Part Number: LR8N8-G

Manufacturer: Microchip Technology

Description: IC REG LIN POS ADJ 10MA TO243AA

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Technical Specifications of LR8N8-G

Datasheet  LR8N8-G datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family PMIC – Voltage Regulators – Linear
Manufacturer Microchip Technology
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Regulator Topology Positive Adjustable
Voltage – Output 1.2 V ~ 440 V
Current – Output
Voltage – Dropout (Typical)
Number of Regulators 1
Voltage – Input 13.2 V ~ 450 V
Current – Limit (Min) 30mA
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package / Case TO-243AA
Supplier Device Package TO-243AA (SOT-89)

LR8N8-G Introduction

In search of a voltage regulator to keep your circuit’s output voltage stable? The LR8N8-G linear regulator is available from Microchip Technology and is a good choice. This device can generate a current of up to 0.01 A at a maximum power dissipation of 1600 mW, with an overall accuracy of 5%. On top of that, this regulator is ideal for power management in your circuit because it operates from as little as 13.2 V and as much as 450 V.

Moreover, the output voltage can be adjusted from 1.2 to 440 V to suit your specific applications better. The output current of your circuit will be stable with a load regulation of 3% and a line regulation of 0.01 %/V. If you need efficient and dependable voltage regulation, the LR8N8-G is your best bet.

LR8N8-G General Description

The LR8 is a linear regulator with a wide range of output voltages and currents but very low output currents. The input voltage range of this regulator is very large, going from 13-2,450V. With an input voltage at least 12 volts higher than the output voltage, the output voltage can be changed between 1.20-438 volts. In most practical implementations, the output voltage is set by varying the values of two external resistors, R1 and R2. Normally, LR8 maintains a 1.20V differential between the VOUT and ADJ pins. By adjusting the ratio of R1 and R2, we may boost the 1.20V from the outside. The ADJ pin is coupled to an internal constant bias current, typically 10 A.

As a result, VOUT is raised by a constant voltage equal to 10 A times R2. It is possible to limit both current and temperature with LR8. Typically, the lowest permitted temperature is +125°C, and the maximum permitted output current is 20 mA. This means that the maximum current that can flow through a short circuit in the output will be 20 mA. To prevent the junction temperature from rising above its temperature limit, the output current and/or voltage will decrease when the junction temperature hits its limit. When an external voltage is given to the LR8’s VOUT terminal higher than the LR8’s output voltage, the LR8 switches off, making it suitable for use in SMPS start-up circuits. A minimum DC output current of 500 A and a bypass capacitor size of 1.0 F are needed to guarantee steady operation. The LR8 can be purchased in TO-92, TO-252, and TO-243AA (DPAK) packages.

LR8N8-G Features

  • 2-450V Input Voltage Range.
  • Adjustable Output regulation: 1.20-438V.
  • 5% tolerance for output voltage.
  • Limiting the output current.
  • A typical ADJ current of 10 A.
  • Limitation of the internal junction temperature.

LR8N8-G Applications

  • Industrial controls
  • Power supplies.
  • Motor controls.
  • Battery chargers.

LR8N8-G Specification

The EU RoHS standards, which limit the use of specific hazardous compounds in electrical and electronic devices, are complied with by the LR8N8-G. The LR8N8-G has the ECCN (Export Control Classification Number) EAR99, which designates it as low-level technology and largely exempt from export controls.

The LR8N8-G is an active part, meaning that Microchip Technology sells it and is presently in production.

One output, a positive voltage output, is available on the LR8N8-G.

Positive output voltage polarity indicates that the voltage output is always positive in relation to the reference point or ground.

Accuracy: The LR8N8-G’s overall accuracy is 5%, which means that the output voltage can differ from the set value by up to 5%.

The output of the LR8N8-G is adjustable, so you can change the output voltage to meet your demands anywhere between 1.2 and 440 volts.

Maximum Output Current: The LR8N8-G is appropriate for low-power applications because it can deliver a maximum output current of 0.01 A.

The LR8N8-G needs a minimum input voltage of 13.2 V to operate correctly.

Highest Input Voltage: The LR8N8-G can operate with a maximum input voltage of 450 V, making high-voltage applications possible.

Line Regulation: The LR8N8-G’s line regulation is 0.01%/V, which means that for every 1 V change in the input voltage, the output voltage will change by 0.01%.

Load Regulation: The LR8N8-G has a 3% load regulation, which means that for every change in the load current, the output voltage will change by 3%.

The LR8N8-G can dissipate up to 1600 mW of electricity without exceeding its maximum temperature limit, according to its maximum power dissipation rating of 1600 mW.

Junction to Ambient: For the LR8N8-G, the thermal resistance from the junction to ambient is 78°C/W, which indicates that for every watt of power the regulator uses, its temperature rises by 78°C.

Junction to Case: The LR8N8-G has a thermal resistance of 15°C/W from the junction to the case, meaning that for every watt of power, it uses, the temperature of the regulator will increase by 15°C.

Unique Features: To guard against damage from excessive current or temperature, the LR8N8-G contains current limit and thermal protection functions.

The LR8N8-G can function at a minimum operating temperature of -40°C, making it suitable for frigid situations.

Maximum Operational Temperature: The LR8N8-G can operate in situations with temperatures as high as 85°C, making it suitable for usage in such conditions.

Packaging: The LR8N8-G is packaged in tape and reel packaging for effective mounting and secure shipping.

Surface mount technology, which the LR8N8-G is, allows for direct attachment to the surface of


In conclusion, Microchip Technology’s LR8N8-G linear regulator is a great option for anyone seeking a dependable and effective approach to maintaining a steady output voltage in their circuit. This component provides excellent power management capabilities with a maximum output current of 0.01 A and an adjustable output voltage range of 1.2 to 440 V. Also, a constant current can be generated at the output of your circuit thanks to its load regulation of 3% and line regulation of 0.01%/V.

Tape and reel packaging is used to ship the LM317L-N to facilitate mounting and ensure delivery security. Also, this voltage control device is appropriate for various applications due to its wide operating temperature range of -40°C to 85°C. To obtain this product or other high-quality components for your project, contact ICRFQ, a reliable supplier with excellent products and customer service. Click here to order now from ICRFQ and take the first step towards successfully completing your project.

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