Part Number: M24M02-DWMN3TP

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics


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Technical Specifications of M24M02-DWMN3TP/K

Datasheet  M24M02-DWMN3TP/K datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family Memory
Manufacturer STMicroelectronics
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Format – Memory EEPROMs – Serial
Memory Type EEPROM
Memory Size 2M (256K x 8)
Speed 1MHz
Interface I2C, 2-Wire Serial
Voltage – Supply 2.5 V ~ 5.5 V
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 125°C (TA)
Package / Case 8-SOIC (0.154″, 3.90mm Width)
Supplier Device Package 8-SO


The most important things in the world of automotive technology are reliability, resistance to temperature changes, and data integrity. The M24M02-DWMN3TP, a cutting-edge 2-Mbit serial EEPROM, is a great example of how advanced memory technology can be used to meet the strict needs of the car industry. In this detailed guide, we’ll talk about the M24M02-DWMN3TP’s features, benefits, and uses. This will help you understand what it can do and how it can help improve car designs.

Unveiling the M24M02-DWMN3TP

When it comes to technology for cars, reliability isn’t just a nice thing to have, it’s a must. Because modern cars are so complicated, from safety-critical systems to advanced driver assistance features, they need parts that can stand up to harsh conditions and keep working well for a long time. This is where the idea of “automotive-grade reliability” comes into play, and the M24M02-DWMN3TP EEPROM is a great example of this important trait.

● Importance of Automotive-Grade Reliability

There are a lot of obstacles in the environment where automotive electronics work. Electronic parts can be damaged by changes in temperature, mechanical vibrations, electromagnetic interference, and even the normal wear and tear of moving every day. Unlike consumer electronics, a problem with a car’s system can have serious effects, from being inconvenient to being dangerous to your life. This is why “good enough” isn’t good enough in the automotive world; parts must meet the best reliability standards.

● AEC-Q100 Grade 1 Standard: A Benchmark for Excellence

The AEC-Q100 standard has become a measure for judging how reliable integrated circuits are in the field of automotive electronics. In particular, the AEC-Q100 standard is broken up into different classes, with Grade 1 being the most reliable level. The M24M02-DWMN3TP EEPROM proudly meets and goes above and beyond the standards of AEC-Q100 Grade 1, which means it can work reliably in a wide range of situations that might be hard for other parts.

● Resilience and Durability Through Adherence

The AEC-Q100 Grade 1 standard is followed by the M24M02-DWMN3TP EEPROM. This makes it strong and long-lasting in automotive uses. This EEPROM is made to work well in places where temperatures can change a lot. This means that it will work the same way even when temperatures change a lot. Its sturdy design means that it can handle mechanical stress and shocks, which makes it a good choice for rough conditions inside cars.

Also, the fact that the M24M02-DWMN3TP meets the AEC-Q100 standard gives engineers and developers trust in it. It means that this part has been put through a lot of testing and verification, to make sure that it will work reliably over its lifetime. The fact that the EEPROM meets the AEC-Q100 Grade 1 standard shows that it is up to the job of controlling important engine functions or storing important data for advanced safety systems.

Automotive-Grade Reliability

The M24M02-DWMN3TP is not just a regular EEPROM. It was made to meet the strict requirements of the Automotive standard AEC-Q100 grade 1. This dedication to the highest level of reliability says a lot about how long-lasting it is and how well it works for mission-critical automotive uses.

Interface and Performance

In the world of automotive electronics, it’s important to be able to talk to each other and send info quickly. The serial I2C port of the M24M02-DWMN3TP EEPROM makes it great at both. This link uses the Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) protocol, which makes it easy for data to flow in both directions. Its 1 MHz working speed is what makes it stand out. This makes sure that information moves quickly, which is important for real-time processing.

Integration within car systems is made easier when it is easy and quick. The elegance of the I2C standard keeps connection errors to a minimum, and its support for multiple devices makes it easier for different parts to work together well. In the end, the M24M02-DWMN3TP interface makes communication more efficient, which adds to the fact that current vehicles are high-performance and connected.

Data Integrity and Advanced Technology

The capabilities of the M24M02-DWMN3TP include a wide range of automotive applications. The EEPROM’s capacity to reliably store and retrieve data makes it an essential component in the quest for improved vehicle performance, safety, and dependability. It can be used in engine control modules, infotainment systems, advanced driver assistance systems, and powertrain management.

● Memory Array Unveiled

The EEPROM’s intricately crafted memory array, at its core, houses all of its amazing capabilities. It offers a sizable canvas for storing important data thanks to its exceptional byte-alterable memory capacity of 256 K 8 bits. This memory is set up into 1024 pages, with 256 bytes on each page, enabling effective data management and retrieval.

● Electrically Erasable Programmable Memory (EEPROM) Technology

The M24M02-DWMN3TP’s ability is largely a result of its use of Electrically Erasable PROgrammable Memory technology. This advanced method gives engineers the capacity to electronically program and erase data, increasing flexibility and efficiency. Unlike conventional memory systems, EEPROM doesn’t need to be completely erased before data can be written again. This property allows for smooth upgrades without the need to completely clear memory blocks.

● Embedded Error Correction Code (ECC) Logic

The M24M02-DWMN3TP is a feat of engineering with incorporated error correction code (ECC) logic. This innovation adds a layer to improve data integrity. Errors in stored data are found by ECC and, in some situations, automatically corrected. This characteristic turns into a crucial defense against potential data corruption in the field of automotive electronics, where precision and accuracy are crucial.

The ECC logic increases confidence in the accuracy of stored data by spotting and fixing faults that could occur during data transfer or storage. This is extremely important in situations where data inconsistency could have disastrous results.

Identification Page and Application Parameter Storage

The M24M02-DWMN3TP is very flexible because it has an extra Identification Page with 256 bytes. This page has two uses: it gives you access to the ST device ID and can also be used to store sensitive application settings. The ability to lock these parameters in read-only mode makes sure that important settings can’t be changed. This makes the EEPROM even more important for protecting private data in cars.


The M24M02-DWMN3TP can be used for many different kinds of vehicle tasks. From engine control modules to infotainment systems, from advanced driver assistance systems to powertrain management, the EEPROM’s ability to store and retrieve data with perfect accuracy makes it an essential part of improving car performance, safety, and reliability.


In conclusion, the M24M02-DWMN3TP exemplifies excellence in automotive electronics, offering reliability, high-temperature resilience, error correction, and versatile storage. By seamlessly integrating advanced EEPROM technology, it drives automotive innovation. As vehicles evolve, this EEPROM paves the way for smarter, safer, and more efficient cars. To learn more and acquire the M24M02-DWMN3TP, contact ICRFQ, a leading electronic component distributor in China, for the best product at an affordable price. Step into the future of automotive progress today.

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