has a simplified design that requires minimal external components. This reduces the complexity of the design and makes it easier to integrate into industrial systems, resulting in faster and more straightforward integration.

The simplified design process helps save time and effort, making the development cycle more efficient and potentially lowering overall system costs.

Output Current Scaling

The LMZM23601SILR is designed to be pin-to-pin compatible with the LMZM23600. However, the LMZM23600 has a lower output current capacity of 500 mA.The compatibility feature enables effortless adjustment of the output current to meet the specific needs of a given application.

Flexibility is achieved through the ability to scale the output current via pin-to-pin compatibility, allowing for greater flexibility in system design. Designers have the flexibility to select the most suitable power module for their particular power needs without having to make substantial modifications to the layout or circuitry.

The LMZM23601SILR is an excellent option for industrial applications with limited space due to its compact design, wide input voltage range, high output current capability, user-friendly features, and output current scaling flexibility. The power module solution is highly appealing for performance-driven industrial systems due to its efficiency, reliability, and cost-saving aspects.

Applications of the LMZM23601SILR

The LMZM23601SILR power module is widely used in various industrial applications. Below are some examples:

  • Factory automation systems refer to the use of technology and machinery to automate various processes in a manufacturing facility. These systems are designed to increase efficiency, reduce The LMZM23601SILR is an ideal choice for factory automation systems that demand power solutions that are both compact and efficient. It can power a variety of parts in automated machinery, such as sensors, actuators, control circuitry, and communication modules.
  • Industrial Control Systems: The LMZM23601SILR is advantageous for industrial control systems, specifically programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and distributed control systems (DCS), due to its ability to provide high output current and accommodate a wide input voltage range. This device offers dependable power for control modules, I/O interfaces, and communication modules.

Power Distribution Units (PDUs) are devices that distribute electrical power to multiple devices from a single source. The LMZM23601SILR is a highly recommended option for power distribution units utilized in industrial environments. The PDU’s compact design and high efficiency make it ideal for effectively distributing power to different loads and components.

The LMZM23601SILR’s high output current and wide input voltage range can be advantageous for motor control systems such as servo drives, stepper motor controllers, and motor control boards. This power source offers consistent and trustworthy energy to operate motors of varying types and sizes.

The LMZM23601SILR is a suitable choice for communication systems used in industrial environments, including data acquisition systems, fieldbus interfaces, and industrial Ethernet modules. Due to its small size and excellent efficiency, this product is ideal for communication equipment that has limited space.

The LMZM23601SILR is a versatile component that can be used in various industrial sectors such as manufacturing, energy, transportation, and telecommunications. It is particularly useful in space-constrained environments. The compact design of this product is especially beneficial in environments where space is limited. This is because it allows for efficient system integration by maximizing board space. The power module is an excellent option for applications that prioritize size constraints due to its capability to provide high performance while taking up minimal space.

To sum up, the LMZM23601SILR has various applications such as factory automation systems, industrial control systems, PLCs, power distribution units, motor control systems, communication systems, and others. The power module is a dependable and efficient option for various industrial applications due to its adaptability and ability to function well in limited spaces.

Tips for Optimal Usage of the LMZM23601SILR

To ensure stability and minimize voltage ripple, it is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for capacitor values.

  • It is important to ensure proper installation, which includes careful consideration of PCB layout and component placement. This will help to minimize voltage drops and maximize efficiency.
  • It is important to take into account the need for heat dissipation when dealing with higher output currents or elevated temperatures. This can be achieved through the use of techniques such as heat sinks or thermal pads.
  • To minimize electromagnetic interference, it is recommended to implement EMI mitigation techniques such as proper grounding, shielding, and filtering.
  • To ensure proper protection, it is recommended to implement measures such as transient voltage suppressors or protection circuits for input and output.
  • It is recommended to conduct comprehensive testing and validation of the LMZM23601SILR in your particular application to ensure that it meets the desired specifications.


To sum up, the LMZM23601SILR power module is a great option for industrial applications that have limited space. The device’s compact design, wide input voltage range, and high output current capability offer both flexibility and efficiency. By following the manufacturer’s instructions and utilizing the LMZM23600’s pin-to-pin compatibility, one can achieve the best performance and design flexibility. At ICRFQ, we are committed to providing you with expert advice and support to help you make the most of the LMZM23601SILR power module.

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