Part Number: MC100LVEP14DTR2G

Manufacturer: Microchip Technology

Description: C CLK BUFFER 2:5 2GHZ 20TSSOP

Shipped from: Shenzhen/HK Warehouse

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Technical Specifications of MC100LVEP14DTR2G

Datasheet  MC100LVEP14DTR2G datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family Clock/Timing – Clock Buffers, Drivers
Manufacturer ON Semiconductor
Series 100LVEP
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Type Fanout Buffer (Distribution), Multiplexer
Number of Circuits 1
Ratio – Input:Output 2:5
Differential – Input:Output Yes/Yes
Output ECL, PECL
Frequency – Max 2.5GHz
Voltage – Supply 2.375 V ~ 3.8 V
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package / Case 20-TSSOP (0.173″, 4.40mm Width)
Supplier Device Package 20-TSSOP

Introduction: Precision and Synchronization in High-Speed Electronics

Precision and synchronization are key to optimal performance in the ever-changing world of modern technology. As technology continues to advance, maintaining precise timing and minimizing signal skew become increasingly vital. High-speed electrical systems, such as those driving telecommunications and data centers, rely on synchronization for seamless operation.

In this context, the MC100LVEP14DTR2G stands out as an excellent choice. This advanced, high-speed 2GHz differential PECL/ECL 1:5 fanout buffer was developed to cater to applications with stringent requirements for minimal skew. By reducing signal skew and ensuring accurate synchronization, the MC100LVEP14DTR2G revolutionizes the transmission of high-speed signals.

What is  MC100LVEP14DTR2G: A Beacon of Precision

The MC100LVEP14DTR2G represents an engineering marvel that lies at the heart of precise signal distribution. It signifies the advent of a new era of enhanced synchronization. Designed for ultra-low skew applications’ demanding needs, this 2GHz differential PECL/ECL 1:5 fanout buffer empowers high-speed processes to operate seamlessly by upholding timing accuracy and skew reduction.

Exploring Features, Capabilities, Applications, and Benefits

A unique integrated circuit (IC) made by ON Semiconductor is the MC100LVEP14DTR2G. It belongs to the family known as ECLinPS MAXTM, or Emitter-Coupled Logic Interface Positive Supply. Devices made by ECLinPS MAXTM are intended to offer high-speed, low-power solutions for a variety of applications, especially those that call for exact timing synchronization. Let’s outline this IC’s main features:


  1. Emitter-Coupled Logic (ECL) Technology:ECL is a high-speed logic family known for its fast switching speeds and low propagation delays.
  2. Differential Inputs:The MC100LVEP14DTR2G has differential input capability, which makes it well-suited for applications requiring noise immunity and common-mode noise rejection.
  3. Single-Ended Output:While it has differential inputs, the output of this IC is single-ended.
  4. Low-Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) Compatible Outputs:The outputs are compatible with LVDS, which is a widely used interface standard for high-speed data transmission.
  5. Wide Operating Voltage Range:It operates on a wide voltage range, typically from -3.0V to -5.5V, making it suitable for various supply voltage conditions.


  1. High-Speed Data Transmission:The ECL technology enables fast switching speeds, making the MC100LVEP14DTR2G capable of handling high-speed data transmission.
  2. Precise Timing Applications:ECLinPS MAX™ devices are often used in applications that require precise timing synchronization due to their high-speed characteristics.
  3. Noise Immunity:Differential inputs and LVDS-compatible outputs contribute to better noise immunity and signal integrity in noisy environments.


  1. Telecommunications:ECLinPS MAX™ devices are commonly used in telecommunications systems for signal distribution, synchronization, and data transmission.
  2. Network Equipment:They can be used in networking equipment such as routers, switches, and high-speed data interfaces.
  3. Test and Measurement Instruments:Their accurate timing capabilities make them suitable for high-speed test and measurement applications.
  4. Data Centers:In data centers, these devices can be employed for distributing clock signals and managing high-speed data paths.


  1. High-Speed Operation:The ECL technology enables fast operation, making it suitable for applications where timing is critical.
  2. Noise Tolerance:The differential inputs and LVDS-compatible outputs enhance noise immunity, ensuring reliable signal transmission.
  3. Precision Timing:These devices are known for their precise timing capabilities, which are crucial in applications requiring synchronization.
  4. Versatility:The wide operating voltage range and compatibility with LVDS outputs provide versatility for various voltage and interface requirements.

Unveiling Versatile Supply Voltage Operation

The MC100LVEP14DTR2G is acclaimed for its remarkable flexibility. It is engineered to excel in various contexts, accommodating devices operating at 2.5V, 3.3V, and 5V. This versatility simplifies integration into diverse setups, ensuring compatibility and user-friendliness.

● Simplified Interfacing with VBB Reference

The MC100LVEP14DTR2G streamlines the connection to PECL/ECL signals with the inclusion of a VBB reference. This obviates the need for intricate resistor networks in applications with a single power source or AC-coupled inputs. For single-ended or AC-coupled signals, the VBB pin can be linked to the unused /CLK pin to establish a seamless connection. A 0.01F capacitor is employed to connect the pin to VCC, enhancing its power delivery.

● Seamless Redundancy and Control Mechanisms

The MC100LVEP14DTR2G is more than just a buffer; it also plays a significant part in redundancy and control systems. In applications that require rapid switching between two clocks, its 2:1 input multiplexer (MUX) proves to be an extremely valuable piece of equipment to have. It is possible to leave one set of inputs unconnected while the other set is not required, which increases the adaptability of the device.

Adding even more control is a synchronous activate pin, which gives users the ability to specify which states are on and which are off, thus locking the outputs into particular logic states. Importantly, this procedure will not begin until the outputs have been brought down to their LOW state. This eliminates the possibility of “runt” clock pulses, which could interfere with the normal operation of the system.

● Interfacing and Compatibility

The MC100LVEP14DTR2G shines brightly in a world where connection is key. It can work with 100K ECL and has a fully differential I/O, which makes it easy to use in different setups. Direct link to Differential 10K ECL logic shows how flexible and useful the device is.

Exploring Applications

● MC100LVEP14DTR2G’s Impact in Action

The MC100LVEP14DTR2G serves as a prime example of precision, speed, and alignment within the realm of high-speed electronics. Its influence spans various critical domains where time remains immutable.

● Telecommunications: Seamless Connectivity

In large-scale communication networks, the MC100LVEP14DTR2G makes sure that signals are in sync during voice calls and data exchanges. This keeps contact going smoothly.

● Data Centers: Enhancing Efficiency

Amid the constant data flow within data centers, the MC100LVEP14DTR2G’s precise timing enhances equipment performance by reducing latency and elevating overall system throughput.

● Industrial Automation: Enabling Reliability

For industrial robotics, coordination is paramount. The MC100LVEP14DTR2G guarantees precise timing for robots, manufacturing processes, and measurements, minimizing errors and enhancing operational efficiency.

● Aerospace and Defense: Ensuring Mission Success

The precision of the MC100LVEP14DTR2G is essential to maintaining the smooth operation of mission-critical systems like avionics and satellites, which in turn increases the success rates of missions and the efficiency with which they are carried out.

● Financial Trading: Microsecond Advantage

In the realm of trading, microseconds wield significant influence. The MC100LVEP14DTR2G’s precise timing empowers traders to capitalize on fleeting opportunities, influencing trading outcomes and profits.

● A World of Possibilities: Micrel’s Product Line

Within the vast selection of products offered by Micrel, the MC100LVEP14DTR2G distinguishes itself as a leading high-speed clock synchronization option. Micrel provides a wide variety of products, which include high-speed translators, low-skew fanout buffers, and clock generators. These components are designed to accommodate a wide variety of I/O configurations and to fulfill the complex requirements of modern high-speed technology.


In summation, the MC100LVEP14DTR2G exemplifies precision engineering and adaptability in the domain of high-speed electronics. Its unparalleled ultra-low skew capabilities, versatile supply voltage operation, simplified interfacing, redundancy features, and compatibility firmly establish its position as a true industry trailblazer. Whether elevating clock synchronization or empowering critical systems, the MC100LVEP14DTR2G continues to redefine the boundaries of high-speed signal distribution.

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