Part Number: MBR20200FCT

Manufacturer: Micro Commercial Components (MCC)

Description: Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers

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Technical Specifications of MBR20200FCTE3/TU

Category Discrete Semiconductor Products
Family Diodes – Rectifiers – Single
Manufacturer Microsemi Corporation
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MBR20200FCT-BP Introduction

Schottky rectifiers like the MBR20200FCT are often used in power conversion circuits because they are reliable and work well. It is a great choice for high-frequency applications because it has low forward voltage drops and switches quickly. This rectifier works well in switch-mode power supplies, DC-DC converters, and other places where power is changed. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the MBR20200FCT, including its technical specs, pin configuration, uses, pros, and cons.


The MBR20200FCT Schottky rectifier has the following technical specifications:

  • 200V is the maximum repeatable peak reverse voltage.
  • 20A is the typical forward current
  • 150°C is the maximum operating junction temperature.
  • 500 A reverse leakage current (at rated VRRM)

Moreover, it has a strong surge capability and a low forward voltage drop.

The MBR20200FCT also has a low forward voltage drop, translating to the great efficiency and minimal power dissipation. It normally drops to 0.85V at 10A. The device is appropriate for high-stress applications thanks to its high surge capability and maximum peak pulse current of 200A.

Additional technical details include an operating temperature range of -65°C to 175°C and a maximum junction capacitance of 510pF at a reverse voltage of 4V.

Thanks to its technical features, the MBR20200FCT is a flexible and dependable Schottky rectifier for power conversion applications.

Pin configuration

The anode and cathode pins are located on two pins in a typical through-hole package on the MBR20200FCT. The positive (+) pin is the anode pin, and the negative (-) pin is the cathode pin. The casing also serves as a heatsink for the rectifier and is attached to the cathode pin.

To prevent harming the rectifier or the circuit, it is linked to, it is crucial to connect it properly. The cathode pin should be linked to the circuit’s lower voltage, also known as the negative side, while the anode pin should be connected to the circuit’s higher voltage, also known as the positive side. The casing must also be linked to the circuit’s negative side to guarantee effective heatsinking.

Three pins make up the TO-220AB package on the MBR20200FCT. The positive terminal of the rectifier is the anode, which is identified by the sign “+” and connects to the positive side of the circuit. The cathode, denoted by the symbol “-,” is the rectifier’s negative terminal linked to the circuit’s negative side. The case should be linked to the circuit’s ground for proper heat dissipation. The case acts as a heatsink.

The MBR20200FCT pins must be connected appropriately since reverse polarity can harm the component and cause a circuit to fail. Hence, before turning on the circuit, examining the datasheet and confirming the connections is advised.


Due to its high efficiency, quick switching, and minimal power loss, the MBR20200FCT Schottky rectifier is commonly used in power conversion circuits. These are a few instances of its uses:

The MBR20200FCT is frequently employed in switching power supply to transform AC electricity into DC voltage. The rectifier is perfect for high-efficiency power supply designs because it can handle high-frequency switching signals and offers low power dissipation.

  • DC-DC Converters: DC-DC converters are employed in various applications, from portable electronics to electric cars. The MBR20200FCT can act as a rectifier in these circuits, enabling effective power conversion with low voltage drop and great current-carrying capability.
  • Solar Power Systems: To transform DC power from solar panels into AC power for usage in residences and commercial buildings, solar power systems also employ the MBR20200FCT. It is a great option for solar power applications due to its high efficiency and low power loss.
  • Automotive Electronics: The MBR20200FCT is frequently used in power conversion circuits for hybrid and electric vehicles in the automotive electronics industry. It is best suited for usage in challenging automotive applications because of its reliability and robust design.

In conclusion, the MBR20200FCT is a flexible and dependable Schottky rectifier that may be applied in various power conversion applications. It is a great option for systems that need strong performance and low power consumption due to its high efficiency and low power loss.

Advantages and Disadvantages

In power conversion circuits, the MBR20200FCT Schottky rectifier offers a number of benefits. Its great efficiency and dependability, which are a result of its low forward voltage drop and quick switching speed, are one of its key features. This indicates that it can handle larger power levels while reducing losses and heat dissipation, which is essential for preserving the effectiveness and durability of power conversion circuits.

The MBR20200FCT also has a short reverse recovery time, which lowers the possibility of voltage spikes and other switching-related problems. It also has a high surge capability, which makes it perfect for applications like motor control circuits that need large peak currents.

However, using the MBR20200FCT has significant drawbacks as well. One of these factors, which may make it less desirable for particular applications, is its higher cost when compared to other types of rectifiers. Compared to other types of rectifiers, it also has a lower maximum operating junction temperature, which can restrict its application in high-temperature situations.

The MBR20200FCT is a trustworthy and effective option for power conversion circuits, particularly those requiring high power levels and quick switching rates. While choosing a rectifier for a particular application, one should consider its higher cost and restrictions in some operating situations.

Circuit Design Tips

Here are some suggestions to keep in mind when constructing circuits with the MBR20200FCT:

Choose the proper external elements: Choosing a capacitor with a low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) and ESL (Equivalent Series Inductance) is advised for the optimum performance, as the MBR20200FCT is suited for usage with ceramic capacitors.

Observe the instructions from the manufacturer: To prevent harming the device and guarantee reliable functioning, it’s imperative to abide by the manufacturer’s recommended maximum operating conditions, notably the maximum junction temperature and reverse voltage.

Apply appropriate heat sinking: It is crucial to utilize a suitable heat sink to disperse the heat produced by the MBR20200FCT during operation and prevent thermal runaway because the device can generate a large amount of heat, especially when handling high currents.

Improve layout To reduce parasitic inductances and resistances that may impact the device’s performance, keep the circuit layout as small as possible. To stop electrical arcing between the pins, it’s also crucial to maintain proper clearance and creepage distances.

By paying attention to these pointers, you can use the MBR20200FCT to create circuits that deliver the best performance and dependability.


As a result, the MBR20200FCT is a flexible and effective Schottky rectifier that provides great performance and reliability in power conversion circuits. Switching power supply and DC-DC converters are only two of the many applications it excels in thanks to its low forward voltage drop and great efficiency. It’s crucial to carefully analyze its drawbacks, such as its costs more than other rectifiers.

It is advised to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations for choosing suitable external components and operating conditions when designing a circuit with the MBR20200FCT. This will contribute to ensuring top performance and dependability.

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