Part Number: LTM4668AEY#PBF

Manufacturer: Analog Devices Inc.

Description: DC DC CNVRTR 4X0.6-5.5V

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In the field of electronics and power management, efficient voltage regulation is critical to ensuring the steady and reliable performance of numerous devices and systems. The LTM4668AEY#PBF is a fantastic solution, providing a quad DC/DC step-down Module (micromodule) regulator with extraordinary capabilities and characteristics that cater to a wide range of applications. This detailed guide will lead you through all of the crucial details, functions, and benefits of the LTM4668AEY#PBF, equipping you with the knowledge to harness its potential for your projects.

Introduction to the LTM4668AEY#PBF

The LTM4668AEY#PBF is an advanced quad DC/DC step-down Module regulator that integrates switching controllers, power FETs, inductors, and support components into a single package. This integrated design simplifies the power supply implementation process, allowing engineers to create more efficient and reliable systems. The LTM4668AEY#PBF provides a distinct advantage in power delivery to a range of loads, with an astounding 1.2A DC current per output.

Key Features and Specifications

Voltage and Current Capabilities

The LTM4668AEY#PBF is engineered to function admirably in a wide range of operational circumstances. It accepts input voltages ranging from 2.7V to 17V and output voltages ranging from 0.6V to 5.5V. This adaptability makes it appropriate for a wide range of applications requiring varying voltage levels. Furthermore, the device provides an output current of up to 1.2A per output, with a total capability of 4.8A attainable by paralleling outputs.

Efficiency and Stability: Unraveling the Power of LTM4668AEY#PBF

In the field of power management, efficiency and stability are two critical variables. The LTM4668AEY#PBF excels in both categories thanks to its creative design and advanced features. In this section, we’ll look at how its high switching frequency, current mode architecture, selectable Burst Mode operation, and PolyPhase operation all work together to maximize efficiency and assure rock-solid stability even when line and load conditions fluctuate.

High Switching Frequency and Current Mode Architecture

The LTM4668AEY#PBF features a high switching frequency and a current mode design. Here’s how these aspects work together to boost efficiency:

  • Switching Frequency is High: The LTM4668AEY#PBF is distinguished by its high switching frequency. This property enables the regulator to rapidly turn on and off power FETs. Faster switching reduces switching losses, which reduces power dissipation as heat. In layman’s terms, a greater switching frequency equals higher efficiency since less energy is lost as heat during the conversion process.
  • The current mode architecture is a control technique that manages the output voltage by monitoring the current flowing through the power FETs. It enables the LTM4668AEY#PBF to respond to variations in load current quickly. When the load changes, the current mode architecture adjusts the switching controllers’ duty cycle to maintain a steady output voltage. This dynamic response ensures that the power supply is always at the top of its efficiency curve.

Selectable Burst Mode Operation and PolyPhase Operation

The LTM4668AEY#PBF takes efficiency a step further by incorporating selectable Burst Mode and PolyPhase operation:

  • Burst Mode Operation: Burst Mode operation is an energy-saving function that minimizes power consumption under low load conditions. When the load demand is minimal, the LTM4668AEY#PBF can enter Burst Mode, which causes it to shut down or minimize switching activity for a brief period of time. This saves energy and boosts overall efficiency. The LTM4668AEY#PBF’s ability to select this mode makes it highly flexible to various power requirements, from high-performance applications to standby or low-power states.
  • PolyPhase Operation: PolyPhase operation entails distributing the load evenly across numerous phases or channels. This approach increases efficiency by lowering current per phase, which reduces conduction losses. The LTM4668AEY#PBF operates in PolyPhase, allowing it to withstand high current loads while maintaining stable output voltage levels. This capability is very useful in situations that require accurate voltage regulation and reliable performance.

The LTM4668AEY#PBF exemplifies effective power management. Its high switching frequency, current mode architecture, configurable Burst Mode operation, and PolyPhase operation all contribute to exceptional efficiency while providing unshakable stability under dynamic working situations. The LTM4668AEY#PBF excels at offering both power and peace of mind to engineers and end-users alike, whether it’s powering high-performance computing systems or energy-efficient IoT devices.

Fault Protection and Reliability

It is critical to ensure the safety and dependability of power supply. Overvoltage, overcurrent, and overtemperature protection are among the fault protection features built into the LTM4668AEY#PBF. These protections serve to avoid harm to the device and its related components, improving the system’s overall robustness.

Compact Form Factor

The LTM4668AEY#PBF is housed in a 6.25mm 6.25mm 2.1mm BGA package that is both space-saving and thermally improved. This small footprint is especially useful in applications with limited space, such as portable devices, embedded systems, and industrial equipment.


The versatility of the LTM4668AEY#PBF makes it suitable for a wide array of applications across various industries. Some potential applications include:

  • Portable Devices:Powering portable electronics such as smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices, where compact size and efficiency are critical.
  • Embedded Systems:Providing stable power to microcontrollers, sensors, and communication modules in embedded systems and IoT devices.
  • Industrial Equipment:Supporting power requirements for motor control, sensors, and control units in industrial automation and robotics.
  • Telecommunications:Delivering reliable power to networking equipment, base stations, and data centers.


The LTM4668AEY#PBF is the cutting-edge solution you’ve been looking for – your answer to efficient and dependable power regulation. This unique gadget is poised to change a wide range of applications because to its exceptional voltage and current capabilities, as well as advanced features such as fault protection and high-frequency switching.

Its compact and integrated design allows engineers to streamline their design process, allowing them to achieve optimal performance for their projects. The LTM4668AEY#PBF is at the vanguard of technical progress, shaping the future of power management.

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